|NA| Skullgirls, A Struggle of Salt

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    This is an online weekly round robin-style tournament. Everyone gets a chance to play with everyone equally. This is purely for fun/salt, there are no prizes for winning.

    Current Start Time:
    Satudays 9:00 pm eastern

    -Entrants are expected to be in the Steam Group chat 5 minutes prior to start time.
    -Each match is best 3/5.
    -Winner must keep team/assist. Loser may change.
    -If someone does not show up for streamed their match in 3 minutes, new match will be streamed. If all other matches in that round are played besides their's, they will be DQ'd.
    -Any player may choose to forfeit if they decide the connection is unplayable. The other player will get the win.
    -If both players agree the connection is bad or don't want to play in it, they may report a draw.
    -Viewers may bet on matches with fake money for absolutely no benefit to them whatsoever.

    The amount of people entering will determine the amount of matches streamed
    If your match is not streamed you must report in challonge itself.

    And yes if anyone asks I basically copied the rules from Skullbats, because they're good rules and they work.

    Matches will be streamed on twitch.tv/int_flameking
    Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SkullSass
    Sign-Ups: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/VAQAiv4SPi
  2. Midiman

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    I like the kicking of people who aren't around the best.

    i wont participate this week I think but this is the bomberinos: more online is more fun
  3. BasedFlameKing

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  4. DapperEntity

    DapperEntity I make bad decisions. I'll learn eventually.

    Los Angeles
    Big Band
    Calling it now.

    I'm going to win 55% of my matches, losing to Fukua, Squiggy, or Parasoul. People will get caught far too often by A-Train H.

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