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Skullgirls LRG Physical Edition Update #2

February 25th, 2017
Written By: Earl Gertwagen

Some time has passed since the last update on the Limited Run Games Skullgirls 2nd Encore physical edition, so we felt it was about time for another.

Here’s the short story:

  • Japanese VO license contract should be signed by next week (~Monday, 2/27)
  • Once the contract is signed and license paid for we can submit to Sony for approval
  • Silver Lining: Several bugs have been found and fixed while we were waiting for this to be finished!
  • Total remaining time is estimated to be 5 weeks for PS4, and 5-7 for PS Vita


So what’s the holdup?

The biggest hurdle has been the unexpected difficulty in the licensing process for the Japanese voice-overs. The Japanese VO is currently only available on the Japanese PS4 and Vita releases. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Limited Run Games version, Autumn Games is able to pay the fee to license them for use outside of Japan, and we can bring them to everyone for PS4, Vita, and Steam!

It also means it must go through the proper legal licensing process. That means drafting a contract, approving it, translating it into Japanese, having that approved, then physically mailing it to Japan to have it signed, then physically mailing it back. Yes, physically – Japanese companies really like paper, and spending money to send it places. Even in 2017. And no, we don’t understand it, either.

We had no idea this part would take so long.

However, there is a silver lining: while we’ve been waiting, we released the patch that adds lobby functionality, which brought to light a few bugs. We’ve fixed those now, so ultimately you’ll be getting a better product!

Why does the physical version have to wait for the Japanese voice-over license?

Our primary goal is for this to be the final, complete, ultimate and unalterable version of Skullgirls, and not require a patch. Since the disc will include Japanese voices, and any fixes to lobbies that we’ve made in the interim, it has to wait.

Okay, what happens once everything’s ready?

Once we can legally move forward with the Japanese VO, we can submit to Sony to have them approve the final patch for the digital release and the ISO for physical disc manufacturing. From then, it will be roughly one month for Limited Run Games to receive PS4 games and five or six weeks for Vita.

Here’s a breakdown of the remaining steps in a handy status chart, which we’ll be updating as we complete each step:

Assuming everything goes smoothly, the Graphics Approval step is estimated to take five days, the Proofing step is estimated to take two days, and then Printing and Assembly is estimated to take 3 weeks for PS4, and 4~5 weeks for PS Vita.

The PS Vita version will require more rigorous testing under the new product code, so the PS4 version will likely end up approved a few weeks ahead of time, which means PS4-only orders will be fulfilled earlier. Unfortunately, those with PS4/PS Vita bundles will have to wait until the PS Vita version arrives because shipping is not enough to cover two shipments.

Thanks for your patience and understanding – we never expected this would take so long, and can assure you that we’re just as frustrated with the delays as you are.