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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by scrubbyscum999, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Since having my stick taken away I have recently thought about common attitudes on time spent on gaming. Using my dad as example, it seems that it is still very popular notion that video games that should serve as a short distraction, not something you should spend a few hours on or show any dedication. Taking something like fighting games for example, the idea of practicing and training yourself regularly to become a better player is seen by many to be an unhealthy activity reserved for hermits and people who are "failures" who do not use their time in more constructive ways. It's sort of like the idea that adults shouldn't spend little to no time for video games as a serious hobby. I guess my question is why do you think this mindset is so prevalent among people who don't spend much time on games. Why is time on say, chess or watching sports, considered better than significant time spent on games. Do you feel this idea will ever go away, the idea that games only serve as short distractions?
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    I judge my own video gaming based around how often I play games to how often I do other things. I end up playing around 1-2 hours a day, though sometimes less or even none. If I assume that I hit the max (14 hours/week), then I spend about 8.3% of my week playing games. Looking at it like that, I feel like I play a perfectly acceptable amount of vidya.
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    I've been having issues with my time spent with games lately very much.
    Most of my time has been sitting at the computer, browsing the forum, checking tumblr every so often (three times as much since I roleplay there), and just chatting on Skype with no time to spend on video games.

    But, before that, I tended to play around 3-4 hours, maybe 1-2, never any more than that.
    I always consciously tried to keep it below 5 hours on my PS3 to prevent it from overheating and so I don't miss too much in the day.

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