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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Stuff, Nov 14, 2013.

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    I didn't want to include Mario in general because I don't want the non RPGs to overshadow RPGs. So this is thread is for every Mario based RPG.
    Mario being one of the biggest thing ever (but maybe not anymore he's just known more than anyone today) and RPG was kinda unexpected for me and ever since Super Mario RPG came out I fell in love with these RPGs the newer ones might not be as difficult as SMRPG or as intricate as other RPGs but they always have a neat style to them and sometimes really humorous moments. I've always enjoyed the active(?) damage system that made the RPG more involved having you focus on timing like using power bounce in Paper Mario although that would force an end it was always satisfying getting each hit right.

    Intelligent Systems has done a very fine job with the Paper Mario and Alpha Dream is very creative with the Mario & Luigi series both having a sort of charm other games can't have.

    My favorite Mario themed RPG is probably Paper Mario TTYD while Paper Mario was the original TTYD did everything the first did and made it larger. and also Vivian even though she might be a dude she's still cute I don't even care whatever.

    Speaking of which I want my cute partners back Intelligent Systems bring them back please.

    So which Mario themed RPG did you enjoy most? Was it SMRPG? It probably was it's pretty good... square made it your favorite.
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    Yes Yes.
    I was hoping for a good thread like this!
    I never got to play Mario RPG (I plan to, though), but I played every Paper Mario that isn't Sticker Star. I enjoyed everything about it, it was so stylish and cool in eveyrone...

    Though my favorite is Mario & Luigi, style overload, charm off the roots in every game...I haven't disliked a single game in that series.
    I haven't gotten Dream Team quite yet. But I bet it's awesome
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    Played the good old Mario RPG, and i think superstar saga (the GBA one too)

    really liked how the "new" mario RPG got a distinct style and wacky humor... seems way cooler than the platformers in that regard. they should add more cutscenes and npcs crazy like the ones in beanbean kingdom

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