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    So there's this little Twitch show that some of you might have heard of. It's called Video Game Championship Wrestling, often shortened to VGCW. As one might expect from the title, it's a wrestling show using video game characters. Utilizing the creation features of WWE 2k14*, video game characters of all kinds come together to engage each other inside the ring via AI vs. AI battles. From well known juggernauts like the Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon franchises, and other big name games like Deus Ex and The Last of Us, to less known titles like Jet Set Radio, No More Heroes, Xenoblade, and even our very own Skullgirls, VGCW basically has a little something for everyone. And before any of you non-wrestling fans get your panties in a bundle, it's not fake. VGCW is completely live and untouched, so anything can happen. Even the dumbest results like Dan Hibiki beating M. Bison completely cleanly.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you, especially the part about Skullgirls characters being in this show, well, you're in luck! The actual show is every Tuesday from 7 pm EST to usually about 9 pm EST, though there's an exception this week as it's actually a Pay Per View**! So it'll likely run longer than usual, though it will start at 7 pm EST like usual. But there's also a few spin-off shows that the channel holds. One of which, titled BWA, features our very own Beowulf, who just became that show's King of the Ring! (And you can see how that happened at the tournament archives here) That show happens every other Sunday at 6pm EST, which just so happens to mean it's live two days from now. So if you're interested at all, come on by and check it out!

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