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Tutorials: Teaching the Untechable

This is Mrs. Victoria.



She’s a teacher at Filia’s school, and will be your guide through the tutorials I’m creating for Skullgirls.


Creating new fighting game fans is an important goal for us at Reverge Labs. … Continue Reading »

A Rather Refined Palette

My name is Brian Jun, otherwise known as EU03 elsewhere on the Internet. I’m currently intern-turned-assistant art monkey for the rest of the art department at Reverge Labs.

Being one who can fumble through digital imaging, I’m assigned some of …

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Skullgirls, GGPO… and You

Yo – let’s talk about GGPO.

GGPO, short for “Good Game, Peace Out” is a networking library written by Tony Cannon (of shoryuken.com and Evo fame), and it’s what Skullgirls uses for online play. I personally believe it is the… Continue Reading »