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Discussion in 'Art and Other Media' started by Nevins, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Although that might help, removing watermark and screenshoting an image isn't that difficult.

    As far as I know, long as they are not making any profit of it, you can't file a claim or put legal action on it.

    They are no "best way" to prevent art from being stolen, however you can ways ask the person nicely to remove it or get your friends for help.

    Most people who steal other's art just wants attention, just don't give them one.
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    people are profiting off of sinclair's art, you mongol.
    i don't blame her at this point for not posting her fan art anymore. it's gotten WAY out of hand, and "asking nicely" has not gotten her anywhere.
    not even multiple people asking with/for her is helping.
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    I agree..most of the people who steal art are either people who can't draw for shit, basement dwellers, even (USUALLY) skullfans (I see them on tumblr/dA all the time...) who think artists don't work hard to create art.

    They think drawing is all fun and games and takes no effort at all. Lmao I think they don't even realize that artists are human individuals.

    I'm going to add a huge ass list to this thread about how you can prevent it from happening, or how you can make it harder for them to copy/steal it.
    I'm not the only artist who had to suffer from seeing her art on 9gag, Facebook, whatever, edited the SHIT out of it.
    Heck, the most painful thing that ever happened to me was when my Fallout fan-art was being sold as a t-shirt and they got a bunch of money from it. There was a post going around with like 3k notes saying "wow x website is having a sale!!" and one of the pics was a shirt with my art literally printed on hurts so much and i don't want this to happen to my friends or other artists.

    My friend once deactivated her dA because of the amount of art-theft she had to endure, they made keychains out of her Hellsing art and the fuckers even said "We can give you 10% and send you a few keychains!" lmao i think some of her art is still being sold on Ebay as posters.

    I wish this was easier said than done. Even if it does work, sometimes it makes everything more worse. I once made a call-out post about a very well known artist who stole designs and traced artwork and tried I to warn other artists, that fucker called me an "Evil SJW bitch who needs to stop sending her sjw friends after me". Even after i provided evidence that he traced my work and that of others.
    I was harassed for a few months by his friends (and him) and he started stealing my designs just to spite me, thank the lord he got banned from dA for being a jerk.
    Honestly i wish people were nicer to artists and looked at them as individuals instead of robots who can create art every day without breaking a sweat.

    I will still post my fan art, but only on the skull heart forums. And I suggest most artists who get their art stolen to do this.
    Sadly..We work on the internet, and we draw a lot. I'm going to lose a bunch of publicity, followers, watchers, whatever by quitting to post fan-art on tumblr and DeviantArt. But whatever, I don't really care anymore. :( I'd rather have less publicity than have assholes wear my art on their chinese-made black market t-shirts.

    Anyway, the huge list should be up by tomorrow, i need to get a bunch of resources first.
    Thanks for making this into a thread! Was about time <3

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