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Skullgirls LRG Update #3

May 26th, 2017
Written By: Peter Bartholow

Once again, some time has passed since the last update on the Limited Run Games Skullgirls 2nd Encore physical edition.

We’re extremely sorry for this delay, but are happy to report that things are moving ahead once again.

Here’s the short version:

  • After we thought we were done, our international partner insisted on additional bugfixes and testing.
  • What seemed like one last round of testing and bug fixes turned into several, putting the game into an extended awkward limbo.
  • Because costs and delays were piling up, we negotiated a final release plan with the international partner.
  • Previously, all Skullgirls releases had to be identical for online play to work. While we were in this limbo, we took steps to decouple the US release from the other international releases so that they could no longer hold up the US physical release.
  • The final PS4 patch is out now, and the PS Vita patch should be out shortly, allowing us to complete the final ISOs of the physical discs.


So what’s behind the latest holdup?

After we thought we were done the last time, our international release partner insisted on more bug fixes and testing.

We reluctanty agreed, because some of these could have been potentially critical bugs. So in the interest of caution, releasing the best possible product and sticking to the intent to never patch the physical release, we got back to work.

Why does the physical version have to wait for the international partner’s approval?

All international versions of Skullgirls have to be the same in order to work online, and thus this one partner’s bugfixing requests ultimately forced a delay of the Limited Run physical release.

Once the mounting costs and delays became unsustainable, we negotiated an end to this with our international partner, which also required additional time.

What bugs were fixed while we’ve been waiting?

The bugfixes requested by our international partner mostly centered on lobby functionality and reliability, based on their own testing efforts.

Because this additional testing and bugfixing was stretching on for some time and we’d had minimal complaints with bugs from the already-released US and EU patches, we also took steps to decouple the international releases of Skullgirls 2nd Encore from each other so that one territory would no longer present compatibility problems for the others.

When will those final patches be released?

The final US/EU PS4 patch will have been published by the time you read this. The final US / EU PS Vita patches are currently in testing with Sony, along with the final PS3 patch.

Why didn’t you say anything sooner?

Looking back, we should’ve said something – anything – about these additional delays, and we sincerely apologize for not addressing everyone’s concerns sooner.

Because of the nature of bugfixing and testing, every few days we thought we’d have the ability to finally say, “It’s ready!” So every few days we waited, and as the delays accrued and bugs were reported, those days turned into weeks and months.

This was a huge oversight on our part, and we should have kept everyone informed every step of the way.

What happens once everything’s ready?

Once the final patches have been released, we’ll submit the final PS4 and PS Vita ISOs to Sony, and the game will go into manufacturing once those are approved.

Here’s a breakdown of the remaining steps, in a handy status chart, which we’ll be updating as we complete each step:

Assuming everything goes smoothly, the Graphics Approval step is estimated to take five days, the Proofing step is estimated to take two days, and then Printing and Assembly is estimated to take 3 weeks for PS4, and 4~5 weeks for PS Vita.

The PS Vita version will require more rigorous testing under the new product code, so the PS4 version will likely end up approved a few weeks ahead of time, which means PS4-only orders will be fulfilled earlier. Unfortunately, those with PS4/PS Vita bundles will have to wait until the PS Vita version arrives because shipping is not enough to cover two shipments.

Thanks for your patience and understanding – we never expected this would take so long, and can assure you that we’re just as frustrated with the delays as you are.