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Skullgirls Encore 1.02: Are You Ready For? Edition Patch Notes

May 13th, 2014
Written By: Peter Bartholow

General Changes

  • By popular demand, Fukua added to the roster as a bonus character with no DLC requirements. She will be forever free because she’s forever a clone! Find her somewhere on the character select screen (if you can).

  • New stage added: Nightmare Crest. An alternate version of Maplecrest featuring “The Dreams We Left Behind”, a remix version of “The Lives We Left Behind” background theme. Fukua should be right at home!

  • The Glass Canopy stage now has its own original background theme, “Royal Canopy Waltz”.

  • All red cross imagery has been changed such that it no longer resembles the American Red Cross logo. This mostly concerns Valentine, who now has pink shurikens in her default costume. Ileum in the Lab 8 stage has also been changed, as well as various alternate palettes for Valentine and Parasoul. More information here.

  • Fixed a major bug that permanently locked DLC alternate color palettes and prevented DLC characters from being selected outside of Story Mode (XBL version).

  • “COMPLETE!” will no longer show up on wrong characters or the random square when moving too fast on the Story Mode character select screen.

  • When playing online, character select timeouts while hovering over an already chosen character or a locked stage will no longer hang.

  • Character icons are now highlighted when the cursor is over them on the character select screen

  • Fixed online character select hangs when the timer expires when highlighting an already-chosen character or locked stage

  • Added missing names to Credits/Contributors list


Gameplay Changes

  • Lockout period for tagging and calling Ensemble Attacks when your assist character gets hit by an Outtake changed to 300f as originally intended.

  • Assist characters don’t start healing until 120f after the end of a lockout.

  • 360 motions now allow up to 2f of neutral between required direction inputs. Helps keyboard players and hitbox users.

  • Fixes for various bugs and glitches. Remember that Lab Zero will [try to] fix anything you find!

    • Assist characters will now always do their post-assist taunt as long as they didn’t go into hitstun, including armored assists. Armored assists that are touched and don’t go into hitstun will still get locked out for the normal period.

    • Certain Blockbusters (Argus Agony, Death Crawl) will no longer give a small amount of meter back to the attacker on hit. Thanks to negus_eyoel.

    • Corrected an input priority issue that affected Painwheel’s normals during Flight. Thanks to Krackatoa.

    • Fixed several bugs with pre-block where once you were in pre-block, you would remain in it as long as the opponent was attacking


Character Changes

  • Filia has new throw whiff frames originally made for Fukua. Massive thanks to Skullmageddon for these and all other new transition frames added for Fukua! Frame data for her throw remains unchanged.

  • FIlia’s Updo and Parasoul’s Napalm Pillar now cause 4f less hitstop on block, reducing their use as lockdown assists.

  • Cerebella’s Devil Horns now plays the guitar riff every time.

  • Ms. Fortune can no longer miss her own head with Cat Spike when moving backward against the screen edge. Thanks to Stuff.

  • Painwheel is no longer in counterhit state during Flight. She is still in counterhit state during its startup.

  • Painwheel’s Hatred Guard electricity effect now exactly matches the frames on which armor starts and ends.

  • Valentine’s input lag poison now affects Big Band’s Noise Cancel properly.

  • Fixed cleanup error in Squigly’s winpose.

  • Fixed cleanup error in Big Band’s crouch idle.

  • Fixed the victim’s position during Big Band’s Take the ‘A’ Train; when used as an Ensemble Attack it will no longer force the point character to awkwardly turn around.

  • Added lighting effects for the boosters in Big Band’s win pose.

  • Big Band can no longer call assists during Cymbal Crash.

  • Squigly Palette #22 returns from the grave

  • Fixed speech bubble and whistle bubble on specific palettes for Parasoul and Peacock.

  • Big Band and Squigly now have VO on their bursts.

  • Squigly now has a vulnerable hitbox on her head during her knee-fall animation.

  • Big Band’s death and timeout VO is no longer cut off

  • Fixed Infinite Prevention System spark sounds for Big Band

  • Fixed artifacts in Squigly’s loading screen art.