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Skullgirls 2nd Encore: Final Patch Notes

March 8th, 2017
Written By: Earl Gertwagen

It’s here! The very final patch for Skullgirls 2nd Encore!

As with the previous patch, you will find a chart of the patch status for each region and platform below.


Here is a list of all the changes this patch brings:

General Updates and Changes

  • (PS4, Vita, Steam versions only) Added Japanese voice-overs, which are selectable per character under the Help & Options menu.

  • Added the -disablelighting Launch Option. Does what it says, disables 99% of in-game lighting. Enabling this will make the game run better on bad computers, but it will look much worse.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple bugs with midstage double snaps. Assists now must always reach the stage edge to stay in, unless Center Stage is active. A bunch of weird cases are now taken care of. (Thanks, Age!)

  • Fixed a freeze that occurs when joining lobbies after being kicked.

  • Bursting the end of A-Train, Pummel Horse, and Canis Major Press can now hit the attacker, and so can Burst->alpha counter. Be careful!

  • Gigantic Arm, 3 Wolf Moonsault, Diamonds Are Forever, Tricobezoar, Twice Shy, Head Over Heels, Fifth of Dismember, Lonesome Lenny, Acquisitive Prescription/Countervenom, and Rebirth Ex Machina all now properly grant the opponent a real amount of meter, as opposed to giving them the minimum meter possible from an attack or none at all. Silent Scope and Inferno Brigade were not adjusted, they are supposed to grant very little meter and were already set up to do that.

  • Increased the size of the dead zone for legacy USB devices on PS4. Forgot to do this when I did it for DS4s! (Thanks, AlcoholicRobot!)

  • Fixed burstable-hitspark sound occasionally being weird. (Thanks, AlcoholicRobot!)

  • Undizzy counts down on all frames, not just non-skipped frames. Fixes a possible desync online!

  • Being kicked from a lobby no longer locks you out of all other game modes until the game is restarted.

  • (Linux version only) SDL has been updated to version 2.0.5, which should fix the framerate issues on certain systems that have weird DBUS configurations.

  • (MacOS X only) Added the -nohidpi option to manually resolve crashes on certain Macs that have extremely recent updates that made the game crash.

  • (Steam version only) Added “None” as a Dummy Action choice in Training Mode, on PC/Mac/Linux only. If you experience the bug where one controller controls both characters in Training Mode, this is the “fix”.


Gameplay Changes

  • ALL damage when above 240 undizzy is simply scaled by an extra 45% (to 55%, 1000 -> 550), with the same minimums as normal.

  • When Undizzy is at 240+, the bar waits for 6f after recovery from hitstun before starting to decrease, so that resets must give the defender a larger window before no longer being penalized. Below 240, the bar still decreases instantly, and there is no delay when recovering from blockstun (unless a previous delay from hitstun has not yet finished).

  • Snapping out a character on a trio now locks out both assists, not just the one you snapped out. This also locks out DHCs to both characters, and in general makes playing a trio riskier.

  • When Undizzy is at 240+, the attacker always gets the minimum damage-scaled metergain and the victim always gets the maximum.


Character Changes

Big Band

  • All versions of A-Train are now IPS tracked, and can grant Undizzy or IPS bursts if not chained into. (For IPS it counts as a separate special move from Brass Knuckles.)

  • He now can’t use taunted supers during the same combo that he gained the taunt.

  • Taunted Super Sonic Jazz -190 damage. At full scaling having a taunt gives almost exactly one extra super’s worth of damage now, instead of more than that.



  • Non-super versions of Canis Major Press are now IPS tracked, and can grant IPS and Undizzy bursts if the grab-mode starting attack wasn’t chained into.

  • (Bug Fix) Removed leftover buggy script from armor reactions. (Thanks, EU SG community!)

  • (Bug Fix) Added missing physical extent box on frame 4 of air knockup hitstun.



  • Pummel Horse is now IPS tracked, and can grant Undizzy or IPS bursts if not chained into. (For IPS it now counts as Excellebella, because they are both comboable grabs.)

  • The last hit of Excellebella assist only and all followup damage is force-scaled to 33% maximum. (Raw assist 1650 dmg to 1047 dmg.)

  • j.HP scales damage to 75%, to give her slightly less reward for how much blockstun and priority it has.

  • (Bug Fix) Enemies held by Excellebella are always considered to be very far in front of her, because on the frames during the settling after being grabbed where that was not the case. This should fix randomly getting attacks facing the wrong way or backward motions during the first part of Excellebella assist grabs.



  • (Bug Fix) The middle hits of j.HP now have the same momentum fix as the last hit does. This may not change very much, it is more for consistency.



  • (Bug Fix) Instant-air beams are now always possible with assist commands (D,DF,F+P+K). Previously this was glitched during jump-rise unless the Kick button was pressed before the Punch button.

  • (Bug Fix) All allied sprites will never blow up Headrone Impact mines.

  • (Bug Fix) Removed leftover buggy script from armor reactions. (Thanks, EU SG community!)

  • (Bug Fix) Headrone Salvo missiles now properly display IPS and Undizzy sparks when they hit, if those conditions are active.

  • (Bug Fix) Lv1 and Lv3 Catastrophe Cannons now pull the opponent downward more, hitstop on each Cannon hit increased by 4f, and lowered the launch height of the individual hits, to help make many DHCs from Cannon not randomly miss half the time.



  • Purple poison now decides whether it will be max-undizzy-scaled or not when the syringe hits, and doesn’t change any time after that.