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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by haisho, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. haisho

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    Yeah, we kinda already have a Blizzard thread, but that'd probably get jumbled if it ever got active so I figured I'd make dedicated to Hearthstone discussion.

    Long story short, I suddenly remembered it went into Open Beta so I downloaded it. Pretty damn enjoyable so far even though I am so very terrible at it. Also, sudden ranked ladder reset resulted in me bumping into some....better geared players in Ranked when it was populated with similarly terrible players earlier.

    I also suck at Arena drafting :(

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  2. Jutsei

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    Interested in it, but chances are I'd be terrible at it, and I know the moment I spend real money on booster packs I'm gonna be in a pit I can't dig myself out of
  3. haisho

    haisho Active Member

    To be fair, what you start with is actually usable from what I can see. Not the kind of cards that are good enough to crush opponents in a heartbeat, but usable enough to pull you through most of lower ranked play.

    Though if there were some kind of stat tracker for Hearthstone, I'd be sitting at 30% win ratio in constructed so take my advice with a grain of salt :P
  4. MysteriousJ

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    I've been playing since mid december, and I have mixed feelings on it. There are too many cards based on luck. For instance, this bastard:
    There's no strategy here. No risk vs. reward, no probability to consider, just a pure coin flip in a vacuum. And all of the best players use him.

    For beginners, partial arena tier list:
  5. Tomo009

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    It's not bad as a game, I wouldn't play it OVER Magic or anything of the like though.

    It's missing a lot of player to player interaction, seems too based on top-decking the right card and RNG, not a whole lot of reactionary play, no real way to bait or the like.

    One thing that would make the game a lot more fun is INSTANTS, I don't know why the game doesn't have them, but having nothing to do during your opponent's turn makes the game feel more like playing single player than an actual 1v1 card game.

    Also, the most fun part of the game, is the draft mode Arena to me and it is gated such that you usually only get 1 run every 1-3 days. I don't enjoy that at all.
  6. Angel-

    Angel- Block!

    I gave Hearthstone a solid week and didnt like it. MysteriousJ hit a nail on the head. When this bitch dies, gain control of a random creature your opponent controls. 'Oh shit, i got your best guy. lucky me'. fuck that. Also i dabbled in the physical version, and this is just a dumb down version. Plus i hate the you go then i go. I want to cast instants.

    On a side note, after playing Hearthstone, Dual of Champions, Shadow Era, and Infintiy Wars, imo Infinity Wars is hands down the best one. You have to go to http://www.infinitywarsgame.com/ and create an account. Then go to here, http://lightmare.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=17813.0 , and as for a key. I have three invites as well, but require an email address.
  7. haisho

    haisho Active Member

    Dunno. Hearthstone was designed to be played casually on the side.
    Then people took it too seriously and it became competitive anyway. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    That and I absolutely abhor the comparably slow pacing of traditional TCGs. Infinity Wars is no exception.

    On the other hand, I can understand being angry at....certain random effects. *eyes Mad Bomber killing all friendly minions*
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  8. Horseman

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    It's very simplified, and I don't know if I like it all that much yet.
    First of all, I love graveyards. Why does everyone keep taking the discard pile out of the game like it's not something that's relevant. Seriously, I don't think I've played a single digital tcg that didn't remove the graveyard from the game. I mean this game has a warlock class AND a priest class that can't even bring the dead back to life! That's fucking stupid!
    And I loathe the secret system, since it makes literally every card that can activate during your opponent's turn useless... There's no reason to use them if you're leaving it up to dumb luck that you'll actually hit something decent with it. They give you a choice between aiming your card at something on your own turn or wildly shooting it and hoping it works out on your opponent's turn, and no sane man is going to pick the latter. That means that while it's your opponent's turn your mostly staring at the field rather than strategizing, and combined with many classes having no good momentum killers it
    I'm incredibly annoyed by the amount of tcg's that come out and consistently barely miss the mark. They seem to think I want to play for the strategy bits rather than the deck-building bits, and they trickle out cards so slowly and don't give you any method of getting singles, which makes deck experimentation nearly impossible until you invest 6 months and/or $500 into it.
    Although I will say that I like the class/hero engine, mostly because hero abilities add a bit of depth to the card advantage game.

    I agree kind of. Although Nat Pagle should really just be changed to a 100% chance to draw, and make him a regular card rather than a legendary so that I can run two, and increase his cost a bit/lower his health so that I can make a god damn pacman deck.

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