New fighter: Umbrella! Available on Steam.

First Video of Skullgirls’ Tutorials Up On IGN!

We took Skullgirls on tour recently, and IGN recorded a video from the game’s tutorials with commentary.

You can see the video here!

They also posted two character walkthroughs with commentary: one for Ms. Fortune and one for Parasoul

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1Up: “Skullgirls is The Fighter That Every Competitive Player Should Pay Attention To”

1Up has posted a new preview of Skullgirls, by none other than iPlayWinner’s Haunts, a.k.a. Neidal Crisan.

With long time tournament player Mike Z. behind the wheel — making adjustments to the gameplay system at tournaments on the fly

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Skullgirls On the PlayStation Blog!

Skullgirls was featured on the PlayStation Blog this morning!

In the post, I detail the game’s innovative game balancing systems, and we’ve provided a short video demonstrating them all, too.

You can read the full post and see the video¬†…

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