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    Before anything else, let's give a big hand to @dekillsage for taking the number one spot for Skullgirls Encore at EVO 2014! He, along with runner-up Swiftfox-Dash, will be walking home with a hefty bundle of fight money and a brand new PS4 for their efforts.

    With 168 competitors, some hailing from as far away as Japan, EVO 2014 was host to some of the most fierce Skullgirls matches you'll ever see. Long-running champions were toppled, new champions arose from the ashes, and new DLC characters Fukua and Big Band were represented admirably in the top 8 mere months after release; it goes without saying that no one could have called this EVO's results without seeing it unfold themselves.

    View the EVO 2014 top 32 here! (open)
    Final Standings:

    01. Dekillsage (Parasoul/Bella/Double, Double/Bella)

    02. Swiftfox-Dash (Peacock/Bella)
    03. Elda Taluda (Painwheel/Fortune/Bella)
    04. Sonicfox (Filia/Bella)

    05. guitalex (Fukua/Squigly/BigBand)
    05. NCV (Painwheel/Parasoul/Double)
    07. Winnie (Filia/Fukua/Double)
    07. worldjem (Peacock/Fukua/Filia)

    09. Domo (Fukua/Double)
    09. Duckator (Valentine/Filia/Double)
    09. Inuchiyo (Fukua/Fortune/Double)
    09. Negus Eyoel (Painwheel/Fukua/Double)
    13. Keninblack (Parasoul/Fukua/Double)
    13. Lethalmind (Parasoul/Peacock/Filia)
    13. MrPeck (Bella/Peacock/Filia, Bella)
    13. Skarmand (Peacock/Parasoul/Double, Parasoul/Bella/Double)

    17. Biz Casual (Parasoul/Filia/Double)
    17. McPeanuts (Peacock/Squigly/BigBand)
    17. MikeZ (Bella/BigBand)
    17. MMDS (Fukua/Parasoul)
    17. Spacedanny (Parasoul/Squigly/Filia, Squigly/Filia)
    17. RemiKz (Peacock/Filia/Bella)
    17. Broseidon Rex (Bella)
    17. KhaosMuffins (Fortune/Filia, Fortune)

    25. Shadowstew (Squigly/Bella/BigBand)
    25. SkippyMcYay (Peacock/Fortune/Double)
    25. Hojimbo (Fortune/Fukua/Bella)
    25. Chilldog (Bella/Peacock/Filia)
    25. Grinta (Filia/Bella)
    25. 240p|Medic (Parasoul/Filia/Double)
    25. ThatOneOtherDude (Valentine/Filia/Bella)
    25. WingZero (Parasoul/Filia)

    Full Results: (open)
    Match Log - Top32:

    Pool Results (Winners, Losers):

    01 - guitalex, Duckator
    02 - Negus Eyoel, worldjem
    03 - Keninblack, Skarmand
    04 - Elda Taluda, WingZero
    05 - Domo, Shadowstew
    06 - McPeanuts, ThatOneOtherDude
    07 - Spacedanny, KhaosMuffins
    08 - Dekillsage, Hojimbo
    09 - Swiftfox-Dash, Chilldog
    10 - NCV, Broseidon Rex
    11 - MMDS, RemiKz
    12 - Winnie, Lethalmind
    13 - MikeZ, 240p|Medic
    14 - MrPeck, Inuchiyo
    15 - Biz Casual, SkippyMcYay
    16 - SonicFox, Grinta


    Winners (Top32):
    1. Domo - MMDS ;
    2. Spacedanny - Dekillsage
    3. Swiftfox-Dash - MrPeck
    4. Winnie - Sonicfox
    5. McPeanuts - Negus
    6. Elda Taluda - Keninblack
    7. guitalex - MikeZ
    8. NCV - Biz Casual

    Losers (Top32):
    1. Shadowstew - RemiKz
    2. KhaosMuffins - Hojimbo
    3. Chilldog - Inuchiyo
    4. Lethalmind - Grinta
    5. ThatOneOtherDude - worldjem
    6. WingZero - Skarmand
    7. Duckator - 240p|Medic
    8. Broseidon Rex - SkippyMcYay

    Losers (Top24):
    1. RemiKz - MrPeck
    2. KhaosMuffins - Winnie
    3. Inuchiyo - MMDS
    4. Lethalmind - Spacedanny
    5. worldjem - MikeZ
    6. Skarmand - Biz Casual
    7. Duckator - McPeanuts
    8. Broseidon Rex - Keninblack


    Winners (Top16):
    1. Domo - Dekillsage
    2. Swiftfox-Dash - Sonicfox
    3. Negus Eyoel - Elda Taluda
    4. guitalex - NCV

    Losers (Top16):
    1. MrPeck - Winnie
    2. Inuchiyo - Lethalmind
    3. worldjem - Skarmand
    4. Duckator - Keninblack

    Losers (Top12):
    1. Winnie - Negus Eyoel
    2. Inuchiyo - guitalex
    3. worldjem - Domo
    4. Duckator - Sonicfox

    Winners (Top8):
    1. Dekillsage - Swiftfox-Dash
    2. Elda Taluda - NCV
    Losers (Top8):
    1. Winnie - guitalex
    2. worldjem - Sonicfox
    Losers (Top6):
    1. guitalex - Dekillsage
    2. Sonicfox - NCV

    Winners (Top4, Winner's Finals):
    1. Swiftfox-Dash - Elda Taluda

    Losers (Top4):
    1. Dekillsage - Sonicfox

    Losers (Top3, Loser's Finals)
    1. Dekillsage - Elda Taluda


    Grand Finals (Top2)
    1. Swiftfox-Dash - Dekillsage
    (Dekillsage won 2 Sets)

    Due to scheduling issues, only the top 4 finals were streamed live. You can watch those matches here, and when the top 16 is available online I'll post those here as well. Markman gives his sincere apologies to the Skullgirls community for these issues, and will be looking to make it up to you all.

    Even after the dust cleared and Dekillsage took on the title of King of Skullgirls, the good news didn't end; Lab Zero revealed Robo-Fortune's final design and coloration at their EVO 2014 panel! Without further ado...
    Behold (open)

    If/when the full Skullgirls EVO panel is uploaded, it will be mirrored here for your convenience.

    I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to:
    @render - Tournament organizer, this all wouldn't have happened without him.
    @MarkMan23 - Stream organizer. Despite the issues that occurred (that were out of his control), he was the one who stepped forward in the first place and generously offered stream time for Skullgirls.
    @keninblack, @POS Industries, @mcpeanuts, @Broken Loose - Stream commentators, professional microphone clippers
    @Fizzxwizz, @Inferno - EVO attendees who dutifully kept us updated on brackets while everyone else watched two hours of Tekken.
    @IsaVulpes - Compilied final standings and team compositions, which were used in this news post. Thanks!
    @Kittayyy_221 - Took the picture of Dekillsage and Swiftfox-Dash tearfully accepting their winnings. Thanks!

    And to everyone who attended EVO 2014 - You're the people who make this community what it is. I hope to see each and every one of you attend EVO next year and blow everyone away yet again.
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  2. WrestlerGuile

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    I hope I can get there next year. *Sigh* Must have been really fun.
  3. Blaise

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    Big Band
  4. DaydreamingSorc

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    I...I still kinda feel bad about that, but I DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR IT.
  5. IsaVulpes

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    Ms. Fortune
    Some character count info:

    4x: Bella
    1x: Double, Filia, Fortune, Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock
    0x: BigBand, Fukua, Squigly, Valentine

    Teams: 2x Trio, 2x Duo, 0x Solo

    4x: Bella
    3x: Double, Filia, Fukua
    2x: Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock
    1x: BigBand, Fortune, Squigly
    0x: Valentine

    Teams: 6x Trio, 2x Duo, 0x Solo

    9x: Double
    7x: Fukua
    6x: Filia
    5x: Bella
    4x: Parasoul, Peacock
    3x: Painwheel
    2x: Fortune
    1x: BigBand, Squigly, Valentine

    Teams: 13x Trio, 3x Duo, 0x Solo

    15x: Filia
    13x: Bella
    12x: Double
    09x: Fukua, Parasoul
    08x: Peacock
    05x: Fortune
    04x: BigBand, Squigly
    03x: Painwheel
    02x: Valentine

    Teams: 23x Trio, 8x Duo, 1x Solo
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  8. RoboFortune looks amazing, can't wait to play her.
  9. DrunkenTiger187

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    Big Band
    I fucking love Parasoul but she didn't stand a chance in them grand finals
  10. BackwardCap

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    Someone missed a spot on the coloring of robo's right hand.
  11. Colossi


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    val confirmed as shitty tier
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  12. Sliced_Toast

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    I swear on the might of my Solo Band I will make it out of pools next year :)
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  13. Rynozilla

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    But Fukua isn't DLC, is she? Since she came free with an update.
  14. Adeveis

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    This EVO didn't go at all like I expected. Shout outs to everyone that went. Hopefully next year I can join you and body you all free.
  15. Sliced_Toast

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    I wonder when all of the matches will be uploaded I can't wait to watch a few. Also shout outs to the entire Lab Zero staff for making this one awesome evo, I loved the Mad Catz stage we had for the top 4.
  16. Metafogos

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    Robo-Fortune has a great appearance :D

    Good Work, Lab 0
  17. Makross

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    this is top4
    Show Spoiler
  18. ShadeMoneh

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    Okay @dekillsage, here is some motivation. You are the greatest banana bread of all time.

    Jiminy Cricket ma ***! The moon cannot even shine brighter than your glow. Your pigment is

    too latino along with the law books you slap on she hulks *** cheek, Cono! It takes more

    than 10 niggas to kill your cerebella because those hands STILL Slap hoes (its been a

    year). Congratulations. You did it! You deserve this praise for all your hard work now

    send a *** that fortune button you owe and some zots cause I heard from hop's mouth they

    tasted delicious. Pause. I'm not gay.
  19. MotoEleven

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    So sad i missed all that... would have love to have been there... damn i laughed so hard my face got red... but next year im all In
  20. Negus Eyoel

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    since i guess the majority of the community has seemed to missed this detail, I dropped filia ages ago. I play Fukua/Painwheel/Double. I only used my old team once in tournament.

    also biz casual plays team sev, space danny plays something with parasoul and squigly, hojimbo plays fortune/fukua/bella, i think grinta plays filia/bella, and khaos beat hojimbo. medic either plays team sev or parasoul/filia/bella, i kinda forgot myself.

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  21. Hilary

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    I'll just leave this here.

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  22. Flotilla

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    Big Band
    Big Band
    I can hear the airhorns in my head
  23. GeneralMunoz

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    Ms. Fortune
    I did get that fortune button too
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  25. mcpeanuts

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    Down to 7th. Time for Sudoku

    e: Someone should probably point out to them that SwiftFox-Dash and TJ Gamer 22 are the same person. fuck that would move me down to 8th
  26. [PME]

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    Ms. Fortune
    Robo Fortune
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  27. Hilary

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    You're 4th place in my heart. <3
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