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Discussion in 'Big Band' started by KStep, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Martin

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    Big Band
    Yo, has there been any tf2 song transcribements? if so AND if not, I would like to see some parts of these tf2 songs. However I am very sure some of these would be very hard to transcribe and thus, you don't have to do them, and I'm very aware of how difficult it would be. Cheers if anybody actually does any part of any of these.
    TF2 Main Theme
    Rocket Jump Waltz (I highly doubt any part of this would be transcribed)
    The Art Of War
    Playing with Danger
    More Gun (Guitar One, its very widespread.)
    Haunted Fortress 2 (Seems simple enough.)
    A Little Heart To Heart (Ok, I would be VERY happy if this one would get transcribed)
    RED (or BLU) Triumphs!
    Seduce Me! (Weird name, but there's a lot of solos to be heard in the mix.)
    Three Days To Live (Very cool to hear on trumpet.)
    Right Behind You (Spooky one, goes with spy so no there goes.)
    Drunken Pipe Bomb (This one is probably the hardest. And I would never expect this to be transcribed.)
    Intruder Alert! (There's an MIDI version of this if it makes it easier.)
    Misfortune Teller
    MEDIC! (Please any part really, like c'mon)
    The Calm (Most preferably starting at 0:35)
    Dapper Cadaver (Slow, I think. Very cool.)
    Archimedes (Very nice.)
    Rise of the living bread (This one would be hard)
    Red Bread (Mostly starting at 0:22)
    Dreams Of Cruelty
    Soldier Of Dance
    I am very sorry for this long list.
    All of the songs are under the Author name "Mike Morasky", and all are part of the TF2 OST.
    Love ya, no homo, if you transcribe any of these.
  2. Timmie120

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    Big Band
    Could someone transcribe this please I really wanna land this on an opponent in the future.
  3. MyNameJeff

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    Big Band
    Here you go, sorry for the low volume. Inputs are below the video.

    Show Spoiler


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  4. Timmie120

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    Big Band
    Thank you so much you're a god send!
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  5. CollinQ

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    Holy shit did I just see this and yikes, only 3 years later. I could easily rebind my midi keyboard and post the midi-translator file in this forum or create a new one. I'll make sure to set notifications for e-mail on. Get back to me when you can.
    Much love, Collin.
  6. Miliostep

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    Lv.99 Milo
    Big Band
    tf2 main theme:

    (LK > MK > MK > MK)x4

    LK > LK + MK > HK
    (LP + MP > LP + MP > LP + MP > MP + HP > LK + MK > HK
    LP + MP > LP + MP > LP + MP > HK > LK + MK > HK
    LP + MP > LP + MP > LP + MP > MP + HP > LK + MK > HK
    LP + MP > LP + MP > LP + MP > LP + MP)x2

    (LK > MK > MK > MK)x4

    LK > LK + MK > HK > LP + MP
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