Videogames and moral standarts

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    To be honest, reading your previous posts it didn't come across this way (although that may just be a consequence of what happens when you're trying to make your point in a discussion) but, to my understanding, you could pretty much cut everything you said down to "Better graphics add to a game and better gameplay does so too" which I wholly agree with.

    As for the topic of video games having an effect on moral standards, I think it's no more the case than with anything else (be it another form of media or reality itself); if people are impressionable then yes they are going to take their moral understandings from what they see in games. If someone has the sense to realise what they're playing/viewing is in fact fiction they probably won't mimic what they see in the games they play. I can use pretty much my entire family as an example of people who play a wide variety of games (from games like GTA that are constantly the focal point of mainstream media's attention on this subject, to stuff as mild yet criticised like Skullgirls) to show that playing these types of games most certainly does not lead everyone to copy what they see as I can vouch for the fact that none of them have committed crimes or indecencies of any kind.
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    I don't remember anyone talking about people emulating what they see in violent video games, but at the same time there's no real debate to be had there because the opposition is nothing but sensationalist bullshit. There is no logical argument that dictates that humans are morons who play Grand Theft Auto and develop some strange "monkey see monkey do" mentality that gives them the urge to go on a massive killing spree. Simply put, if you want to go kill a bunch of innocent people, you're mentally ill. You are not in a video game induced stupor, you are a sociopath. Anyone who says otherwise has something to gain from it or has been reading too many articles written by people who have something to gain from it.

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