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    Big Band
    Hey! Welcome to the Big Band Compendium. The purpose of this thread is to compile useful information about this character and have it all in one convenient place. There's hella text in this thing, so to make it easier to find the specific information you're looking for, everything is in spoiler tags divided by section. Just click the spoiler tag of the section you want!
    Combos (open)
    LP = Light Punch
    MP = Medium Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    LK = Light Kick
    MK = Medium Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    s. = Standing
    c. = Crouching
    j. = Jumping
    xx = Cancel (see the in-game tutorial on cancels for more information)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: s.HK xx H Take the A-Train does NOT combo midscreen on Cerebella or Parasoul. For any combo that ends like that, you can instead use s.HK xx M Brass Knuckles (works on both Bella or Parasoul) or s.HK xx M Take the A-Train (Bella only, still doesn't work on Parasoul).

    NOTE #2: In any combo with j.MKx2 j.HP, the j.HP is supposed to whiff. This causes Big Band to fastfall which lets you link a light normal after. If this is too hard, any combo that includes this can be done with j.MK instead of j.MKx2 for a little less damage.

    Babby Combo for new Big Band players (works midscreen, works in the corner, not hard, does no damage)
    c.LK c.MK s.HP
    j.MP j.HP xx H Cymbal Clash,
    H Take the A-Train

    Midscreen BNB

    c.LK c.MK s.HP
    j.MP j.HP delay j.HK
    tech forward
    OTG c.HK xx H Beat Extend,
    j.LK j.MK
    j.LP j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP*
    c.LPx2 c.MK s.HK xx H Take the A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Alternate Midscreen BNB (less damage but leaves opponent in the corner)
    c.LK c.MK s.HP
    j.MP j.HP delay j.HK
    tech forward
    OTG c.HK xx H Beat Extend,
    j.LK j.MK,
    c.LK c.MK s.HP,
    j.LP, j.MKx2 xx Tympani Drive

    Corner BNB (intermediate)

    c.LK c.MK s.HK xx M Brass Knuckles
    OTG c.MPx2 s.HK xx H Beat Extend
    j.LK j.MKx2
    s.LK s.MK
    j.LP j.LK j.MKx2
    c.LPx2 s.HP,
    j.MP j.MKx2 j.HP
    M A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz*

    *this combo can also be ended with j.MP j.MKx2 j.HK xx Timpani Drive > j.MK, this sacrifices some damage in order to keep the opponent in the corner.

    Corner BNB (hard)
    c.LK c.MP s.HK xx M Brass Knuckles,
    c.MK s.HP,
    j.MP j.MK,
    c.MPx2, s.HK xx H Beat Extend,
    c.LK s.MK,
    j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP*,
    c.LPx2, s.LK, c.MPx2, s.HK xx H A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Midscreen OTGless combo (also works in the corner)
    c.LK c.MK s.HP,
    j.MP j.MK,
    s.LP s.MK,
    j.LK j.MK,
    c.LK s.MK,
    j.LP j.LK j.MK,
    H Beat Extend,
    c.MPx2 s.HK xx H A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Not Quite Midscreen, Not Quite Corner Combo (between 1/2 and 1/4 of the way to the corner (if you don't wanna learn this just do a reset in that situation))

    c.LK c.MK s.HP
    j.MP j.HP j.HK xx Timpani Drive
    s.LK s.MPx2 s.HK xx H Beat Extend
    j.LP j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP (whiff)
    c.LPx2 s.LK c.MPx2 s.HK xx H A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Situational Combos

    (Throw xx) L/M Giant Step,
    c.MK s.HP,
    j.MP j.HP j.HK,
    OTG s.LK s.MK,
    j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP,
    c.LPx2 s.MK,
    j.LP j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP,
    M A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Beat Extend,
    c.MK s.HP,
    j.MP j.HP j.HK,
    OTG s.LK s.MK,
    j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP,
    c.LPx2 s.MK,
    j.LP j.LK j.MKx2 j.HP,
    M A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Beat Extend side switch combo
    Beat Extend (shake), Emergency Brake,
    c.LK s.MK,
    j.LK j.MK,
    c.LP s.MK,
    j.LP j.LK j.MK,
    c.MPx2 ender

    Throw, short dash c.MK s.HP, (or Throw xx Emergency Break, c.LK c.MK s.HP)
    j.MP j.HP j.HK,
    OTG c.HK xx H Beat Extend,
    s.LP s.MK,
    j.LK j.MK,
    c.LK c.MK s.HK xx H Take the A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Air throw,
    OTG j.MK,
    c.MK s.HP xx H Beat Extend,
    j.LK j.MK,
    s.LP s.MK,
    j.LP j.LK j.MK,
    c.LK c.MK s.HK xx H Take the A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Counter hit Beat Extend (or Counter Hit Giant Step), s.MP s.HP
    j.MP j.HP j.HK tech forward
    delay j.LK j.MK
    s.LP s.MK
    j.LP j.LK j.MK
    c.LK c.MK s.HK H A Train SSJ

    Max range c.HP/c.MP conversion
    (c.MPx2) c.HP xx Emergency Brake,
    s.LP c.MK s.HP,
    j.MP j.HK,
    c.LK s.MK,
    j.LK j.MP land rejump,
    j.LP j.LK j.MP,
    c.MPx2 s.HK xx H A-Train xx Super Sonic Jazz

    Cymbal Clash,
    H Brass Knuckles (xx Super Sonic Jazz)

    Super Sonic Jazz,
    OTG H Giant Step xx Super Sonic Jazz
    Resets (open)
    -Kinda obvious since you can do this with any character but I should mention it for the sake of completeness: after any restand (for example after s.MK, j.LK j.MK), you can go low with c.LK/s.LK or you can throw with throw. You could also go overhead with Giant Step or instant j.MK. Resets like this are really easy to reversal out of so watch out!

    -Also obvious, after any s.HP or s.MKx2 you can air grab. Because this is obvious most experienced players will see this coming and tech the grab.

    -You can also air grab every character off s.MK (1 hit), which is harder to react to.

    -After a restand, chain into s.HP then do j.LP, j.LK (1 hit), j.MP. After you land you have a few options. You can air grab, which is more difficult to tech than the above reset because the opponent recovers lower to the ground and therefore can be grabbed much faster. You can j.LK, which will counter hit an opponent trying to tech. You can also let the opponent land and go for a high/low mixup, which can be reversaled out of but the threat of the air grab and j.LK options can help keep the opponent honest.

    -After Beat Extend, you can do j.LK j.MKx2, air throw. This is difficult on heavier characters. You can bait the opponent's throw tech attempt with j.LK as with the above reset.

    -After s.HP you can Emergency Brake to go under the opponent and cross them under. A shorter Emergency Brake can leave Big Band on the same side as the opponent, making this a 50/50. However if the opponent is jabbing on the way down you can get punished for attempting this mixup.

    -After Beat Extend you can do c.MK which can pull the opponent over Big Band. Delaying the c.MK can leave the opponent on the same side.

    -After Beat Extend, you can do s.LP s.MK xx H Brass Knuckles xx Super Sonic Jazz for a crossup. If you have an assist, you may (depending on what your assist is) be able to instead do s.LP s.MK xx H Brass Knuckles + call assist to get a safer mixup that can lead to more damage. Other options after the s.MK are air throw or j.LK to hit same side + bait their throw tech attempt.

    -After Beat Extend, do s.LP as the opponent is falling, then either chain into c.LK or cancel into Giant Step. Because the opponent recovers in the air and you can do both the low and overhead options meaty (meaning the active hitbox is already on the opponent as they recover from hitstun), the opponent only has 1 frame to reversal if timed correctly. You can also do instant j.MK for a safe on block overhead option or go for a throw, but these can't be done meaty and are less safe against reversals.

    -After a knockdown, do OTG c.LP c.LK which leaves you at +8, then either cancel into Giant Step for an overhead or do c.LK for a low. This is difficult to reversal since the opponent recovers in the air.

    -When j.MKx2 hits against a grounded opponent, you can fastfall with j.HP then land and either go low or throw. You can also cancel the j.MKx2 into H Cymbal Clash, which uncombos and gives you an overhead option.
    General (open)
    Size - Big Band is the largest character in the game. Certain combos won’t work on him due to his size and weight. Several common cross over and cross under setups won't work on Big Band because of how wide he is. At the same time his height makes him vulnerable to tactics that work only on him. Every character in the game has a way to instant overhead Big Band.

    Sound Stun - Certain moves Big Band has cause Sound Stun, which is a long hitstun that keeps the opponent in place for a time before they are knocked back. Moves that cause sound stun can be identified by the musical notes that burst out of the opponent when they’re hit. You can only use one sound stun per combo; trying to use a second will cause the opponent to immediately become invincible and fall to the ground in a blue knockdown.

    The following moves use sound stun:
    -Beat Extend
    -Giant Step
    -Cymbal Clash
    -Tympani Drive (only if you taunted first)

    Armor - Several moves Big Band has have armor. When a move with armor collides with another move, Big Band will take damage but the move will not stop. Armored moves have a certain number of hits of armor; when all the hits are gone, Big Band will be put into hitstun from attacks as normal. Armor can also be broken instantly by sweeps, throws, hit throws, and snapbacks.
    Movement (open)
    Big Band can double jump but cannot air dash. His ground dash moves him a distance forward in an amount of time. Technically Big Band could wavedash but it isn't faster than just dashing normally so why would you. j.HK and Emergency Brake can be used as additional movement options and are covered in more detail under Normals and Specials, respectively.
    Normals (open)
    s.LP - Better hitbox than you'd think just looking at it, as the sound coming from the horn also has a hitbox. Starts up fast and the hitbox is good for stopping approaches on the ground or from instant air dashes.

    s.MP - The primary purpose of this move is to get it by accident when trying to do c.MP. It can sort of be used to anti air as Big Band brings the trumpet up but there are better options. Also I’ve heard that it can play songs or something.

    s.HP - Big Band’s launcher. On hit you can jump cancel this move and continue with an air combo for EXTREME DAMAGE.

    s.LK - Big Band’s standing low. Hits twice.

    s.MK - This can be chained up to 2 times. Both hits are launchers. Using s.MKx2 launches the opponent to about the same height as a s.HP, using only one launches them less high than that. Using only one s.MK usually leads to an easier combo as Big Band has an easier time restanding the opponent after an air combo from that height.

    s.HK - Causes a wallbounce on hit, making it useful for extending corner combos.

    c.LP - Can be chained twice. The second c.LP has a lot of hits so it will scale a combo significantly if it’s used early in the combo. This is the same speed as s.LP and also has a good hitbox for discouraging approaches on the ground, although it is not as good against instant air dashes. Because c.LP causes so many hits so quickly, it can be useful for breaking armor.

    c.MP - Can be chained twice. It can be useful for hitconfirms since it’s safe and the two parts to the move give you ample time to see if it hit or not.

    c.HP - Causes sound stun. Really huge hitbox to this one, if they are on the ground at all they are probably going to have to deal with it. If they jumped, they may end up having to deal with it anyways. Big Band jumps off the ground to do this move, so it can go over some low attacks.

    c.LK - Big Band’s crouching low. For the obvious drawback of having to crouch to use this move, it has longer reach than s.LK and is +3 on block.

    c.MK - Has a large disjointed hitbox that covers both sides of Big Band and the top of his head. This can be used effectively as an anti air even against some of the really stupid jumpins in this game like Double j.HP or Parasoul j.LP (don’t try it against Valentine j.HP though, it loses to that). Pulls in on hit which can make a followup combo more consistent. It’s up to you whether you want to use this move for more consistent combos or c.MP for easier hit confirms.

    c.HK - Big Band’s sweep. Long range for a sweep. Also somewhat effective as an anti air.

    j.LP, j.MP, j.HP - Combo filler. Don’t use these buttons at neutral. Kinda noteworthy that they can be chained into one another even on whiff which you can’t normally do.

    j.LK - Really important move for Big Band’s offense. Has a very large multi hitting hitbox, crazy amounts of plus on block like most of the better jumpins in this game. It’s better air to ground, but it will sometimes win air to air for you as well.

    This move is also an instant overhead against the following characters:
    -Big Band
    -Robo Fortune

    j.MK - This is an instant overhead against every character in the game. Best way to combo after instant overhead j.MK is with an assist, if you don’t have an assist you can chain into j.HK but this is not safe on block. Against the characters j.LK is an instant overhead against, that's the better instant overhead to use since it's safer and easier to confirm.
    This move can be chained twice, the second part is a multi hitting attack. However it’s hard to combo after due to the way Big Band floats during the move, and unlike j.LK it can be pushblocked between each hit.

    j.HK - The dropkick. Useful combo extender due to the way it wallbounces on hit. Using this move at all will put Big Band in a knockdown state when he lands, giving him the ability to ground tech. Forcing ground techs in this way can be a useful way to move around the screen.

    Throw - Long reach for a normal throw. Easiest way to combo after this throw is with M Giant Step. It is also possible to do a short dash into c.MK which lets you do a more optimized combo. Against another Big Band or in the corner you do not need to dash before the c.MK.

    Air Throw - Short reach for an air throw. Easiest way to combo after this is a falling j.LK or j.MK, but these use your OTG. It is possible to save your OTG by cancelling air grab into Tympani Drive. Even though this has the same animation as taunted Tympani Drive, it does NOT use up your sound stun.

    Tag in - Big Band's tag in has 1 hit of armor. Like all tags, it is not safe on block and cannot be cancelled into anything. When this hits against a cornered light or medium weight character, it is possible to combo after with a c.LP. There is no way to combo off this move if it hits midscreen.
    Specials (open)
    All inputs assume you're on the player 1 side, if you're on the player 2 side then you need to hold left where it says right and vise versa okay?

    Brass Knuckles (hold :B:, :F: + :P:): Big Band’s rush punch. The light version is safe on block. The medium version has 2 hits of armor, travels further, and is unsafe on block if it is blocked close up. The heavy version has 2 hits of armor, travels the furthest, and is unsafe on block if it is blocked at all. The heavy version does not quite travel fullscreen, but you can do s.MK then cancel that into Brass Knuckles, which goes full screen because s.MK moves Big Band slightly forward. All versions are very unsafe if they whiff, including the L version.

    Take the ‘A’ Train (hold :B:, :F: + :K:): The startup of this move looks similar to Brass Knuckles, but it is actually a command grab. The L version grabs an opponent directly in front of Big Band. The M and H versions hit at a 45 degree angle and can be blocked in the air unless the opponent is rising from a jump (the same way Excellabella works). The M version has one hit of armor and will grab an opponent on the first possible frame, the H version has 2 hits of armor and travels further but has to go through its entire animation before it can grab the opponent, neither one is safe on block. L version is useful as a mixup, M and H versions are also useful for mixups or for when the opponent starts trying to jump over your Brass Knuckles.

    Emergency Brake (Brass Knuckles then :K: or Take the A-Train then :P:): A feint attack, Big Band stops short just before his rush punch. Can be useful for psyching your opponent out or as another movement option to move around the screen.

    Giant Step (:QCB: + :K:): A command overhead that causes sound stun. Pulls the opponent toward you on hit. Every version can start a combo. The M version causes more hitstun than the L version but is less safe on block. The H version has a special property. If the attack itself whiffs, but the opponent is on the ground, they will be knocked down. This knockdown is unblockable.

    Beat Extend (:DP: + :P:): A strike invincible move that pulls the opponent in. After the move connects, either alternate pressing left and right or pressing LP and HP; this will shake the opponent for more hits and more damage. You can only shake if Beat Extend hits the point character (as opposed to assist characters). Can start a combo. Not safe on block. L version is the fastest, and is the only version that has any invincibility while any active frames are over Big Band's head, but also has 1 frame with no invulnerability at the very beginning of the move. M version has the most overlap between invincible frames and active frames. H version has the most range and is the only version that is fully invincible (the L and M versions can be thrown).

    Cymbal Clash (while in the air, :QCB: + :K:): A huge hitbox that causes sound stun on hit. Using this move stops Big Band’s air momentum. Midscreen it is possible to combo into H Brass Knuckles or sometimes H A-Train from this move, in the corner a longer combo is possible. L is the fastest, causes 1 hit, and does the least damage. M causes 2 hits. H is the slowest, causes 3 hits, and does the most damage.

    Noise Cancel (tap :F: (for highs) or :D: (for lows) just before getting hit): Big Band’s parry. Big Band recovers significantly faster from parrying an attack than he does from blocking it. The recovery of parry can be cancelled into any other action, including jumping. Can be used to punish moves that are normally safe on block. You gain more meter for parrying an attack than you would for blocking the same attack. You still take some damage when parrying, but it is always less than the chip damage you would have taken from blocking. You cannot die from a successful parry.

    Parry Video by Flotilla (open)

    Bagpipe Blues (:F::HP::MP::LP::F:): Big Band’s taunt. Changes the properties on his level 1 supers. If Big Band is hit out of this move, he won’t get the bonus. You only get the bonus if the entire animation for the taunt finishes. You can tell if you got the bonus or not because at the end of the taunt, music notes will explode out of him.
    Supers (open)
    Super Sonic Jazz (:QCF: + :PP:): Big Band’s level 1 ground super. Invincible on startup. Starts up in 2 frames (!!!). Has 1 hit of armor after the flash. Reverses positions on hit. Very not safe on block. If you have the bonus from the taunt, this move does more damage, has hyper armor instead of 1 hit of armor, and does not change sides. It is still not safe on block.

    Tympani Drive (in the air, :QCF: + :KK:): Big Band’s level 1 air super. Big Band can move freely during this super. Invincible on startup but loses its invincibility on the first active frame (meaning it has a tendency to trade, and will lose outright to throws). Can start a combo in the corner. Big Band cannot act at all at the end of this move if it is blocked. How negative this is depends on how close to the ground you are (closer to the ground = less negative). If you have the bonus from the taunt, the last hit of this move will use your sound stun to propel the opponent high into the air, causing extra damage and letting you combo off Tympani Drive without using your OTG.

    Strike Up The Band (:QCB: + :PP:): Big Band’s level 3. Invincible on startup. Unsafe on block. Midscreen you can combo into OTG Super Sonic Jazz. In the corner it is possible to get a full combo off the OTG.

    (after s.MP, press LP, down+LK, LP, LP+MP)
    Satchmo Solo (after s.MP, press :LP:, :D:+:LK:, :LP:, :LP:+:MP:): Uses all 5 of your bars. This freezes time and stops the music, giving you the opportunity to play a song. At any point during this move you can press :QCF: + :PP: to go into Satchmo Death Blow, a high damage move that causes a wallbounce allowing for follow up combos.
    Oki (open)
    Brass Knuckles and Take the A-Train are good moves, but you can't normally combo off them. Instead, since they both cause sliding untechable knockdowns, you can get an opportunity to mix your opponent up while they can't ground tech. Here are some mixups you can go for in this scenario:

    -Run up block - God tier mixup, block whatever reversal they did then punish it. Do not try this on Cerebella
    -Dash up and either c.LK or grab - simple 50/50 mixup, as effective now as it was when God invented video games back in vanilla Skullgirls.
    -Dash, jump, land and either L Take the A-Train or M Take the A-Train - another 50/50. Jumping first lets you charge Take the A-Train while you're still moving forward. This is pretty risky if the opponent guesses correctly and can be hard to get a combo from, but the armor on M A-Train can absorb some reversals.
    -Dash c.LK xx L Giant Step - Low immediately followed by an overhead, you can combo off this whether the low hit or was blocked. The opponent can absolute guard but in practice it's hard to pushblock one hit then immediately switch guards, and if the opponent pushblocks the Giant Step will still reach. Risky if the opponent doesn't pushblock since L Giant Step is unsafe.
    -Dash c.LK, then grab - Tick grab you can use against people expecting the above setup. You could also do a second c.LK.
    -Dash, call assist and air grab - Depending on the assist and how well this was timed, the assist can cross your opponent up. The opponent may be able to jump out of this, but if they try the air grab will catch them.
    -Dash, instant j.MK + call assist - Overhead option. Safer than just doing a raw Giant Step. You can also combo off this without an assist by chaining into j.HK but it's unsafe on block.
    -Dash, j.HK + call assist, ground tech backwards - a tricky fake crossup. I stole this from Yaya.
    -Taunt - You can safely taunt off any untechable knockdown. However you lose your chance to go for a mixup if you do.
    Character Specific Notes (open)

    Filia (open)
    Nothing here yet. Read the Bella one, that one's got stuff.

    Cerebella (open)
    -Big Band is wide enough that Merry-Go-Rilla will hit him from point blank.
    -If the Bella player does a reset with either Merry-Go-Rilla or Ultimate Showstopper, these will both beat a reversal Super Sonic Jazz.
    -The earthquake effect from H Giant Step is considered a projectile and can be reflected.
    -s.HK xx H Take the A-Train does not combo midscreen on Bella. s.HK xx M Take the A-Train or s.HK xx M Brass Knuckles can be used instead.

    Peacock (open)
    -Although H Brass Knuckles doesn't normally reach full screen, several of Peacock's projectiles will move her forward slightly (for example George's Day Out where she extends her arm forward) into the range of a full screen H Brass Knuckles. For situations where H Brass Knuckles would not normally reach Peacock you can kara into it with s.MK.
    -If Brass Knuckles or A-Train whiff as a result of Peacock teleporting, you can cancel immediately into Super Sonic Jazz which will punish the teleport.

    Parasoul (open)
    -Egret Charge is considered a hit grab and will break armor.
    -s.HK xx Take the A Train does combo on Parasoul outside of the corner.

    Fortune (open)
    -Fortune's OM NOM NOM is considered a hit grab and will break armor.
    -Hitting both the head and the body at the same time does 150% damage, which is particularly useful for Big Band because he does so much damage off stray hits. For example CH H Brass Knuckles xx Super Sonic Jazz (with taunt) will deal 11100 damage if it hits both the body and the head.

    Painwheel (open)
    -It's possible for Painwheel to fly low enough to the ground that A-Train will whiff against her. However if she's flying this low she's always in range for Brass Knuckles.

    Valentine (open)
    idk just like don't get airdashed at or something

    Double (open)
    -Cilia Slide is considered a sweep and will break armor.

    Squigly (open)
    -Throw xx H Beat Extend will whiff against Squigly due to how thin she is. However, throw xx Giant Step (all versions) works. It's also still possible to throw then link a dash up c.MK.
    -Taunting after Super Sonic Jazz hits is safe against Squigly unless she has punch charge. (baring assists or DHCs or other nonsense like that). With punch charge she can punish with Sing xx Opera.
    -Without meter, Squigly has no way to punish a max range anti air L Beat Extend. With meter she can punish it with Squigly Battle Opera. If it's blocked from less than max range she may be able to punish with s.LP or c.LK.
    -Daisy Pusher stays active and invincible for so long that if Big Band does Super Sonic Jazz on reaction to it, the Daisy Pusher will still win.

    Big Band (open)
    -After a throw, it is not necessary to dash before the c.MK against another Big Band.

    Fukua (open)
    -Despite the large number of invincible frames, Best Friends Forever tends to lose to Super Sonic Jazz. BFF only causes one hit, which gets eaten by the armor on SSJ.

    Eliza (open)
    -Eliza's air super, although blockable, is considered a hit grab and will break armor.

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