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Skullgirls Mobile Launch Date Announcement

May 9th, 2017
Written By: Earl Gertwagen

The time has come at last – Skullgirls Mobile will launch on May 25th, 2017 in North/South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines!

A Long Journey

It’s been nearly 3 years since Hidden Variable met with Lab Zero and discussed the idea of bringing Skullgirls to mobile – not as a puzzle game or some other “expected” mobile title, but as a fighting game that finally captures the frenetic, tactical gameplay that players deserve on their phones and tablets.

As we’ve shown the game over the years, from the Anime Expo Booth to the Closed Beta to the Soft Launch, we’ve been delighted to see so many of you respond so positively to the unique combination of depth and accessibility that we set out to create. We’ve been thrilled to hear that Skullgirls is the mobile fighting game that many players (casual and hardcore alike) have always dreamed of – world-class characters and animation, all triggered via simple taps and swipes that nonetheless allow for the type of variety, tactical choices, and creativity that make a fighting game sing.

This unique blend of features has led to a fighting game that can be played by anyone, anywhere, without shying away from the nuances that made the original Skullgirls so special.

As many of you already know, we have also partnered with LINE for a good portion of the development. We’ve always set out to build Skullgirls as a game for a global audience. LINE’s feedback and support has been integral in helping us to create something special that everyone around the world can equally enjoy.

All that said, we couldn’t have done it without the frequent, candid feedback from the Skullgirls community. This is your game as much as it is ours.



Although we’re super excited for this release, it is only the beginning!

For those who played the game during our Closed Beta and Soft Launch, you’ve already seen how much the game has grown in just a few short months! We’ve made major updates since then, including adding new modes, character variants, and heaps and heaps of polish, with even more to come!

We’re already hard at work on integrating the next round of characters, a new set of prologue chapters that will reveal never-before-seen moments from your favorite character’s backstory, and much much more.

Building on the success of Skullgirls Mobile, we hope to introduce playable versions of some of the most popular characters from the Skullgirls universe as well. Who knows what the future will hold?!

We will be talking more about these new features on our dedicated mobile forums – we hope to see you there!

Although the journey is long from over, we’re excited to have all of you alongside us as weto reshape and redefine mobile fighting games as we know it!

-Hidden Variable & Lab Zero