Final Fantasy 6 With the Skullgirls

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Who would be a better Kefka?

  1. Double (The Devil)

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  2. Eliza (The sociopath)

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  1. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    I brought this idea up in the fanfiction thread and I thought that maybe we can discuss how it can work. If you don't know want Final Fantasy 6 is, we'll wait as you look into it and if you don't know what Skullgirls is, I'll follow you to the library and look into it.

    I think that retelling FF6 with the Skullgirls is possible. We can have Filia be Terra, the Mafia can be the Empire, Carol as Gau, etc. However I don't who'll be the perfect fit for everyone, like for Cyan or Ultros. Then again, we can edit bits of the original story so this one flows better and makes sense for the characters. like say, have the entire party head off to Zozo instead of just 4.

    BTW this is NOT an actual project. More like a fun group brainstorm.
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  2. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    Just a cast table to see who we decided to be what. I but my suggestions in bold as everything in this list can change.

    Main Party
    Terra: Filia
    Locke: Ms.Fortune
    Edgar: Parasol
    Sabin: Umbrella
    Celes: Cerebella
    Cyan: Squigly/Sienna
    Gau: Painwheel/Carol
    Setzer: Peacock/Patricia
    Strago: Annie
    Relm: Marie
    Shadow: Valentine
    Mog: Ileum

    Temporary members
    Biggs and Wedge: Lawrence and Ricardo
    The Moogles: The Orphans
    Banon: Beowulf
    Leo: Big Band

    Gesthal: Lorenzo
    Ultros: Fukura
    Typhon: Robo-Fortune
    Warring Triad: Divine Trinity
    Vargas: (Might be a monster like a giant chicken)
    Wrexsoul: (Might be a Special Guest)
    Dadaluma: Taliesin
    No 024/Magic Master: Brain Drain
    Ultima Weapon/ Deathgaze: Skullgirl
    8 Dragons: (Special Guests) Order of No Quarter

    Cid: Arvian
    Rachel: Minette(Not dead)
    Arvis: Mrs.Victoria
    Duane and Katarin: Leduc and Hive
    Elayne and Owain: Selene and Roberto
    Owzer: Eliza
    Elder of Narshe:
    Madeline: Black Dahlia
    Maduin: Samson
    Daril: N/A
    Gau's Father: Carol's parents.
    Duncan: Adam
    Ramuh: Leviathan
    Lone Wolf: Scythana
    Save Point:Issac

    If i missed anyone, here's a list from the FF wiki.
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  3. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    Out of curiosity: Which FF suits Skullgirls better? FF7 or FF6.
  4. Magma442

    Magma442 Get ready for a Showstopper!

    Medici Tower.
  5. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    I almost satisfied with this list. There are some roles I have no idea who to choose, the mogs are something I'm having trouble to choose a character for. We can have the parasites be Espers and theonite can be magicite. I think Fukura can a joke with the joke being she beleives to be the main hero even though FF6 is an ensemble cast. Then again, the Skullheart can be treated as a joke because it's not important to the story.
    As for the idea of replacing the 8 dragons with Shovel Knight's Order of No Quarter, I thought it might be a cute cameo that makes sense to me like Treasure Knight can be plundering the lost castle, Mole Knight can be tunneling in the Phoenix Cave, King Knight can be ruling the opera house etc.

    Also, I thought I might share this playthrough of Pony Fantasy 6. Just to show what not to do.
  6. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    I just thought of how I can work on this. I tried looking at this with modding but I have trouble figuring out on how to use it. So I figured I could remake the maps into projects with the RPG Maker and work from there and when I get the full version I can put them all together. I just have one question: Do you want me to try to recreate the FF6 Battle System, The battle system from the SkullGirl RPG that's on hiatus or a mix of both.

    Also some story ideas, I don't know If I want Squigly to die or not but if I want her to die but stay in the party I can have her drink the poison when everyone is stating to die and finally keels over when you get off the train.
    As for Nadia's backstory, instead of being about someone who failed the person she loved, we can just her backstory from the Skullgirls about her being part of a gang and never let go of what happened to them. when you get to her home, instead of going to a house where you see the love you go to a graveyard and she'll just start introducing you to the graves.

    One final question: Who would be a better Gesthal, Lorenzo or Vitale?
  7. Todpole

    Todpole Interested Programmer

    Honest question: Who would be a better Kefka? Double or Eliza.

    I know you can't do the whole crazy clown who went mad after being the first magitek solider since one of them is an parasite which would be the Espers of this setting and the other is Satan. I do like the idea of either of them being just off to everyone around them.

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