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Skullgirls LRG Update #5

February 7th, 2018
Written By: Earl Gertwagen

UPDATE (2/16/2018): Sony has approved the Vita version of the manual, meaning the Vita version is now moving on to the manufacturing stage! Limited Run Games is currently estimating that the finished product will reach them on or around February 27th, and they’ll begin shipping orders that same week!


We’ve got a new update for you today about the LRG physical version of Skullgirls 2nd Encore!

Firstly, we didn’t have any news to report for a long time, and then we stayed silent for too long once again. For that we’re sorry.

But here’s the good news: the Vita version is FINALLY at the last phase before manufacturing begins and it can ship out.

What’s the current status as of now?

After a lengthy back-and-forth of negotiating with Sony over waivers for minor bugs, we’ve finally managed to get the Vita version approved. These bugs were the kind that users would never notice, but Sony nevertheless insisted be addressed. In cases where waivers weren’t granted, the issues have been fixed.

What does that mean?

It basically means that the Vita version of Skullgirls 2nd Encore is finally approved by Sony and will move on to manufacturing next. Sony is currently proofing the Vita version of the manual, and when that’s approved manufacturing will commence!

When can we expect the Vita version to finally ship?

The moment Sony clears the Vita’s manual – which should be in the next couple days – we’ll be given a manufacturing time estimate and can figure out a concrete date from there. The manufacturing process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

If we were to guess, orders should be on their way to your doorstep roughly 3 weeks from now, but we will update you once we have confirmation that they’re shipping out.

Okay, what about the PS4 version?

Customers who ordered ONLY the PS4 version should have received their copies back in 2017. Orders that include a copy of the Vita version in addition to PS4 will ship out once the Vita version arrives at the LRG warehouse.

* If your order was ONLY for the PS4 version and you still haven’t received it, please contact Limited Run Games.

Here’s a breakdown of the remaining steps, in a handy status chart, which we’ll be updating as we complete each step:

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We never expected this would take so long, and can assure you that we’re just as frustrated with the delays as you are.