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The World of Skullgirls

The Skull Heart

Legend tells of a mysterious artifact known as the “Skull Heart” that has the power to grant a young woman’s wishes. Of course, there’s a catch. If she has an impure heart, even a selfless wish will be twisted in the most vile of ways: peace brought through brutality, eternal life through perpetual childhood, or a lost love returned as an undead monster.

Hundreds have sought the Skull Heart, but so far none have been deemed worthy and spared its cruel power. Those judged impure are transformed into the fearful instrument of their twisted wish… a pale and lovely tempest, a beautiful nightmare – the Skullgirl!

The Canopy Kingdom

Ruled by the royal Renoir family, the Canopy Kingdom is a sprawling land of vast variety, with sights of beauty contrasted by realms of despair. King Renoir’s ruthless war campaigns lead to explosive technological and cultural growth, but only through grave ethical and moral sacrifices.

Seven years ago, the world was engulfed in conflict, in what became to be known as the Grand War. Queen Nancy Renoir found the Skull Heart and wished for peace, but found herself transformed into the most powerful Skullgirl to date as a result. In the end, the three nations had to stop their war to team up to defeat the former queen – in the end her wish was granted, as an uneasy peace formed following her demise.

The Medici Mafia

While the Renoir Crown rules the the Canopy Kingdom, the Medici rules its sizable underworld. On the surface, the wealthy Medici family is noble and generous, but beneath this facade lurks the truth: most everyone of power in New Meridian is being manipulated, coerced or directly controlled by the Medici crime family.

Lorenzo is the patriarch of the Medici clan, and he’s sat atop its throne as long as anyone can remember… some say even longer. However, he has recently disappeared, leaving his son, Vitale, in charge.

New Meridian

New Meridian is one of the Canopy Kingdom’s most illustrious cities, and the setting for Skullgirls. It’s a city of art, culture, and sophistication, and plays host to a diverse population of humans and ferals from all corners of the world. Its famed Little Innsmouth district is home to a large population of the fish-like Dagonian ferals and some of the city’s best cuisine, while the upper class live in the posh suburb of Maplecrest.

…But a dark heart beats beneath New Meridian’s gleaming exterior: the pervasive and seemingly-invincible Medici Mafia run this city, casting a shadow over everyday life.

The Anti-Skullgirl Labs

The Anti-Skullgirl Labs are a black-ops research institution created in a time when King Renoir prioritized scientific advancements over ethics. Founded by Dr. Victor Geiger, they were funded by the Canopian government with hopes of understanding the nature of the Skullgirl so they could create weapons and warriors capable of directly confronting the menace. Unfortunately, many of the kingdom’s subjects were sacrificed in the labs’ experiments.

After losing his wife to the Skull Heart and the Grand War, King Renoir found himself with a stronger conscience. Despite the continuing need for the Labs in the fight against the Skullgirls, the King moved to decommission their experiments. Once he himself disappeared, however, it was restarted in secret and the lack of official oversight has allowed the Labs’ scientists to perform increasingly questionable experiments. One of their latest creations, Peacock, may prove to be the perfect weapon against the Skullgirl… but can any end justify such horrific means?