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On Voice Acting

Hey everybody!

I’m Cristina Vee, and for the past few months I’ve been recruiting talent, scheduling actors, and directing the voiceover sessions for Skullgirls. You may have heard my voice in anime or other games, such as K-On!, …

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The Music of Combat

Hello world!

This is Vincent Diamante, Reverge Labs’ new Audio Director. This is my first time posting on this blog, and I’m knee deep in sound effects for Skullgirls.

The last console game I worked on as a …

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Securing a Legend

Hey there.

My name’s Peter Bartholow, and I’m… a bunch of things here at Reverge. While my official title is “Lead Designer,” I’m also spearheading a lot of community and PR work, as well as helping out with some internal …

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