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Q: What platforms will Skullgirls be available on?

A: Skullgirls is currently in development as a downloadable game for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.


Q: When will the game launch?

A: Development of the game is well underway, and will be launching in early 2012.


Q: Will the game have DLC?

A: Yes. There will be paid DLC for characters, as well as free game updates.

The Game

Q: What modes will Skullgirls have?

A: We’re not quite ready to divulge specific details yet, but there will be single player modes, online modes and training modes at launch.


Q: Are all the playable characters girls?

A: For now, yes. As DLC characters are released, playable male characters will be added to the roster, as well.


Q: How many characters will be in the game?

A: Around eight characters will be in the game at launch, with more coming as paid DLC in the months to follow.


Q: Will the game receive online updates and additions?

A: Yes, there will be free additions and updates.


Q: Will Skullgirls appeal to a casual audience or the hardcore fighting game crowd?

A: Skullgirls’ primary intent is to be a tournament-worthy fighting game, but this doesn’t mean it’s not accessible to newcomers.
Easier special move inputs, robust tutorials and an AI designed to teach all make the game friendly to new players, and even help them join the ranks of the hardcore.



Q: Who is the lead designer on Skullgirls?

A: Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont is Skullgirls’ lead designer and programmer. He’s a seasoned veteran of fighting game tournaments, making him the ideal person to lead development on a new competitive fighting game. His deep knowledge of the genre contributes heavily to Skullgirls’ unique fighting mechanics.


Q: Who is the creative director on Skullgirls?

A: Alex “o_8” Ahad is Skullgirls’ creative director. Alex is an experienced artist and animator whose work has appeared in many publications, including the UDON’s Street Fighter Tribute and Darkstalkers Tribute books, Scott Pilgrim and Lava Punch.


Q: How long has the game been in development?

A: Engine development and pre-production have been going on since 2009, and full production of the game began in the fall of 2010.