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A Rather Refined Palette

My name is Brian Jun, otherwise known as EU03 elsewhere on the Internet. I’m currently intern-turned-assistant art monkey for the rest of the art department at Reverge Labs.

Being one who can fumble through digital imaging, I’m assigned some of …

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Diamonds in the Rough: Animation Clean-Up

Hi, I’m Richard Suh, and I’m the lead clean-up artist for Skullgirls. Last week, we gave you a peek into our animation production process via a short documentary video, so I wanted to elaborate on the clean-up process …

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Animation: Getting the Details Right

Hi, this is Mariel, lead animator on Skullgirls. I’m here with animator Jon “Persona” Kim, and we’ll be talking about some of the more difficult bits of animating Skullgirls today.

We’ll be discussing the kinds of details we focus …

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