Zombie Army: The bloody card game

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    My name is Simon LeBeau. I'm a game designer, illustrator, writer and a very endearing guy. I work for over a year to develop a card game called "Zombie army". My game is now operational and is currently fundraising on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/647655396/zombie-army

    Today, the zombies are everywhere. In movies, TV shows, video games and even in the homes of elderly people ... but that's another story.

    It is this increasingly growing fascination about zombies that gave me the idea for this game. No ironing play, no die, no pins, no calculation and complicated figure, only cards, friends and fun.

    I hope you enjoy my game

    Thank you to proclaim the good news

    Think about it, it would be much safer for humanity worldwide to have a 'Zombie Army' game outbreak than a real outbreak of zombies! So, in summary, the fate of the world is somewhat in your hands ...;)

    A huge thank you

    Simon LeBeau


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