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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by BrandX+, Nov 15, 2013.

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    When it comes to video games, the classics were always fun trying to get the highest score possible. Whether it was Pac-man, Galaga or Kaboom, we always tried to go for the top scores. There are still games today that still matter about getting as many points as possible and trying to be the best in the world in the rankings, it's addictive!

    So why don't we go ahead and post some of our top scores for any game we've played. They can be classic arcade games to Atari or some of the new next gen/HD remakes of games such as Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX or Super Stardust HD! Anything counts!

    Let's relieve the past and remember a time when we felt on top of the world!

    This can also be a classic game discussion as well.

    Post away!
  2. KaboomKid

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    So far my best score in Tetris Attack Time Trial mode is 43073. If I was more consistent in Normal mode, I could probably score higher there, but I just find Easy mode more fun to play (in Time Trial, all it really changes is the speed that the blocks disappear, you still have to play with the dark blue blocks). My SNES controller also gets a bit jittery when I play fast, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


    And yes, I play with my SNES plugged into my old CRT. The 90's are still kickin'!
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    Yay, an excuse to post all my shmup high scores

    Show Spoiler

    Darius Gaiden, completed the game without dying.

    Show Spoiler

    Esp Galuda (playing on "overheat mode challenge" where all enemy bullets speed is doubled)

    Good old Dodonpachi =>

    Dodonpachi Doj (Black Label Version)

    I will definitely clear this game soon

    Cho Ren Sha 68k
    The top score is my one and only normal mode run. Everything else is from hard mode.
  4. TheRealMrBean

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    My highest score for Tetris (IOS Remake) is 386,063. It took me about 20 Minutes.
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    I was the first person to break the 4 million point barrier in Race the Sun's Alpha and then 2 days later broke 5 million. I stopped recording runs after that, but I eventually reached 14 or 16 million (can't remember which). Then they released the beta version and points were laughably easy to get so I stopped playing.

    Now that the game is fully released the all time high score is 2,000,035,026. No disrespect to the guys that have got scores that high, but you can see that the scores are just a tad inflated from before.

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