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Skullgirls LRG Update #4

July 7th, 2017
Written By: Peter Bartholow

We’ve got another update on the Limited Run Games physical edition for you today.

Things are still moving forward, which we’ll detail below.

Additionally, we’re working on a small extra bonus as our way of saying thank you for putting up with all of these unexpected, but still significant, delays.

So what’s the current status?

After the last patch, our international partner submitted the PS4 and Vita patches to Sony, who discovered some “must fix” bugs in both versions. We had to address those because we want to avoid potential problems when submitting the final ISOs for the Limited Run Games release.


US and EU owners of Skullgirls 2nd Encore should have received a new patch by now, which has been folded into the ISO that we are finally submitting to Sony today.

Despite being a repackaging of an existing game and patches, Sony’s system still treats it as if it were a full new game. As we’re heading into the fall gaming rush, Sony’s testers are quite busy, but with Sony’s help we managed to get a testing slot of July 10th, instead of July 19th!

PS Vita

Fixing the “must fix” bugs in the PS Vita version took a few weeks, and the latest version will be submitted for testing shortly.

Similar to the PS4 version, once that version is certified, we’ll make the PS Vita ISO and submit it for testing.

What bugs were fixed while we’ve been waiting?

The PS4 bugs were minor enough that we didn’t need to fix them in the US and EU versions, but we opted to release a patch anyway because it wouldn’t delay anything further.

The PS Vita bugs Sony discovered were more serious, dealing with lobby play and other multiplayer issues.

We felt it was important that these fixes be included in the physical release, as with previous bugs we’ve had to address in this process. While it may have been possible to move on with the PS Vita physical release without these fixes, we erred on the side of caution to give you the best possible product, but also to try and insure against Sony US finding the same bugs and slowing things down further.

Do you plan to make this up to us in any way?

Yes, we do.

Many of you asked this after the last update, and we were already looking into the logistics of adding something to the package.

We’ll be adding an exclusive pencil board to every package at no additional cost to you.

For those that aren’t familiar with pencil boards, they’re high-quality plastic prints. While they have a function for writing, they’ve mostly been popular collectibles included with anime releases and the like for some time.

SG_PencilBoard SML

What happens once everything’s ready?

(This is more or less the same as what we’ve said before, so if you’ve read it before, feel free to skip this part.)

Once the final patches have been released, we’ll submit the final PS4 and PS Vita ISOs to Sony, and the game will go into manufacturing once those are approved.

Here’s a breakdown of the remaining steps, in a handy status chart, which we’ll be updating as we complete each step:

Assuming everything goes smoothly, the Graphics Approval step is estimated to take five days, the Proofing step is estimated to take two days, and then Printing and Assembly is estimated to take 3 weeks for PS4, and 4~5 weeks for PS Vita.

The PS Vita version will require more rigorous testing under the new product code, so the PS4 version will likely end up approved a few weeks ahead of time, which means PS4-only orders will be fulfilled earlier. Unfortunately, those with PS4/PS Vita bundles will have to wait until the PS Vita version arrives because shipping is not enough to cover two shipments.

Thanks for your patience and understanding – we never expected this would take so long, and can assure you that we’re just as frustrated with the delays as you are.