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    SmellTheJava Everything that I don't like it's overrated.

    Not sure if this thread goes here, but I have seen this kind of threads in a couple of forums and always have been entertaining to read.

    Just a small thread to discuss what you're playing, the games you have pending, your opinion, if you like it and maybe a little review.

    Besides the obvious, right now I'm playing Melty Blood BACC with a little bit of MonHun 3 Ultimate for the 3DS.

    Melty Blood it's simply a fanservice game for me. More than 20 of my favorite characters of the nasuverse in a single game beating the shit out of each other? I'm not sure my body can take it. A pretty fun game, I'm having a lot of fun playing with Ryougi in my free time and improving my gameplay. Not to forget the awesome OST and plot the game has. I'm pretty much a headless fanboy of Tsukihime who will play anything that has a single character from the franchise.

    Sadly the game it's not 100% traduced yet, but at least (based)Mirror Moon it's working on it.

    And MonHun it's pretty fun, just hitted G rank and farmed my Caedeus Armor. It's time to play the real Monster Hunter and graduate from the tutorial that it's Low and High rank.

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