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    What is 'Enter the Gungeon'?

    Glad you asked, me! Enter the Gungeon is a twin-stick bullet hell rogue-like pixel art independent video game-type thing by DodgeRoll studios and published by Devolver Digital about four weirdos entering something that could be described as a gungeon, in order to procure the GUN THAT CAN KILL THE PAST (And yes, that is the coolest type of gun) for their own various reasons. The plot is fairly basic, but satisfactory, and the item descriptions lend a boatload of lore to it if you're into that sort of thing (Hint: I am).

    How does this game play?

    Another great question, me! Man you're smart. Anyway, Enter the Gungeon is a modern Rogue-Like-Like, with all the basics you would expect: Procedural generation, rare permanent upgrades, high difficulty... It's all there, and all highly polished and well-done. It plays like your traditional twinstick shooter, responsive and tight feeling. Enemies, especially bosses, are very bullet hell-esque, and later bosses have patterns you wouldn't be surprised to see in you Rose Shamrocks or your Tow-Hows', or your Sushimemehaymammas or whatever, and everything meshes together really nicely.

    How hard is this game?

    Pretty difficult, though it's mostly for the sum of it's parts; twinsticks and bullet hells are difficult, and marrying of the two makes a game that is difficult. Consequently, if you're good at twicsticks, you'll prabably be good at this, and if you're good at bullet hells, you'll probably do fine. If you're good at both, then you'll be, like, Neo-ing this shit up I guess. I wouldn't know; I'm terrible at both, but the game is still a blast to play and incredibly satisfying do to how polished everything is.

    Where can I purchase this game, and for how many *INSERT REGIONAL CURRENCY*?

    The game is available on Steam and PS4 for $15 USD. For regional equivalents, that's 10.27 pounds, 13.10 Euros, 19.72 ASD, 18.83 CAD, 0.0329 Bitcoins (For the next 0.9812 seconds until the value changes), and 334395 Vietnamese Dongs. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of Binding of Issac, Nuclear Throne, both, or just really polished video games!

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