Chess 2: The Sequel

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kristoph, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Kristoph

    Kristoph , the Angel

    Just released on Steam, game is blasphemous as hell, in a good way

    It's got 6 factions, a weird but interesting dueling mechanic, and a suuuuuper good new win condition (if your King passes the middle of the board, you win. Makes games go way faster, endgames have way more material on the board. Frankly I wish they'd mess with it in FIDE Chess)

    I've been streaming it which has been super fun!

  2. Ninja

    Ninja [Jazzy Diamonds]

    Big Band
    just like mashing. just like mash.

    whocares.png welp I know what I'm buying today.
  3. Kristoph

    Kristoph , the Angel

    hahaha nahhhh, that's just a ridiculous matchup, by faaaar the worst matchup in the game (generally stuff seems pretty balanced though). Even then, there are peeps who've been grinding it out on the Reaper end. it's getting interesting.

    I posted that vid mostly just because it's short and sweet, haha. If you want more representative stuff there are other matches on that channel:

    Animals are hard :x

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