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Skullgirls Encore 1.05 AKA Skullgirls 2nd Encore 1.00

July 7th, 2015
Written By: Earl Gertwagen

General Changes

  • Robo-Fortune added to the roster as the fifth and final DLC character.

    • Purchase her from the store FREE for the first 3 months!

    • She’s included in 2nd Encore on PS4 (and PS Vita when it becomes available) with no DLC required!

    • Robo-Fortune’s Story added to Story Mode.

    • Robo-Fortune’s Tutorial added to Tutorials.

  • New stage added: Meridian Area Rapid Transit, featuring the “Going Nowhere Fast” background theme by Michiru Yamane.

  • The new PS4 and PSVita versions of 2nd Encore come with the following exclusive enhancements:

    • Story modes are now fully voiced. In addition to the playable cast, the entire supporting cast now has unique voices! Over 35 characters!

    • Added Challenges and Trials! Try them in the Training menu if you think you’re Skullgirl enough…

    • Original set of Skullgirls trophies have been updated to be a full Platinum trophy set. Some have been updated, and some are entirely new!

    • All Playstation versions have online crossplay. Fight the entire community of PS4, PS3, and PS Vita players!

    • The PS4 version comes with the Lab Zero legacy controller driver – use most PS3 fightsticks and 3rd-party controllers in PS4 Skullgirls! No need to pair your fightstick with a DualShock 4; versus play is possible with one DualShock 4 and one legacy controller, or two legacy controllers alone.

  • Added alternate voice packs for select characters! Choose them by holding down the buttons when selecting a color with a button combination shortcut, or by pressing up or down while manually choosing your color after pressing Start on a character. The voice pack selection will save with Entourages, too.

    • Anime Peacock by Sarah Williams. Hey, this ain’t the convention hall!

    • Salty Parasoul by Erin Fitzgerald. You will refer to me only as “Your Highness!”

    • Valley Girl Painwheel by Danielle McRae. My dad is, like, a total space cadet!

    • Politician Double by Kaiji Tang. If you can’t pay taxes, you’re better off dead!

    • Saxploitation Big Band by Rich Brown. Brass to the face puts a fool in their place!

  • Added two more alternate announcers! Select them in the Help & Options > Settings > Voice Settings menu, or just keep it on Real Soviet Announcer forever. :^)

    • Female Announcer by Christina Vee. Try to keep it cute, hunh?

    • Dazed Announcer by Joshua Tomar. Hit ’em with the punches and kicks!

  • The Use Opponent Voice Settings Online option has been added. If an online opponent selects an alternate VO pack, changing it from the default of “No” will let alternate voices play during matches.

  • Added tutorials for the Infinite Prevention System (IPS), Drama, and Combo Stages.

  • Added CPU Quickmatch to Single Player menu: fight the CPU team of your choice.

  • Fixes and improvements to existing stages:

    • Adjusted the volume for Under the Bridge’s music.

    • Fixed some arena effects in NMO Arena.

  • Fixes and improvements to Training Mode:

    • Added vertical dividers on 5f increments for Advanced Attack Data’s frame data display, as well as improving the scrolling for the bar. Thanks to CaioLugon and others.

    • Fixed the dummy input playback interfering with the frame data display. Thanks to CaioLugon.

    • Fixed the !! effect appearing when the tutorial dummy gets hit by mid attacks. Thanks to Ryin.

    • Fixed a bug that was giving the training dummy 1 extra vulnerable frame after a push block before taking any action.

    • Attempting to record or erase a dummy recording now displays a red X if the Recording Number is set to “Sequential” or “Random”, rather than giving no indication of the problem.

  • Fixes and improvements for UI:

    • Updated the “Perfect!” animation to make it a bit more apparent.

    • In Tutorial Mode, the right-side text for objectives is now drawn in front of the characters.

  • In Story Mode only, Marie is now 2 difficulty levels easier than the setting chosen by the player.

  • Added loading screen for Marie, instead of having them be blank.

  • The AI no longer breaks when you run underneath them and keep running.

  • Fixed some longstanding issues with the combo counter vocabulary: 100 is now “Centennial”, 101/110/111 are now “Binary”, 102-109 are now “Courageous”, and 112-120 are now “Legendary”. Previously, “Binary” was used for non-1/0 words between 100 and 110.

  • The following changes from the PC version of WulfPatch have been added to all other versions with 2nd Encore:

    • Added An Oasis of Blood, the real music for Bath of Sekhmet by Michiru Yamane.

    • Restored the guitar solo in The Crowd Goes Wild.

    • The stage select images for Empty Lab 8 and Final Atrium have been updated.

    • Added a move list for “Universal Commands”.

    • All character tutorials are now on an associated stage for the character, rather than the training stage.

    • “First hit” and “after first hit” settings in training mode now take slow motion into account when determining when to reset the first-hit timer. Thanks to Thunder-Slash.

    • The recovery of Filia’s Trichobezoar is now correctly counter-hit state.

    • Training Mode’s frame data display now correctly tracks the recovery of Valentine’s air Savage Bypass on block.

    • Eliza and Big Band’s AI will now attack you when you’re airborne. Eliza’s will now throw you and use Sekhmet. Thanks to Skarmand.

    • AI works properly vs Beowulf staying seated after an Outtake. Thanks to Skarmand.

Gameplay Changes

  • Added Taunts for all characters that did not previously have them. See the in-game movelist for their inputs.

  • All standing and crouching light attacks that were over +6f block advantage have been scaled back by reducing block stun. This affects Filia, Fukua, Peacock, Squigly, and Valentine.

  • Blockbuster throws now give the appropriate amount of meter to the opponent relative to damage, hits, and scaling for the combo. Thanks to Izzmo.

  • Corrected the reference point on thrown frames 4 and 10 for Ms. Fortune and Eliza. As a result, Blockbuster Sequels after Cerebella’s Ultimate Showstopper now face the correct direction vs them.

  • Standardized the position of the attack boxes on every character’s Infinity Breaker relative to the character’s reference point. This change affects Cerebella, Filia, Fukua, Painwheel, Parasoul, and Peacock. Big Band’s is now centered, but is still bigger than everyone else. Thanks to Stuff!

  • Certain attacks that chain into themselves, such as Parasoul’s s.LP/s.LK, Double’s s.LP/ c.LP, and Valentine’s s.LP, will now autocorrect to face the opponent like all other light normals. Thanks to Skarmand.

  • Game-wide improvements to special move inputs:

    • Dragon punch motions can now never include a back input; including a back input will always read as a quarter circle. Down-back is still allowed, for slightly sloppy inputs. Thanks to IsaVulpes.

    • Back (charge) forward moves can no longer end with an up-forward input, separating special moves from a command to jump forward with a normal.

  • Reduced post-KO playaround time from 5 sec to 3 sec.

  • Ensemble deaths during a fight now have a shorter screen flash and no slowdown. During a Double Take combo, the Ensemble death has normal slowdown and screen flash. Thanks to Skarmand, Yaya, and Huffy.

  • Fixes for various bugs and glitches.

    • Drama no longer starts counting back to 0 during the impact frame from a hit; it now properly starts on the frame immediately after impact. This change fixed an issue when using Valentine’s Flew Shot to apply Type B poison as the first hit of a combo. Thanks to worldjem.

    • Fixed an error in Ms. Fortune’s tutorial.

    • Fixed an Art Gallery bug where environment art would not be unlocked by completing story modes for Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, or Beowulf. Thanks to Calandril.

    • Fixed a major bug in UI memory management on PC.

    • The training dummy now jumps for Painwheel’s ground HK Buer in her tutorial. Thank to Ryin.

    • Fixed an issue with with low velocity sliding knockdowns from Ensemble Attacks. Thanks to Zevak.

    • Music will no longer restart if the game is already playing a song and attempts to start the same song. This specifically affects the Art Gallery. Thanks to Eric.

    • Removed the erroneous dots that were left after the curtain came down when choosing “Play Again” on consoles.

    • Ensemble Attacks now come out on the “correct” side when the attacking point character has crossed up the defending character by more than 200 pixels (px), regardless of which way the characters are facing. Cross under Ensemble Attack calls are still possible inside the 200px distance.

    • Fixed the “ghost shield” blocking effect appearing in the wrong place for Eliza and Robo-Fortune. Thanks to Izzmo and TheGamaniac.

    • Fixed the light setting getting misread in certain level files, resulting in Big Band randomly getting darker while hitting with Beat Extend.

Character Changes


  • New Taunt added: Born With It (LP, MP, forward, MK, MK). It can hit the opponent for 5 damage, but can’t kill.

  • When used as an Ensemble Attack, LP Ringlet Spike and LK Ringlet Psych now have improved positioning for Filia. Thanks to Israel.

  • Gregor Samson received the following changes:

    • The middle hits now have 25f block stun, the same as the final hit. The hit stun is unchanged.

    • Training Mode’s frame data display now correctly tracks the landing recovery as recovery frames.


  • New Taunt added: Medici Muscle (LP, MP, back, LK, MK). Boosts the chances of a cat from Lock n’ Load hits to 25%!

  • Corrected vulnerable boxes on the first frame of s.MK. Thanks to Stuff.

  • Fixed (air) down+MP to no longer gives 5f additional hitstop on block. This reduces block advantage by -5f. Thanks to dekillsage.

  • Diamond Drop is no longer strike invincible at any point, only throw invincible.

  • Tumbling Run vulnerable boxes are now slightly taller, just enough to get hit by Robo-Fortune’s ground HP Theonite Beam.

  • Grab Bag received the following changes:

    • The landing recovery is now correctly counterhit state.

    • Getting hit out of landing recovery with an Outtake will no longer force Cerebella into a stationary hit stun animation. Thanks to KnokMagic and SmashBlade!


  • Added a new win pose! Peacock will whistle in triumph 1/6th of the time, or you can choose it by holding the HP button during a victory.

  • Peacock no longer has an extra finger in some story mode art.

  • Fixed a position calculation error when the opponent tags in on a specific frame of The Hole Idea. Thanks to Stuff.


  • New Taunt added: Bâillement (LP, HP, back, LK, HK). Encourage your next Egret Call to be a bit more sassy!

  • For 35f after a dash input, (back, forward, back+button) and (back, forward, neutral+button) will not perform a special move. This allows dashing normal attacks even after holding a charge. A (back, forward+button) or (back, down-forward+button) input can still give a dashing special move.

  • Napalm Toss now has higher input priority than Napalm Quake and Napalm Pillar; inputs like (down (hold) down-back, back, up-back+K) will now always toss a tear. Thanks to IsaVulpes.

Ms. Fortune

  • New Taunt added: Nyaaawn (HP, LK, forward, LP, LP). Heals 5 recoverable damage.

  • Fixed a bug in her win pose where Ms. Fortune’s head could run to her body, attempt to attach, and disappear. Thanks to Silverpineguy.

  • Fixed a sound bug during Ms. Fortune’s head’s death animation. Thanks to dragonos451.

  • s.MK attack and vulnerable boxes have been expanded outward on the second hit, matching the first hit. Opponents hit by the first hit at maximum range will not slide back as far as closer opponents, so both hits will now properly connect from further away. Thanks to Stuff.

  • c.LK recieved the following changes:

    • Startup increased from 7f to 8f.

    • Block stun reduced from 15f to 12f, reducing advantage on block from +3f to 0f.

    • Damage reduced from 325 to 275.

  • Her head-on Tag In attack can no longer cross up.

  • An Outtake against her own head will now properly recover/remove red life in a solo vs larger team match if the head hits the opponent. Thanks to Fizzxwizz.

  • Outtakes against a solo Ms. Fortune now properly cause her to drop her head.

  • Fortune’s head is now invulnerable if she is the point character during a Double Take combo.

  • During Feral Edge, Fortune’s physical extent has been expanded downward to prevent crossing behind and dropping the opponent. Thanks to Stuff.


  • New Taunt added: SMILE (MK, HK, down, MP, HP). It can hit the opponent for 5 damage, but can’t kill.

  • Extended ground throw box upward, which allows Painwheel to throw another Painwheel at minimum height during Flight.

  • Hitting a dead character will no longer spend stored Hatred Guard damage. Thanks to Broken Loose.

  • Fixed Painwheel’s mask appearing as translucent on the Xbox 360 version.


  • New Taunt added: Chocoglycemia (LP, MK, back, MP, HK). Heal 5 recoverable damage! Build up!

  • c.LK recovery improved from 19f to 14f.


  • New Taunt added: False Intentions (LP, LK, MK, HK, HP, MP). Donate 1% meter to your opponent!

  • c.LK attack boxes now match Painwheel’s, for improved off-the-ground hit (OTG) ability.

  • The window to cancel Hornet Bomber to a Blockbuster after landing is now a consistent 11f. Previously, it depended on positioning and could be as low as 4f.

  • Luger Replica received the following changes:

    • Recovery for all versions has been improved from 38f to 37f.

    • Block stun for all versions has been improved from 18f to 25f, improving advantage on block from -11f to -4f at point blank range.


  • New Taunt added: Snake Charmer (LP, LP, forward, LK, HP). It… looks cute!

  • Silver Chord received the following changes:

    • Start up improved -3f. This allows it to combo from s.MP or c.MP, helps it combo during the middle of c.HP or forward+HP, and will combo from slightly further away in general.

    • Fixed an occasional graphic error that could spawn the cord behind Squigly.

Big Band

  • Poison/armor/counterhit palette effects now apply to Big Band’s arms during Take the ‘A’ Train.

  • Brass Knuckles can no longer be performed with a (back (charge) forward, down+P), preventing overlapping inputs with Beat Extend.

  • Take the ‘A’ Train can no longer be performed with a (back (charge) forward, down-back+K), preventing overlapping inputs with Giant Step.

  • Satchmo Death Blow punches now have 40 full hits of armor as originally intended. Thanks to Flotilla.


  • New Taunt added: Breakdown (LK, MK, back, MP, MP). Donate 1% meter to your opponent!

  • s.LP start up increased from 5f to 6f, matching Double instead of Filia.

  • s.HP damage reduced from 1000 to 950.

  • s.LK hit stun corrected from 25f to 20f. s.LK will no londer combo to LK Forever a Clone. Thanks to DreamEpitaph.

  • Love Dart received the following changes:

    • Hit stun improved +3f on all ground versions; comboing to Best Friends Forever is now slightly easier. The blockstun is unchanged.

    • Ground LP version now travels much slower, to make it a more useful zoning tool.

  • Forever a Clone received the following changes:

    • The LK version no longer gives meter twice during start up. All versions now give the same amount of meter.

    • After the active frames finish, the LK clone now stops and fades away slightly faster to be less misleading about the range. Lockout period until another clone is allowed is the same as before.

  • Tender Embrace and Inevitable Snuggle are no longer strike invincible at any point, only throw invincible.

  • When used as a Blockbuster Sequel, Best Friends Forever now causes 50% forced damage scaling on the second hit.


  • Palette 23 now has pink blood, giving the “shield” on block a more appropriate color.

  • Hitting point Sekhmet with an Outtake now always gives a wallbounce and a chance at a punish (rather than forcing Eliza and Sekhmet off screen) regardless of team composition, but causes 75% forced damage scaling. Hitting an Ensemble Sekhmet with an Outtake is unchanged, so Double Take combos are still possible.

  • Sekhmet now falls the proper direction when hit from behind by Squigly’s Daisy Pusher. Thanks to khaosmuffins.

  • Cancelling a HP Upper Khat to a tiger knee HP Upper Khat with frame perfect timing will no longer wrongly allow Eliza to jump cancel the second Upper Khat before it connects. Thanks to Izzmo.

  • Linking off of LK Osiris Spiral now inflicts less hitstun the second time if used twice during the same combo, allowing only one of those links per combo.

  • The Throne of Isis can no longer get hit during Eliza’s timeout pose.


  • Gigantic Arm received the following changes:

    • Damage reduced from 2750 to 2500.

    • Added 80% forced damage scaling on hit.

    • The two VO lines now alternate as originally intended.

  • HP Hurting Hurl now causes 90% forced damage scaling on hit.

  • Geatish Trepak will no longer trigger an Infinity Breaker when above 240 Drama, like all other grab finishers. It still applies 20 Drama when applicable, like all other grab finishers. Thanks to SonicFox.

  • Take a Seat received the following changes:

    • The input now allows 3f between buttons instead of the standard 2f. Thanks to JamesMcCloud.

    • The animation is now correctly counterhit state. Thanks to IsaVulpes.

  • Fixed the first hit of Outtake to properly break Sekhmet’s armor. Thanks to yaboidekillsage.

  • Into the Trash now has the same 2f kara cancel period from other grab finishers as all other Outtakes do from other special moves. Thanks to Muro.

  • Three Wulf Moonsault now always triggers some crowd noise, regardless of stage or Hype level.