Killing Floor - Amazing PC CO-OP survival horror

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    "Killing Floor (abbreviated as KF) is a cooperativefirst-person shootervideo game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. It was originally released as an Unreal Tournament 2004mod in 2005. Retail release followed on May 14, 2009, for Microsoft Windows,[2] and for OS X on May 5, 2010.[3] The Linux version was released on the Steam platform in November 2012."

    "Killing Floor is a first person shooter, allowing each player to move through a 3D environment. Gameplay consists of a single game type, in which the player fights waves of zombie-like specimens, with each wave becoming successively more difficult, until it concludes with a battle against a "boss" specimen, called the Patriarch.[4] Players earn in-game money for each kill, as well as for surviving to the end of a wave. In the time between each waves, players can visit a trader to buy and sell ammo, armor, and additional weapons, ranging from katanas, pipe bombs,flamethrowers, shotguns, and so forth; the Trader's location on the level varies at the end of each wave, discouraging players from camping in one location. Weapons may also be found randomly across the level. Players are encouraged to work together; they can trade items and drop money, healing is more effective on other players than on oneself, and the team can strategically weld doors shut to provide a temporary barrier from the oncoming horde while funneling the other creatures to specific areas."

    So anyone got Killing Floor? This game is so addictive and fun, but I've had no one to play with. We should make this a topic for all of the Skullpeeps to get together and kill some monsters. So who's got this? I'll even make a user list.
  2. Grimmhart

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    I got it. Tried to play it with a friend of mine but couldn't figure out how to join each other for a match.
  3. DukeMagus

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    darn good game. needs some refinements on the game search, however.

    ad to think it all started as an UT 2004 MOD
  4. Saxton Hale

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    I have Killing floor :D *Waves hand*
  5. Erreip199

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    Ive owned this game since release, but rarely get chances to play it due to lack of people to play it with.

    I'm down to joining a SG KF group, feel free to add me on Steam: erreip199

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