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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Fedora_Ninja, Jan 21, 2015.

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    For every game that exists, there's a way to devolve it into a drinking game.
    This is that thread.

    I prefer finding creative drinking games out of Skullgirls, but other games are fine too.

    The obvious ones for SG are:

    -pick Cerebella (f.hp assist) and Double (s.hp assist)
    -only bella's f.hp and double's s.hp are valid attacks
    -assist calls and alpha counters are valid too
    -for any invalid attack, take a sip. No blocking till that cup is down.
    -loser of match drinks for 5 sec.
    Bella Ball
    -pick cerebella (any assist) and peacock (boxcar george assist)
    -a designated player "serves" by calling peacock assist
    -both players must continue to Bella's Diamond Deflector until one of the players fails a reflect
    -the player that fails a reflect must take a drink and serves the rally.
    -keep those reflects and drinks going.
    The quantity of the drinks are debatable, but that's the gist of the rules.
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    You wanted drinking games for fighting games I got you covered ;)

    For skull girls there is another really fun one I like to call it call the birdie. Basically what you do is you have peacock as an assist and you try to hit your opponents peacock when she comes out BUT rules:
    *you can't hit your opponents point character
    *if you don't punish peacock take a drink
    *if you punish peacock your opponent takes a drink
    *if you hit the opponents point character while peacock is not on the screen take a drink
  3. Fedora_Ninja

    Fedora_Ninja Never asked for this.

    Fedora Ninja
    Big Band
    SG drinking game: Tea time
    • Both players pick solo chars
    • One player is designated the "leader"
    • The leader initiates a pattern of teabagging, neutral jumps, forward jumps, and jumping back.
    • It is the "follower's" responsibility to memorize the pattern and imitate it the his/her best ability.
    • Failure to successfully copy the entire sequence results in 5 gulps
      • The leader can score a combo until the follower's cup is down
    • Successfully copying the sequence results in both players taking a sip.
    • Alternate turns being the leader and the follower
    • Start simple, increase difficulty overtime

    easiest fighting game to turn into a drinking game would probably be Divekick.
    There's so much salt that can happen there's nothing better that washing it down with some alcohol.
    • Lose a round = 1 drink
    • Score a headshot = loser takes 3 drinks
    • Get Fraud stamped = Finish your cup.

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