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Skullgirls Encore 1.01 “Unfinished Business Edition” Patch Notes

April 26th, 2014
Written By: Peter Bartholow

General Changes

  • Big Band added to the roster as the second DLC character.

    • Purchase him from the store FREE for first 3 months!

    • Big Band Story added to Story Mode.

    • Big Band Tutorial added to Tutorial Mode.

  • Two 2 new stages added:

    • Under the Bridge, home to the displaced residents of Lab 8 and Big Band’s original theme, “Unfinished Business”

    • Glass Canopy, the Canopolis ballroom frequented by royalty and all remaining fan designed NPCs from the crowdfunding campaign.

  • Improvements to existing stages:

    • Lab 8 (empty), having been recently attacked, now has appropriate evidence of death and destruction.

    • Grand Cathedral (empty) now has the gloomy lighting effects expected of an abandoned church.

    • NPCs in formal attire have left River King Casino for the Glass Canopy, leaving the casino populated exclusively by riff raff.

    • Playable characters will not appear as background NPCs when participating in a match.

    • Fixed some coloring issues with the floor in New Meridian.

    • Fixed visuals around the top and sides of Class Notes.

  • Added additional features for blind accessibility, including clipboard-to-text menu, custom assist dialogue, and controller setting improvements. (PC exclusive)

  • Added LP+HK as an alternate Ensemble 2 command to go along with LK+HP being Ensemble 1.

  • Added automatic frame data visualization to the Training Room, enabled when the Attack Data option is set to “Advanced”.

  • Drama setting added to the Training Room’s options.

  • A Training Room dummy set to crouch will now block mid hits without standing up.

  • The shortcut to clear a Training Room save state is now LK+HK+Select instead of LP+HK+Select, preventing accidental assist calls. Holding Select for 30f is still the non-shortcut command.

  • Added a character select screen indicator for completed characters in Story Mode.

  • Pressing start will now skip a cutscene before the first dialog box comes up for improved mashing through Story Mode.

  • Added a sound effect for the Recovery Spark.

  • Ping screen now updates the label and color at every frame to reflect real time ping info.

  • DLC protection removed from spectating, so people who don’t own a particular DLC character can still watch a match with that DLC character.

  • Fixed various controller assignment and controller menu issues.


Gameplay Changes

  • Added a crowdfunding requested color for… MARIE?! She will only choose the color in Arcade mode on Nightmare difficulty or as Marie 300%.

  • Level 1 supers have been adjusted to have 1f of overlap between super flash induced hit stop and active frames. There are a few exceptions.

  • The defending character can no longer use an Infinity Breaker during the invulnerable frames of hit stuns, preventing some unintended option selects.

  • Performing an Infinity Breaker 90f after it is triggered will always give the fully invulnerable/unpunishable Infinity Breaker, similar to when triggered by a projectile.

  • Ensembles that cause slide stun now have a green impact effect, matching the ground recovery rules for an Ensemble knockdown.

  • Adjusted midscreen Double Take (AKA double snap) combos; in order to combo the Ensemble the Outtake must hit both the Ensemble and the point character at the same time and the Ensemble must be within 2/3 screen distance to the edge. Squigly’s Center Stage can get around the edge distance requirement.

  • The entirety of every character’s Tag In attack counts as a counter hit state.

  • In game music volume changes (such as from a Blockbuster) now happen gradually instead of instantly.

  • Hits which will specifically avoid killing the point character before the move ends (Double’s Nightmare Legion, Painwheel’s Buer Overdrive, etc) can now kill an Ensemble.

  • Assorted fixes for bugs and glitches. Lab Zero will fix anything you find!

    • Double Takes can no longer change the original team order. Thanks to Baiken!

    • Trading armored hits no longer result in asymmetrical meter gain. Thanks to Pikmario!

    • LP~HK and HK~LP will always call Ensemble 1 instead of Ensemble 2 in some situations.

    • Tagging out at certain frames of an opponent’s super flash can no longer cause inappropriate camera shifts. Thanks to Age and Painsley!

    • Getting thrown the frame after trading hits no longer causes a throw animation against air. Thanks to PhantomExdeath!

    • Chicken blocking now works as intended in all situations; air block stun ends as soon as the defending character lands regardless of height. Thanks to Skarmand!

    • A shifting screen/camera can no longer drag around an Ensemble during a successful throw.

    • A point character can no longer call a Stunt Double while dying from chip damage. Thanks to keninblack.

    • The hit stop from mid attacks no longer prevents the defending character from switching block types.


Character Changes


  • Ground dash hit boxes now always extend to the floor; Filia can no longer evade certain low attacks (Parasoul c.LK) with certain frames of her dash animation.

  • Airball hit stun lowered to give -9f advantage on block, down from -5f.

  • The air version of Gregor Samson’s falling and landing animation now properly counts as a counter hit state.

  • Fenrir Drive no longer does the dive ending if it did not hit the point character.



  • Added 1 additional crowdfunding requested palette, bringing Cerebella’s total to 20.

  • Air throw received the following changes:

    • Recovery changed to allow Cerebella more consistent follow up combos.

    • Physical extent adjusted to not drop Big Band behind Cerebella.

  • Lock ‘n’ Load no longer misses crouching Filia or Fortune in the corner.

  • Diamond Deflector will now reflect projectiles from the first frame of start up.



  • Fixed error in palette #7.

  • s.LP hit box extended back towards Peacock; it will not miss an opponent at close range.

  • Bang! (MP version) push back on block reduced.

  • BANG BANG BANG! hit box extended back towards Peacock on the first frame; it will not miss an opponent at close range.

  • George’s Day Out hit box extended back towards Peacock on the first frame and while George is in the air; it will not miss an opponent at close range.

  • Argus Agony start up invulnerability reduced; Peacock can no longer react to and beat other projectile supers from full screen.

  • Lonesome Lenny can no longer explode in the middle of an Argus Agony; he will wait until the end.



  • Fixed clean up error during slide stun animation.

  • s.LP hit box adjusted to consistently hit all characters at close range.

  • LP and HP Napalm Shot hit boxes adjusted to consistently hit all characters at close range.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a camera de-sync during tag in. Thanks to Uzumakihero!

  • Fixed a bug that could cause another camera de-sync with Egret Charge as an Ensemble. Thanks to Futatsuiwa!

  • Napalm Pillar and Napalm Quake now properly cause pre-block.

  • Silent Scope active time increased to 7f, up from 4f; it is no longer possible to just frame dodge it with certain moves.


Ms. Fortune

  • The control of Ms. Fortune’s head received the following changes:

    • The cooldown/command lockout after getting hit is now a uniform 15f, regardless of the attacks.

    • Head normals (Zoom! and Headbutt) can no longer cancel to head specials (Feline Allergies and OMNOMNOM) on block.

    • Head normals can now cancel into Cat Call on hit or whiff. Canceling in this fashion adds 75f of cooldown to the head if not recovered by the body, like other head specials.

    • When forced in from an Outtake, the head can no longer act before the body can act.

    • When tagged in, the head can’t act until 15f after the tag begins, preventing an accidental command overlap from the tag input. It can still move it before the body enters the screen.

    • If the body is stuck in a combo and the head is free, projectiles will now ignore the head; it can no longer absorb a mid-combo a Motor Brigade or Boxcar George meant for the body.

    • The head will no longer accept commands during an Infinity Breaker or during the vulnerable recovery of an Infinity Breaker.

    • Fixed a bug where, if Fortune was revived headless after a Valentine level 5 or a 1v1 down, her head would no longer be limited by the screen.

  • Head On s.HP received the following changes:

    • Startup reduced by 2f.

    • Recovery increased by 2f.

    • Damage increased to 1100 from 1000.

    • Improved hit spark effect.

  • Head On j.HP received the following changes:

    • Startup reduced by 2f.

    • Damage reduced to 775 from 975.

    • On hit push back now sends the defending character slightly downward.

  • Fiber Upper and El Gato now have a proper Blockbuster cancel lockout period at the end of recovery.

  • Fiber Upper received the following changes:

    • When Headless, Fiber Upper is now invulnerable to throws only. When used as an Ensemble it keeps full invulnerability.

    • Air block push back reduced for HK version, allowing a slightly quicker landing for the defending character.

    • Fixed a bug that would allow a cancel from the follow up jump without starting a new chain with IPS. This also prevents a first frame j.HK from causing a full knockdown as if it was chained. Thanks to CaioLugon!

  • Cat Strike hit stun reduced to give -2f advantage on block, down from +1f.

  • Feline Allergies active frames increased by 4f.

  • Head On Cat Scratch Fever received the following changes:

    • Recovery can now be cancelled into Cat Strike on hit.

    • Recovery changed to make it impossible to combo out of the slide stun with a normal.

  • Feral Edge received the following changes:

    • When Headless, increased lockout period for commands to the head on whiff and block.

    • Fixed a bug where getting KOd while trading hits on a specific frame would result in a floating Fortune corpse.


  • Charging a s.MP will now cause the attack to autocorrect after absorbing at least one hit during the armor.

  • Fixed a bug where the wheel could teleport off of Painwheel if j.MP was interruped by a Blockbuster on a specific frame. This also applies to Double’s j.HP.

  • PP will now “unfly” during Flight, returning Painwheel to neutral, restoring her ability to block,  and maintaining either all of her forward momentum of half of her backward momentum.

  • Flight cancels from Buer Reaper and Buer Thresher count as Flight x2, allowing one less Flight cancel per jump. Flight cancels from grounded moves are not affected.

  • Increased downward range on the first hit of Buer Thresher.

  • Hatred Install received the following changes.

    • Induced hit stop reduced to 1f.

    • Recovery increased by 5f when used as a Blockbuster Sequel.



  • Fixed error in palette #22.

  • Added 24f cooldown on Dead Cross once it hits the floor, hits the opponent, or goes offscreen.

  • Mortuary Drop recieved the following changes:

    • Startup shortened by 6f.

    • Damage decreased to 1200, down from 2050.

    • Blockbuster cancel lockout added to all active and recovery frames on whiff.

    • Checkmate Incision (air version) induced hit stop reduced, making it possible to block or reversal on reaction at point blank range.

  • Improvements to Forbidden Procedure:

    • Damage increased to 4500 from 4000.

    • Fixed to always force hit stop after super flash.

    • Added start up invulnerability and additional invulnerable frames after the flash.

    • Changed to a single, damage dealing hit so that it will work properly as a counter hit.

    • Hit stun/knockdown changed to offer easier juggles.


  • Added 1 additional crowdfunding requested palette, bringing Double’s total to 20.

  • Double can now cancel between forward and backward dashes like everyone else.

  • Fixed bug that would force Double to face the wrong direction after a ground recovery.

  • Crouching hit boxes changed to me more consistent; Double can no longer dodge certain attacks on a specific frame of her crouching animation.

  • Fixed a bug where Flesh Step could count as a chain to the Infinite Prevention System. Thanks to Severin!



  • Removed the echo effect on ground recovery lines so the opponent can respond in a timely fashion.

  • Added a puff of flame effect for getting interrupted from a Seria attack, indicating the lost Seria charge.

  • ↓↘→+PP and ↓↘→+KK now work as a first frame stance cancel shortcut, regardless of charge.

  • When using a stored Seria charge, the HP version of Draugen Punch now extends its start up invulnerability through stance start up. It can not hold in the stance when used this way, making it a true invulnerable reversal.

  • Fixed coloring error on tag in animation.

  • Squigly Battle Opera induced hit stop reduced to give a 1f window to block on reaction; a reversal after the flash is still not possible.

  • Daisy Pusher can no longer be countered by Valentine (or parried by Big Band).