[Dec 10, 2016] Travelling Controller Origins Game Underground Monthly (Natick, MA)

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Travelling Controller Origins Game Underground Monthly
Start Date: Dec 10, 2016 01:00 PM
End Date: Dec 10, 2016 04:00 PM
Time Zone: America/New_York -05:00 EST

Game Underground
1245 Worcester St, Ste 1094
Natick, MA 01760

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    Game Underground Monthly

    This is the first GU monthly that Traveling Controller is fully supporting, and with that alot of improvements are on the way! A ton of work is being put into this event from a ton of people in the community to bring you the tournament series our community deserves, get hype!

    We want to make sure that this event is done the right way, just as a major would be ran. The following are things we’re adding/paying close attention to detail:

    -Steven Murphy streaming the entire event
    -Easy to see/find brackets
    -Event Schedule
    -Stream Schedule
    -Dedicated Stream commentators
    -Pre determined TO’s for each game
    -Mystery Game Tournament
    -Raffle with 10+ prizes

    In order to run this event, we are changing the $ structure of the event! Our goal is to make sure that each player spends no more then $15 to come and compete in a tournament. With that, this event will have a $12 venue fee and $5 tournament entry fee. This will allow players to enter more tournaments while letting TC and the venue pay the bills! You can pre-register for the event and pay only $10 for the event, instructions below!

    Traveling Controller wants to make sure that EVERY relative game is represented at this tournament, making sure it gets the hype and attention they deserve. Each game supported at the tournament will have the following:

    -3 setups per game
    -Top 3 Streamed/Main stage
    -2ndary event for each game

    This is our first event with a mystery game tournament, capping the entrants at 64 at $1 a piece. The list of games is gonna be super hype, and all available to play after the tournament:

    Grand Finals game ??? PIE challenge:
    For the finals, Thomas Schmitz (Common Ground) and I will present the ??? game. Each of us will pick a player that we think will win the grand finals. The winner of the tournament will then get to take a whip cream pie and pie the losing TO in the face, on stage, on stream. Good luck Tom, I hope you like whip cream XD.


    We will have a 10+ prize raffle throughout the day. All the prizes are supplied by the awesome venues that continuously support the MFC. The money will directly support TC, and the prizes will all be FGC related. The final prize will be something awesome supplied by TC/GU to say thank you to all the players!

    Schedule (graphic incoming, schedule tentative)

    Pokken: 12pm - 2pm ($5)
    DOA: 12pm - 3pm ($5)
    Skullgirls: 1pm - 4pm ($5)
    KOF14: 2pm - 5pm ($5)
    BlazeBlue: 2pm - 5pm ($5)
    Killer Instinct: 3pm - 6pm ($5)
    Marvel 3: 5pm - 8pm ($5)
    Guilty Gear: 6pm - 830pm ($5)
    Mystery Game: 230pm - 630pm ($1, capped 64)
    Street Fighter 5: 6pm - 10pm ($5)

    Pre register instructions:
    This is SUPER SIMPLE! If you come to the venue without pre registering, it will be $12 venue. If you want to only pay $10, do the following:

    On the facebook event, click “Attending”
    Post on the fb page your gamer tag, state and games you plan to enter.

    Example: LuckyD, MA, Sf5, mysterygame

    This doesn't lock you into entering only X games, we’re just trying to get an idea of attendance. This helps us a TON by pre registering, so please support and spread the word!

    Thats all the important news for the event, we hope to see you on Dec 10th and get ready for a hype TC Origins!



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