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    I agree with you there, I'm not going to name names but I've definitely shuddered at some of what I've read/seen.

    Australian Hare Feral isn't a serious thing like Wiglaf, it's just me being curious about what would happen if I combined Crocodile Dundee and Bugs Bunny, which I think is a very 'Skullgirlsy' combination.
    I don't have much faith in OC's in the first place, regardless of their gender which shouldn't even matter anyway.
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    mfw this discussion

    (Truth be told, I could have just pointed to my av.)
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    Not really created as an OC for Skullgirls, just wanted to see how good I am coming up with a backstory on the spot. At a young age Matilda grew a fascination with the Goddess,Aeon more specifically what she represented which in time grew to a fascination of time itself. Managing to steal a sample of the very same theonite used by Issac, Matilda was able to witness both futuristic and prehistoric events in single fleeting moments. Sadly the theonite has run out and Matilda's hunger for time travel hasn't. Now seeking the Skullheart, Matilda desires to obtain the very powers of Aeon.
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    Bucky Barkley
    Well, I guess I'll just throw up two characters. I made them for something else entirely, but I think they would fit well into the SG universe. I haven't actually come up with their actual names, so I'll just use something generic. These are just their backgrounds. I'll probably update it with more information later.

    Catrina (open)

    Catrina was one of the many children orphaned during the Great War. She spent her life stealing what she needed and manipulating people to get what she couldn't steal. One day, she came across an Anti-Skullgirl lab scientist. Not knowing who he was, or what his profession was, she stole several expensive looking things from him. One of them was a large container that was locked up tight. It took her days to break all of the locks and codes. Inside was a dangerous cat-based parasite. It fused with her, giving her features that made her look like a Cat Feral (cat ears, tail, claws, etc..).

    The parasite, 9 Lives, is a manipulative parasite. It feeds on the essence of the recently departed. Once a person's essence has been consumed, the host can transform into that person. Also, it can transfer a little bit of itself into up to 9 other hosts, as long as they can't put up too much resistance. The main host can control these Pseudo-Hosts for a short time. It cannot control other living people, but it can temporarily reanimate the dead. 9 Lives doesn't like to be cooped up in a single host though, so he often uses this ability to live in a Pseudo-Host that he can control (preferably a cat), allowing him to act like a remote parasite. He is still tethered to Catrina, though, and cannot travel too far away from her. Also, controlling Pseudo-Hosts is difficult. Precision is lost when controlling more than one of them.

    Catrina has used these abilities over the past several years to murder and steal her way into a large fortune. Using her transformation abilities she can seamlessly slip into the lives of anyone she chooses. Currently, she is posing as a mortician at a hospital in New Meridian, allowing her access to several new identities and Psuedo-Hosts. She is currently hatching a scheme to steal the whole Medici fortune.

    Doug (open)

    Robert Finnigan was a desperate man. He had found himself in trouble with one of the Medici. Robert knew that running wouldn't help. He had to kill this mafia man if he was going to save his own neck. But he had no idea how to! He couldn't hire someone to do it for him. Most assassins around worked for the Medici Mafia. He couldn't do it himself. There was no way he could get past all the security. As Robert cursed his fate in an ally in downtown New Meridian he heard a voice.

    "I know a way."

    Shocked, Robert looked around. No one was there. Well, not really. There was a cat. But cats can't talk. It must have been his imagination. In despair, Robert said to the cat, "If only you could help me."

    "I can," said that cat bluntly. Needless to say, Robert was stunned. How was this cat talking? This cat, of course, was no ordinary cat, though. She told Robert that he could get rid of all his problems, but he would have to follow her instructions without question. And he did.

    He was told to capture a Dog Feral. So he abducted the first one he came across (Doug). He was then given a series of directions for a ritual*. They were brutal, but Robert did not question them, nor did he falter in their, or Doug's, execution. Once the ritual had been completed, Doug's spirit was conjured. He had become a fearsome ghost-like monster, bound to do what Robert asked. Robert ordered him to kill the Medici that was threatening him. Doug's ghost did so with no problem, killing all of the security guards that tried to stop him in the process.

    Robert never felt so free in his life! He did not need to fear the Medici! In fact, with this new minion, he didn't need to fear anything! Or so he thought. The cat "forgot" to mention one important detail. Due to the brutality of the ritual, the conjured creature would kill the one responsible. Robert never stood a chance.

    Once he had killed Robert, Doug calmed down. He had returned the cruelty that had been done to him to the one responsible. He was about to pass on when he caught a whiff of something. Another presence? Was there someone else involved in what had happened to him? He needed to find out. He recovered his body and now inhabits it as a sort of shell. With his undying body and unyielding need for revenge, Doug searches the streets of New Meridian for an evil that must be destroyed.

    * (open)
    *The ritual can be found here: This article describes a ritual that contains cruelty to dogs. I found that reading it was unsettling and made me really sad, so I'm just giving you fair warning. Stupid mythology.
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    Plot twist: 9 Lives was in control of the main cast from the beginning! *G-G-G-GASP*
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    Ms. Fortune
    Just bought skullgirls in the sale over the weekend and it inspired me to try my hand at animating a 2d fighter. Here is my first attempt Beatrice_Portrait.png , Beatrice Le Flame
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    No Man's Land
    IMO, This is a case of great design, it's just not 'Skullgirlsy' otherwise, I really like her, she's pretty cute.
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    You're going to have to define 'Skullgirlsy' if you want people to continue to take you seriously.
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    No Man's Land
    Skullgirls is set in a 1940's esce era, I doubt there would be tribal styled people running around. Everything seems to have some take of civilized era sorta thing, the equivalent I could possibly see is maybe street urchin?

    Even Eliza, who's like, butts old has kept up with the times because otherwise she'll stick out like a sore thumb.
    The only istance we've seen of older style outfits was on Samson's host, Delilah and that's set Trinity knows how long ago.
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    Considering all the crazy outfits we've seen Skullgirls characters running around in, A girl in tribal-esque clothing isn't that conspicuous but I see where you're coming from. Compared to the playable roster her fashion is a little off, but that's the only thing I think is out of place.

    For the record though, the Gigans still sport that tribal fashion. At least the ones from their home country do.
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    No Man's Land
    Exactly, I think Gigans are the only one that really do that??
    And it's not even the same type of tribal, it's like, fantasy war race tribal.
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    You're right, but I'm still sticking with my 'anything goes' rule in Skullgirls. This game is too crazy to be held back.

    On another note I just realized that there is very, VERY little Gigan fan art. What little exists is 90% Scythana fan art and that's usually boring to look at. I mean Scythana's cool and all but she's really lacking in terms of aesthetic.

    I want to see some more stuff like this:
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    No Man's Land
    Yeah, I'm sorta in the same boat? I mean really the cast is pretty fucking insane but I can figure anything can fit in with a little tweaking.

    And to be fair, Gigans are nly really shown via Scythana and the skulls Marie has, so..kinda obvious why the fanart's kinda on the low.
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    I expect gigan presence in Beowulf's story mode. Gigan fanart may follow after that.

    CHAOS_FANTAZY Fledgeling Skull Hunter

    After becoming so immersed in the Skullgirls universe, I began exploring a character concept—a male character, seeking to make history by becoming the first boy to wield the power of the Skull Heart. Of course, he himself would be unable to wish upon it in the first place, so I had to design another character, a female companion for him. The idea eventually snowballed off into the duo known as...
    Mr. Eus & Alissa.

    Backstory: From the youngest of ages, the two of these characters were interested in the Skull Heart. Baybel Eus, intrigued by the Heart's power, often fantasized of wielding its power. This fantasy, perceived as a pipe dream by others, branded him as "weird," and various events, including presenting his parents with a drawing of himself as "The Skullboy" at the age of eight, eventually led to his disowning, hoping that finding his own way in the world would make his abandon his silly dream. He found himself in the working class, barely higher than a Medici slave, and found work in a grueling mine, where he, a strong-minded man of the higher class, clearly did not belong. During an awful mining accident in which he was brutally injured, he chanced upon a Shaper's Stone, which, as he would soon discover, would allow him to reshape the earth into any shape of his choosing.
    Professor Alissa, likewise, went into the realm of science with the intention of researching the Skull Heart and using her research to benefit humanity. When she was ridiculed amongst her colleagues, especially by those of Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8, she momentarily put aside her dream to help them in a more direct way. This led to the design and construction of the Drill Suit, a high-tech piece of machinery worn on the entire body outfitted with drills, flashlights, explosives, and even rocket boots to aid in navigation. What few knew was that Alissa had actually stolen some of the "parts of knowledge" she needed to construct the Suit from Lab 8, and those that did know would do everything in their power to absolutely ruin her reputation. Some considered it a worthless endeavor—the suit was one size fits one, and Alissa used her own proportions to make it—but others saw it as a very effective synthesis, and a highly practical application, of knowledge.
    Eus and Alissa first met shortly after the aforementioned mining accident: Alissa came to save Eus after hearing he had fallen into a chasm, only to find that Eus had found his own way out (Using his newfound earth-shifting powers). Afterward, intrigued by the other's accomplishments, the two began to do research on one another, and, like two private-eye investigators hired to follow one another, began a discreet campaign of observing the other. It was in this way that they learned much about one another. After discovering Alissa's fascination with the Skull Heart, Eus came to her and offered a proposition: they would become companions, learn to fight together, and when the next Skullgirl emerged, they would work together and defeat her. Alissa would wish upon the Skull Heart to allow Eus to wield its power, and once he became the "Skullboy" he always wanted to be, he would allow Alissa to conduct any number of studies upon him—within reason, of course. Alissa, intrigued by the proposition, agreed to work with him.

    Appearance: Ha...haha...if only I could draw. Well, in general, Eus is tall and proud, but also has a fair muscle tone to him. His once-fair skin is stained with soot. His wavy black hair is cut short and parted down the middle. He wears sincere smile, but a fierce determination illuminates his hazel eyes. He dresses in a plain brown tee shirt and gray jeans, each of them equally soot-stained as his skin. Over this, he wears a black leather jacket, his one nice article of clothing. In contrast, Alissa's getup is clean and high-class. Her pale skin is untouched by the elements, her slender form a result of perfect self-maintenance. Her brunette hair is tied into a short ponytail, and her green eyes glow with a deep, thoughtful focus. The Drill Suit, which goes as far up as her shoulders, has caution lines at the base around every drill on it, and its high-tech, form-fitting chassis is a shiny orange color.

    Fighting Styles: Mr. Eus and Alissa fight on a forced tag-team, sharing a health bar and switching out by way of one of their Blockbusters. Eus fights primarily by using his earthshifting powers, and is in general more strategic with his approach. He has many options for how he can go about hitting his opponents, and is more resilient to oncoming attacks. Alissa, on the other hand, is much quicker than Mr. Eus and has a higher damage output, but is more predictable in nature—she'll have to bumrush her opponents in order to be effective. In short, Eus is +Defense, +Range; Alissa is +Attack +Speed.

    Mr. Eus's
    Tag-In — Alissa (L1): Eus brings up a thin wall in front of him, and calls for Alissa before dashing offscreen. Alissa comes charging in with her drills, and smashes through the wall, sending low-damaging pieces of shrapnel in several directions.

    Earth Waves (L1): Eus stomps the ground, causing the ground to vibrate in a sine pattern. Each wave does moderate damage to the opponent if it strikes, but dodging is simple enough—the top of each wave is the damaging point, so the opponent has to jump between the high points of the wave.

    Tower of Babylon (L3): Shouting and lifting his hands into the air, Eus brings a great tower out of the ground before him. A shadow is cast by the tower, and a gap in the shadow denotes the safe place to hide from the attack. The tower falls over on the opponent, leaving them to either run for the safe point or get smashed for big damage.

    Tag-In — Mr. Eus (L1): Alissa calls for Eus before drilling into the ground, leaving a hole there. A moment later, a cube shaped out of the ground rises out of that hole, and its sides explode outwards, dealing fair amounts of damage to hit opponents and revealing Eus within the box.

    Drill Burrow (L1): Alissa drills under the ground, then pauses for a brief moment before reaching from the ground to grab her opponent's foot. If she connects, she will pull her opponent underground and attack them brutally with her drills; if she misses, she will uppercut out of the ground, doing significantly less damage should it connect.

    Path Clearer (L3): Alissa launches her drills out of her Drill Suit, exploding on contact with anything they collide with. The drills are simple enough to dodge, but are arranged in such a way that if one hits, it will string the opponent into getting hit by the rest of them. After pausing for a brief moment, new drills slide into place on Alissa's Drill Suit.

    Pangaea (L4): Alissa activates the rocket boots in the Drill Suit, and charges at the opponent (From offscreen if Eus is the active character). She can be dodged via altitude changes, but if she successfully hits the opponent, a long, high-damage melee combo where Eus and Alissa pass around the opponent and use their attacks together in devious ways ensues (Think like Double's Nightmare Legion, except only two people).

    Inspiration: ...Not...much, actually. I wanted to build a team of two with powers that were not only both unique and "Skullgirls-esque" (In no other game would I find a power like Samson the hairisite), but complementary to one another. I considered what I could do, but I eventually decided that drills and earth-shaping would serve my devices nicely. Perhaps some of Mr. Eus's moves are loosely inspired by Earthbending from the Avatar series, and the idea of a Drill Suit was brought to mind by Tunnel Rhino (Mega Man X3), but I feel comfortable calling these characters their own things.
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    Sorry guys back again
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    Decided to redo RoseMary... well, Rosalie in a different way. SO without any hesitation, the new Rosmary in their idle stance. Also changed around their story a little bit, though for the most part its the same also added a few name influences to them namely Saint Philomena.
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    Not really mine but sorta I guess
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    No parasites, no living weapons, no past, no identity. Going by the code name of Santana M., Santana is one of many ShowGirls trained by none other than Black Dahlia herself. Ruthless and little with the words, Santana tries to get the job done quickly and as clean as possible. Santana speaks little to the ShowGirls and respectfully to Dahlia. With Dahlia busy hunting down the two that got away, Santana M and two other ShowGirls, Niña and Pinta were tasked with bringing back the SkullHeart a task that will test Santana's abilities as well as her loyalty.

    Tommy Guns, Shot Guns, Knives, Bo shurikens, and hand to hand combat are many of the things you can expect from Santana.. well that and her teammates delivering sneak attacks. Santana is an expert at combat, but not above playing dirty. Using her teammates to subdue, taunt, and even dismember her opponents, Santana delivers finishing blows before you noticed your health bar has been depleted.


    Cammy (Street Fighter) The Dolls(Street Fighter) Haku(Naruto), Black Dahlia, Mifune(Soul Eater), many more

    I thought it would be interesting to expand upon Black Dahlia's assassins cause I feel they won't be
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    Eliza again
    Show Spoiler

    Decided to do another one(at this point you have to be sighing and saying not this guy again)

    This is Paprika, her family migrated from the Dragon Empire in hopes to expand their food business. Unbeknownst to her father, another restaurant was attracting attention and it was from none other than Dragon Empire rival, Yu-Wan. Paprika was never allowed to do anything other than be a waitress at the family restaurant and wanted to prove she could be much more. Setting out on her own, Paprika was determined to spread the news about her father's business and show her worth, of course this gave Paprika a chance to look for a mentor to teach her some sweet moves.

    Paprika's rival would naturally be Minette, but for story purposes its Ms. Fortune for 1) trying to outshine Yu Wan and 2) wanting Ms.Fortune to be her mentor (much like Sakura of Street Fighter does Ryu) which annoys Ms. Fortune.


    Paprika is a speedy rushdown character. Paprika is aggressive being she's all about being a Brawler. Paprika is inexperienced and it shows, borrowing a move she once saw some Hobo use in New Meridian, Paprika can do a mild version of a certain Shoto character's Tatsumaki. Paprika uses a Lv system similar to Frank West which enhances her overall moveset. These lvs are Novice,Intermediate and Master and are gained through landing X or higher amount of hits in a combo and then following up with her taunt.
    Show Spoiler


    Just finished this
    Makoto(Street Figher),Sakura (Street Fighter) Uriko(Bloody Roar),Makoto (Blazblue), Ex Moves, Frank West, Shotoclones, Taijutsu(Naruto)

    Edit:Paprika is the PKStoopKid Mascot
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    Hoping the thread isn't dead.

    Well, at any rate, this would be the first time I posted on here. And with my first Skullgirls OC, too! (I mean, I have made other OCs before, but this is the first one I made for this fandom.)

    So, with that out of the way, allow me to introduce: "Monty" Carlo Medici.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: "Monty" Carlo Medici

    Appearance: (because I'm not confident in my drawing and I don't have a scanner, you guys'll have to deal with text)
    Show Spoiler

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Measurements: He's a dude... that's why it's "Gender: Male"... idiot.

    Hair: Nut brown, short and groomed neatly

    Skin: Caucasian

    Eyes: A cool gray

    Height: 5' 10"

    Weight: 140 lbs (fairly lean)

    Attire: All-black suits for formal occasions; wears a burgundy dress shirt over a black sleeveless shirt, slate gray pants and brown leather shoes for more casual moments. He usually has a black, green, pink, blue and yellow customized deck box to hold Fortuna Arcana.

    Overall summary: Essentially, "rat pack" meets "bishounen"; he's a generally handsome young man, but still retains some boyishness to him.

    History: (I'll try to make this as short as I can...)
    Show Spoiler

    "Monty" Carlo Medici is the son of the second-in-line to the Medici mafia, Vitale Medici, with his grandfather, Lorenzo Medici, being the current don. Naturally, you would think that children born into that kind of an organization would become like their parents, right? Yeah... Tell that to him, because we at the pigeon holding committee are pretty sure that he missed the memo.

    In fact, as he got older, he began to despise the way that the mafia worked. The crime, the senseless smörgåsbord of violence, the abuse of anyone who was or wasn't human... it gradually made him more disgusted with "the business". He was rapidly growing impatient with his grandfather's ways, and the ways of his cronies.

    Finally, he had run out of patience, and made it his personal mission to have them killed, and overthrow the two of them, thus taking over and making it a more "charitable organization". Yet, somehow, no matter what he tried to do behind their backs, they always seemed to survive. Poisoning their soup and salads? They just got food poisoning. Cut the breaks to their cars? They survived the accident. Hire a gun? Couldn't get past Cerebella, Vitale's enforcer, or Black Dahlia, the family's top assassin. Six years had passed. He went from being eight to fourteen in what felt like a few short days, and the two of them still sat, old and in charge, so proud of themselves. It started to drive him up a wall.

    Then, it happened. He met... her. A Living Weapon, in the shape of a deck of stylized poker cards, Fortuna Arcana, as she called herself. She had been waiting in the River King Casino for years, waiting for "the one" who could wield her. And she thought that Monty Carlo himself would make a great wielder. And so, the bond was formed between Weapon and wielder.

    Que four years later. Four years spent training exhaustively in secret. Focusing and honing his skills over mastering the powers that Fortuna Arcana possessed. He's come very far, and the time for him to strike is rapidly approaching. He's even built a small gang of goons of his own - his "boys" or even "bros" - to assist him with this.

    Just one question remains: who's the first sucker?

    Show Spoiler

    "Monty" Carlo Medici, first and foremost, is a man of the ladies. Which ladies? All of the ladies! Human, Feral, Dagonian, Gigan... he loves them all, and has gained a reputation for them loving him back. Carlo has developed a view that women are the only good parts to being a man, which goes along with his flirting. He is also extremely charismatic and gives off confidence like an aura, and has a very open mind about various topics. Unfortunately, Monty Carlo also has a very large number of berserk buttons, and often gets into fights with random scrubs that are unlucky enough to have peeved him off. Monty Carlo has a bit of a complex going on; if he gets compared to his father or grandfather in the slightest, or you accidentally imply he's anything like them, you will be in for a world of hurt. He has also come to despise Parasoul, due to her "slacking off" and letting his family get too powerful. Fittingly enough, he has become fan of various card games over the years. Especially poker or gambling based ones.

    Likes: Women, poker, card games, making card puns, women, his "boys"/"bros", talking, joking, women, gambling when he can, women, swing music, reading, driving out on the town, women, many things in general, cats, dogs, fish, women, women, the full moon, women

    Dislikes: Vitale, Lorenzo, his family's goons, Parasoul, Cerebella, Eliza, Black Dahlia, the Cirque des Cartes, shallow people, his own temper, things not going "according to plan", being "cockblocked", being ignored, being compared to his father or grandfather, being ticked off, being forgotten, snobs, jerks, pop music

    Gameplay Speculation:
    Show Spoiler

    "Monty" Carlo Medici fights using a psychic connection to his Living Weapon, Fortuna Arcana, whose form consists of 55 cards: the essential 52, two Jokers and the company card - her "brain". This allows him to either fight up close with the cards or send them at the opponent to attack from a distance. First and foremost, one of Fortuna Arcana's abilities is that the damage that the cards deal varying amounts of damage, depending on their mark; higher marked cards deal more damage, with the Joker and Ace dealing random amounts - Joker can be anything from a 2 to a King, and Ace can either be weaker than a 2 or stronger than a King.

    However, the big thing involves his specials and Blockbusters. You see, when using most of his specials and all of his supers, he will usually combine a certain number of cards together to get a stronger attack. The strength of this hand depends on the cards; for instance, if he's using a five card "hand", then the better the hand he gets, the stronger the attack. The cards in question will flash above him when he does this.

    Inspirations: Elizabeth (Persona 4 Arena), Tubalcain Alhambra (Hellsing), Gambit (X-Men), Oswald (King of Fighters), Luxord (Kingdom Hearts 2)

    Specials and Blockbusters:
    Show Spoiler

    Fold (:QCB:+:HP:): Monty Carlo throws a poker hand of five cards at his opponent. The actual strength of his attack is dependent on the hand; if there is no playable hand in the five cards, it depends on the "high card".

    Bluff (:QCB:+ a Kick button): A countering move, Monty Carlo glows the same colors as Fortuna Arcana's customized deck box for one second. If he's hit, it's revealed that he replaced himself with a card clone, causing him to reappear a distance away from the opponent. Then the cards perform a random action, depending on the Kick button used. LK makes the cards push the opponent back. MK traps the opponent for one second. HK causes a small explosion, dealing damage.

    3 Card Monty (:HCF:+:HP:): One of two attacks that gave him his nickname. Monty Carlo takes three cards and slashes at the opponent with them. If done in the air, he dives at them. The strength of the attack depends on the three cards; maximum amount of damage is if the three cards are a "three of a kind".

    Blackjack (:QCF:+:P:): Monty Carlo gets out two cards... and the rest is dependent on the cards themselves. If the cards marks add up to under 10, the move fails. If it adds up to above 10 but under 20, the cards are thrown. If the cards add up to 20, it's an overhead attack. If the cards add up to over 21, it "busts", causing a small explosion and pushing him back. However, if the cards add up to exactly 21, this move essentially becomes a close range, weaker Blockbuster that doesn't spend a bar.

    Deal (:Arrow:+:HP: (up to five times)): Monty Carlo throws up to five cards in a fashion akin to a ninja throwing around shuriken, or perhaps akin to a dealer dealing cards to players. After the fifth toss, he will then enter a "cool down" animation.

    Hit (his Taunt): Monty Carlo teasingly flicks a card at the opponents face. Though weak, it can be used to combo.


    Straight (:QCF:+:PP:): Level 1 Blockbuster. Monty Carlo shuffles the cards between his hands using the psychic connection with Fortuna Arcana and forms a straight, and then performs a spin attack, causing a vortex of cards to surround him as he spins. If it's a large straight that he forms, he will move forward during the attack. If it's a small straight, the opponent gets sucked into the attack.

    55 Card Monty (:QCF::QCF:+:PP:): Level 3 Blockbuster. The other attack that gave Carlo his nickname. Monty Carlo shuffles the cards between his hands with his psychic connection to Fortuna Arcana, and then unleashes all of the cards into one psychic flurry attack, combining the strength of all the cards into one attack.

    Royal Flush (:QCF::QCB:+:PP:): Level 5 Blockbuster and Monty Carlo's strongest attack. Monty Carlo shuffles the cards between his hands using his psychic connection with Fortuna Arcana, and forms a royal flush. He then throws the cards into the air, and they shoot a beam of psychic energy at the opponent, in the shape of a giant, regal looking Western broadsword.

    Thoughts, anyone?
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    Cool concept, I love the way he acts like his relatives without even realizing he's just like them. I've always been a fan of card type characters as well so that's a plus in my book. Without 1) making your character too much like how I figured Taliesin would be ( personality wise) and 2) Taking your character in a different direction I would like to make a couple of suggestions. Not sure if your familiar with Arcana Hearts, but they have a character named Dorothy Albirght who has a showman motif as her playing style. Ever think about making Monte a Trap/Zone character? How about a hand set up system where one special will place a card emblem at the bottom of the screen indicating the type of card you have (Queen, King,Ace,Jack,Joker,Ten, ect), this special can be used up to 5 times with a Mulligan special that works once per deal and after using a super will reset the Mulligan special and Hand Deal(for balancing purposes). Depending on your hand certain supers could hold special properties such as knockdown, stagger, or even snap back after dealing a little bit of damage. This gives both players the feeling of fear, hope, or even saltiness as cards are turned over that could move in either favor. This also gives your character a Gambler-Dealer type style that reflects (at least to me) how Monte is trying to "Deal" justice to his family and taking a "Gamble" with these chances. Once again at least to me this keeps players interested in Monte's story and playstyle. Overall Monte has the potential to be a deadly force that is entertaining to play. For more inspirations, how about Monte have some mannerisms of Arcana from Yugioh, and the living weapon acting similar to Ace from the Royal Flush Gang (Justice League Unlimited), of course Dorothy Albright should be added. the end of this I've becoming totally invested in this character. Monte has gained my interest.
  21. LaCheshireZorua

    LaCheshireZorua People die when they are dead.

    Thanks for noticing. I was trying to go in the direction of him being a hypocrite, but a well intentioned hypocrite. Kind of like Raiden from MGR: Revengeance.

    Heard of it, never played it. To be honest, I'm still new-ish to fighting games. :P

    I was thinking of making him be very Trap-ish, but I was worried about how to go about it.

    You know what's hilarious right now? This was my original idea, and I still very much want to implement this. However, I also really enjoyed the "card mark = damage" idea, and I couldn't figure out how to get the "hand" set-up to work properly. But the idea you have for it actually sounds like it would work. Hmm... Maybe I should scrap the idea of the damage being based on the marks of the cards...
  22. Phish Food o3o

    Phish Food o3o Yu Wan 2015

    Long Island, NY
    This is a horrible character and you should be ashamed of yourself. Yu Wan is the only worthy chef in Skullgirls ever and you know it. *"I'm watching you" fingers*
  23. PKStoopKid

    PKStoopKid *PKStoopkid soul at rest*

    I'm sorry *bows in fear* keep watch on me, but spare my family please
  24. SanoBaron

    SanoBaron Delicious chewable Hubba-Bella

    South Cackelacky
    RedRummage and for 3DS 3695-0329-5107
    Okay, since I mentioned I have a fan character.... heres goes. ;u;

    Show Spoiler


    Sorry if this story sucks, I am still working out the kinks, and theres some stuff I do want to leave out for…. reasons.

    Once a war orphan who spent her time reading stories, practicing ballet on her own, playing with her imaginary friend Cottontail and cleaning, Titania was born with the inate ability of controlling dust as well as other small particles and manipulating their shape, . Upon discovery of her abilities, the Labs adopted her in order to tap into the full potential of her particle manipulation.

    Years later, she has now resurfaced with new mastery of her abilities, ready to take on missions for the Labs. How will tossing dust around assist the Labs with fighting the Skullgirl? Only time will tell.

    How will she play?

    Her main goal throughout fights would be to gather dust clouds which she can create by sweeping the floor or done by select special moves. She can pick up dust by walking or running through the clouds but she can’t dash into them, as it causes the clouds to disperse. What do the dust clouds do? She is able to make them explode, create pillars to strike opponents or block projectiles, solidify them and make projectiles that move in various directions and speeds, enhance certain specials that don't involve dust, and even trap opponents. her normals, being that she isn't actually trained for combat means she isn't very... strong. so to speak.

    As of now I can only think of two blockbusters for her:

    Dust Ballroom:

    Basically, she makes all the dust clouds explode. The damage output and range of this all depends on how much meter she has. IE: one bar doesn’t get much range, two bars can be a longer range, and 3 bars can be mid to fullscreen (whatever you think is fair). Depending on this, the amount of meter can be accessed by pressing light and medium (haven’t decided on punch or kicks) for the level one, medium and heavy for level two but if you only have one bar it will just use level one, and level three is done by using them all.


    She summons her, surprisingly large, imaginary friend Cottontail to lay a beat-down on the opponent. I haven’t decided on whether or not it can be done as a grab or if can be sort of a ‘mode’ you can control. What do you guys think?

    gameplay inspirations:

    for certain projectiles and dust special moves

    example of dust manipulation and exploding dust blockbuster

    in terms of projectiles of various directions and speeds.

    Annie (no not that Annie)

    Kula Diamond
    certain specials (like her tatsu)

    and Toro Inoue
    cuz he has a sweeping the floor move and his normal attacks have this really puny and fun loving appeal to them.

    I really have been meaning to do this sooner and I am really sorry if this seems rushed. ;u;
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  25. PKStoopKid

    PKStoopKid *PKStoopkid soul at rest*

    Just a few moves of Paprika
    Show Spoiler
    Paprika Moves.jpg

    Show Spoiler
    Smash Smash Crush!: J.Hp The center move with Paprika's hands together
    Butter Knife: Air OK :QCF::P:
    Oopsie Daisy!::LP::LK:Paprika's throw

    Show Spoiler
    Character Select: Don't Tell my mommy ok
    Victory(Standard): Fortune Senpai would be proud!
    Victory(Standard):I know a good restaurant to eat at...
    Opening(Standard):I learned this move I wanna try
    Filia (Opening): Did your head just talk?
    Cerebella(Ending):Can I get a refund?
    Peacock(Opening):Tell it to the cleaning lady!
    Ms.Fortune (Opening): FORTUNE SENPAI!!! (Ending): What's my rank?...E?
    Double(Opening):A test I suppose (Ending):I'm ready Fortune Senpai

    Gonna do a little more later
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  26. Denizen

    Denizen Retired Member

    I recently made some significant changes and additions to to my Wiglaf Character Post.
    The changes I've made are some alterations to Wiglaf's outfit, mainly the addition of a pauldron.
    The additions I've made are three new sections which are Likes/Dislikes, Character Inspirations, and a Move List.
    These three sections are incomplete so over time I'll be refining them. I'd also like to announce that I'll be making a new addition to this thread soon. It's not a Fan Character, but an entire group of people, the very 'Team' that was hinted at in the end of Wiglaf's Backstory.
  27. Jutsei

    Jutsei Unwavering Hype

    A Dark Corner of the Earth
    Wow this place exploded last time I checked it!
    Lots of good additions, looks like
  28. SunnyRei

    SunnyRei Normal Knees

    I have to do some reading now that I'm off finals. :P

    I'll update the original index later tonight. :)
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  29. Denizen

    Denizen Retired Member

    The Wulf Pack
    An important part of Wiglaf's story is his founding of The Wulf Pack.
    The Wulf Pack is a group of people who gathered together in the pursuit of a common goal.
    As you may have already guessed, The Wulf Pack is based directly off of the forum fan base of the same name.
    Backstory (open)
    I'll start where Wiglaf's Backstory left off.

    Wiglaf decided to make it his mission to follow his hero Beowulf and assist him in everything he does. However, before Wiglaf leapt head first into danger he remembered his father Stan and his accomplishments in the Grand War. Stan wasn't alone when he brought down all those Gigan warriors, he had the strength of his squad at his back. Wiglaf understood the value of teamwork, so he decided to gather together people of common interest in order to help accomplish his mission.

    The first of these people was a former teammate from high school who shall remain nameless for now. If there was anyone Wiglaf could trust as a co-founder it was him. The moment that they shook hands The Wulf Pack was born. Recruitment was relatively simple, news of a growing 'street gang' devoted to Beowulf traveled across the city's grape vine. Courageous fans of the Legendary Hero would show up of their own accord and those who were willing to prove themselves became a member known as a Wolf. Eventually The Pack started attracting people with no interest in Beowulf, they simply wanted to help further the cause. After 5 months a base of operations was needed to accommodate the growing Pack. Far outside New Meridian City at the very border of the Canopy Kingdom is a place known as the Howling Cavern, a cave massive enough to contain it's own ecosystem. By now The Wulf Pack had accumulated vast reserves of money from Wiglaf's families and from the wealthy connections made in New Meridian City. Wiglaf used this money to purchase the land surrounding the cave and to build a base of operations within.
    Soon the forges were burning and The Wulf Den was born.
    (The cave is based on the Majlis al Jinn/Sơn Đoòng Cave and The Wulf Den is based on Masyaf)

    {Shift to the Present}

    Within half a year of it's formation The Wulf Pack's numbers grew to at least 300. It became powerful, it became something to be feared. The only thing stopping a war between The Wulf Pack and The Medici Mafia is the greater threat of Bloody Marie. The leaves have started to fall from the trees and the threat of the next Skullgirl is on the horizon. Everyone in The Den knows that Beowulf will go after The Skull Heart.

    The Pack is prepared to cut a path through the undead hordes so that the Legendary Hero can make it to the Necromancer at full strength...

    Appearance (open)
    The Wulf Pack is full of men and women of all races. Humans, Ferals, Dagonians, Gigans, Elves, and more populate the Wulf Den. Even vagrants, thieves, and parasite hosts are present, there is no judgement in The Den. Every Wolf uses different weapons and abilities as well. The differences between each person is as vast as outer space, however they all share certain similarities, well at least in their clothing.

    First and foremost every member of The Wulf Pack wears a Wolf Pelt. It can be any style or color but Wolf Fur is the common element linking everyone's outfits together.
    The second common element is the 1920's era clothing which is present in Beowulf's own outfit. The Wulf Pack may be a clan of freedom fighters clad in wolf fur, but they still adhere to the current fashion.
    The third aspect that ties every Wolf together is the 'Mark'. The Mark is a tattoo of a black wolf's head the size of a postage stamp. It can be located anywhere on the body and it symbolizes loyalty to The Wulf Pack.

    All of these elements can provide endless personal customization while still displaying a sense of unity throughout The Pack.

    Organization (open)
    The Wulf Pack functions almost identically to the Assassin's Order from Assassin's Creed. Anyone who wishes to assist The Wulf Pack in any way are welcome to join after trust is established. Trust is one of the most important values of The Wulf Pack and it is established through a mission trial and afterwards through an initiation ritual where the initiate is given the 'Mark'. Willingness to accept something so permanent is usually indicative of the initiate's devotion. Afterwards the newly inducted Wolf is given equipment suited to their role in The Den, whatever it may be. Not everyone in The Wulf Pack is a fighter, those who wish to assist through non-violent means still have a place among their ranks. That is why there are three branches, each with a clear chain of command:

    -Fighters, the Wolves who fight and work in the field.
    -Scholars, the Wolves who handle information and finances.
    -Workers, the Wolves who maintain The Wulf Den and it's facilities.

    These three branches have their own separate hierarchies with a single Wolf at the helm, Wiglaf of course being the leader of the Fighters. The three leaders along with three high ranking Wolves from each branch form a council of twelve known as The Thanes. Every decision that The Thanes make moves The Wulf Pack towards it's ultimate goal. Wiglaf's personal goal may be to fight at Beowulf's side, but goal of The Wulf Pack as a whole is far grander than that.
    That goal is Freedom.

    One more thing, there is a tradition that Wolves use a moniker other than their true name while on duty. For example, Wiglaf would be called Fenrir and I would be called Zen.

    Anyone who wishes to create a Character or Persona who is a member of this group is completely free to do so.
    At this point I should really just write Skullgirls fan fiction based on all of this.
    I might actually consider it after Beowulf is finished.
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  30. PKStoopKid

    PKStoopKid *PKStoopkid soul at rest*

    Show Spoiler

    Paprika Idle Stance

    While wandering around Innsmouth, Paprika happened to peek in Yu Wan's restaurant to find Ms.Fortune beating two thugs.
    Amazed by her skills, Paprika instantly became a fan. Inspired to become a fighter, Paprika followed Ms.Fortune hoping to train under her, but what Paprika doesn't know is Ms.Fortune has another agenda, one involving the Skullheart, something Paprika's parents sheltered her from knowing about. Getting herself into more trouble than she can handle Paprika is in for a bumpy ride..oh yeah and now may be a good time to hand out those flyers.

    Defeating the Skullgirl(barely and accidentally), Paprika turns to find, Ms. Fortune hadn't even made it to the catacombs yet. Feeling the whole fight was pointless, Paprika turns to the Skullheart and proclaims she is now it's owner, telling her(Paprika) that she must first make a wish, Ms.Fortune intervenes and destroys the Skullheart and is slightly amused Paprika defeated the Skullgirl, giving Paprika a preachy speech about the corruption of the Skullheart, Paprika(ignoring the whole speech) asks when she can begin her first lesson. Annoyed at her persistence, Ms. Fortune simply leaves with Paprika chasing closely behind. They run of into the sunset as we see a flyer to her father's restaurant is left in the catacomb.

    Edit: I may go for a different ending one more Dan Hibikish something comedic as that is the point of the Paprika-Fortune relationship
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  31. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    Ok here we go..

    Real name: Karla V.

    Stage name: Kara (I know.. pretty creative right?)
    Why Kara?, that's the japanese word for "Empty", since she is basically a husk of her former self and all of her vital organs (exept for the brain) has been already replaced by her parasite.
    Also I like the idea to play with the idea that since her literal heart has been taken over the parasite(impure), her figurative heart is still intact, her intentions are escencially good(pure) ; the moment she interacts with the skullheart would be pretty interesting.

    Age: 20.

    Show Spoiler
    (still working on it... it's quite long)
    Karla suffered an almost fatal accident in her youth years, leaving her using an iron long/vital support for as long as she remembers (the accident left her with her heart, lung and other chest located vital functions pretty much are now useless without a machine that ties her to a bed).

    Recently scientists have discovered the power of a substance that is a mechanical-biological hybrid with chemosynthetic properties, as a test subject she submit herself as the first person to be treated on the I.N.K program (Intelligent Nano knitting).

    The I.N.K program as it's name suggest is an inteligent system that makes sure that all biological necesities of the patient gets sorted succesfully, It serves as a skin sized lung, processing the oxygen in the air and injecting the necessary nutrients in the blood of the patient; It fixes (knits) damaged tissues and organ cells.

    Ever since they submitted Karla to the I.N.K program she can now leave the bed, slowly fixing her body completely, the scientists discover that the sytem has developed some degree of inteligence.. some sort of overprotective mom complex, every attempt to get a blood sample, makes the system to react violently as it thinks that Karla is in danger...Every attempt to separate the system/parasite from her result in a violent show of dead scientists around the room..

    day after day the concern of Karla and her deadly self aware parasite are capable of begin to grow as they are locked into a cell for observation, and possibly further obliteration..

    After a brutal escape from the facilities she and her deadly parasite discover the world that she have been missing out for all this years, coming across the knowledge of the existance of the Skullheart and some formidable foes, the search for this item that can grant any woman's wish is on!

    Character interactions with the Skullgirls cast often result in conflicts of interest between Karla, her parasite I.N.K and various characters in the Sg universe serve as a good excuse for combat.
    (lab 8 for example wants the tech behind the suit, others want to stop Karla from reaching the skullheart as they clearly see her heart has been replaced with this psycho parasite even though she has the best of intentions ..)

    Aspect explanation:
    Show Spoiler
    She looks like an average woman of her age, but under/in that suit lies the deadliest of parasites that in sense of danger can do anything to protect her host.
    Her suit is constantly flowing like ink-goo arround her body, feeding her with precious nutrients that she needs in order to being alive.
    Her scarf is being constantly renewed as the overprotecting parasite keeps knitting it, aparently it's its way to know the world around her as it sometimes eyes can be poping out of the scarf.
    (her costume is not final, but the scarf is here to stay. n_n')

    Show Spoiler
    She's basically is a mid-range character somewhat of an hybrid of a rushdown and a zoning character.
    Most of her ways of dealing damage is by using her artifiacial inteligent parasite suit; wich can do things such as:
    -Transforming and extending to a very large range of things (imagination is the limit).
    -Reinforcing the attack motions of her host, as it puts spikes, hammers, random stuff on Karla's legs and arms,
    -launching extra arms, hooks and stings of ink.. making semi fast movility to be possible, even hanging from the ceiling a possibility.
    -dissolving some parts of her host just to regenarate her later, making some "extending" attacks possible (kind of like Ms. Fortune).

    Most of her play consist of medium range attacks that can reach from mid-screen up to close.
    She can bring the enemy to her by using some non-hitting command grabs (somewhat like squigly's sing).
    Her "gimmick" consist in the fact that as she uses more and more attacks that reach far away from her, she starts to loose her suit, this leaves her with the vulnerability of recieving more damage an even not being able to block ..
    Parts of the suit could be fighting away from her but still be conected by a little string attached to Karlas body.. Since she can't get separated from the suit, she still have to be connected to it.

    ...More gameplay ideas and especific moves might come to my brain, so her gameplay design isn't finished yet.

    Gampelay inspirations:
    Show Spoiler

    -Spiderman/venom: MvC series (thier movility)
    -Glacious : Killer Instinct (his ranged attacks for the most part)
    -Sadira: Killer Instinct (web based wall jumps and aereal combos)
    -Shikamaru: Naruto series (shadow-like attacks for the most part)
    -Bayonetta (the way that her clothes are also part of her weapons)
    -Arakune (this one is obvious)
    -Some others that I can't think of in this moment..

    I've been working on illustrating my fan character ever since this thread started.. so many concepts scrapped and so many versions that I'm not proud of have passed through the table untill this final(almost) concept was ok enough to be put here. :P
    I would love to hear opinions!
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  32. jam1220

    jam1220 Silver Burning Fire of Love and Justice

    Bio: She's an angel who gave her wings to her remote book like parasite. With no wings she fell out of "heaven" making her a fallen angel due to technicalities. Now she runs a church and praises the name of the trinity just like double somewhere that's not the canopy kingdom.

    Personality: Dialogue of Bang Shishigami(Blazblue), the mouth of Rufus(Street Fighter) then charisma of Excalibur(Soul Eater) wrap all together in a over zealous religious southern bell accent for some reason. she is the most annoying person in skullgirls even her parasite has little tolerance for her ramblings, nobody likes her...except double because she's double (I don't have a real reason)

    Gameplay: She's Birdy with Cyclops lasers which you have to charge like Tsubaki. Her book parasite pulls them in closer with "page chain", she beats them up, parasite book shots laser beams and can fly (it has angel wings, it shots lasers cause it shots lasers)
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  33. PKStoopKid

    PKStoopKid *PKStoopkid soul at rest*

    So glad to see more creative ideas on here, I may do some more Rosemary stuff, but Paprika is so much fun to work on
  34. Light-Triforce

    Light-Triforce Active Member

    I actually have this OC I have made. But I sort of think he's sort of meh.
  35. Light-Triforce

    Light-Triforce Active Member

    Well some were curious about my OC so here is Dalton.

    Show Spoiler
    People in the Canopy Kingdom know him as a usual on goer but usually know Dalton as a quiet person that has a coat crossed between a multiple task pocketknife but is at times has been considered an outcast for some of the things he has done from his gun for hire job.

    Dalton usually goes around the Canopy Kingdom capturing criminals that are wanted for to get some reward money, but usually is a gun for hire. Mostly as a body guard for as short time to get paid. Even if he is a gun for hire for those such as the Medicis. He knows that he would at times work for the wrong group but he does it for his job.

    Dalton is more of an anti-hero, by being a bounty hunter catching minor criminals and being a gun for hire for as a part time job.

    But due to getting caught in a whirlwind of events he must try to stop the Skullgirl before time runs out on him.

    Other Details:

    Show Spoiler
    | Appearance |
    Dalton has short brown hair, and his eye color is hazel. For clothing his coat is gray blue with all the gadgets and weapons inside of his coat, while a simple black T-shirt in underneath, as well as some simple slightly baggy blue jeans, special gloves that have special wiring in them to lay out some attacks, and some think tan shoes.

    | Abilities |
    Dalton's: Nothing at all but has to relay on his weapons in his coat and the skills he learned for Tactical Espionage to protect himself.

    *Weapons- Dalton has a large set of gadgets and weapons to take his foes out. Such as a large spiked fist that comes out of sleeve; a big metal claw on chains comes out of one of his sleeves like a grappling hook.

    | Age |

    | Birthday |
    March 23

    | Height |
    5' 8"

    | Weight |
    150.4 lbs.

    | Likes |
    Drawing, cooking, animal documentary shows, horror films, capturing criminals, chicken strips, coleslaw, and coming up with new ideas for his weapons from looking at cartoons.

    | Dislikes |
    Being screwed over, working to hard, wasps, extremely loud noises, and messing around when getting things done.

    That's all I got for right now.
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  36. Light-Triforce

    Light-Triforce Active Member

    This was just a simple moveset I came up for Dalton.

    Show Spoiler

    Entrance: Dalton will walk up and put on his coat.

    Entrance quotes:

    1-"Do you really know who you are going up against"?
    2-"Gun for hire at your service".

    Against Filia- "I've herd of a bad hair day but is just freaky"…
    Against Cerebella- "Ok then. But I did warn you gal."
    Against Valentine- "You're going to fix me right this second"…
    Against Squigly- "Good god that stench..."

    Parasoul against Dalton- "Stop right there vigilante".
    Valentine against Dalton- "You're still not finished yet."
    Double against Dalton- "You've have had a terrible fate. Yet..."
    Marie against Dalton- "I'm sorry you have to come to this."

    Style of gameplay: Hazama ( Blazblue ), Baraka ( Mortal Kombat ), and Fulgore ( Killer Instinct ).

    Standard attacks.

    LP- "One, Two, Jab, Punch." Dalton will throw out a few punches. ( three hits )

    MP- "Touchy blades". Dalton will swing one of his arms as a sword or a knife will come out of the sleeve and slice the opponent two times. ( two hits )

    HP- "Do you really want it to hurt"? Dalton will have the Giga Fist coming out from one of his sleeves and will throw his metal fist at his opponent.

    LK- "One small step for mwah". Dalton will do a simple stomp.

    MK- " Knee Jab". Dalton will do a knee jab causing a little bit of stunning.

    HK- "Taste my boot". Dalton will do hard kick sending the opponent into a wall bounce.

    Low LP- "Unfriendly Foot Rub". Dalton will slam his fists down on on the opponents feet.

    Low MP- "Volt Clap". Dalton will do some clapping making electricity come out of his hands and hit the opponent. ( two hits )

    Low HP- "Giga Fist swipe" Dalon will take out the Giga Fist and do a low swipe hitting the opponent.

    Low LK- "Side Sweep Spin". Dalton will do a spinning side sweep up to three times. ( three hits )

    Low MK- "Eat chain". Dalton will swing out the Claw n' Chain hitting the opponent at a far away distance. ( Good to use as an assist move. )

    Low HK- "Slide Kick." Dalton will do a slide kick towards the opponent's feet. Making them fall to the ground.

    Air LP- "Slap". In the air Dalton will do a slap in the air downwards to hit his opponent.

    Air MP- "Sting them"! Dalton will slash the opponent with one of the Sharp Sleeve's knifes in his sleeve. ( can be air dash cancelable. )

    Air HP- "Hack n' Slash"! Dalton will do spin in the air with both Sharp kifes out from both sleeves slashing the opponent. ( two hits ) ( can be air dash cancelable. )

    Air LK- "An extra step up". Dalton will just simply send hit foot down on the opponent on top of him giving him a small little jump in midair.

    Air MK- "Crash Landing". Dalton will dive downwards towards the opponent.

    Air HK- "Quick Fall". Dalton will slam down coming down fast while hitting the opponent. ( quickly lets him get back on the ground after a small air combo )

    Unique moves

    HP (HOLD)- "Giga Fist Smash". After holding HP Dalton with vicously will hit the opponent with the Giga Fist sending them across the stage or wall bounce if close to a wall.

    Forward HP- "Freakish Bitch slap". Dalton will do a quick fast slap to his opponent as the opponent will be stunned.

    Forward Air HK- "Bastard Dive" Dalton will do a foot dive in the air.

    Special moves

    Normal Grab- Dalton will grab his opponent and will stab them with the Sharp Sleeve and kicking them. ( can send opponent into wall bounce )

    Air Grab- Dalton will send his opponent down to the ground while holding on the back of their head.

    QCF + LP & LK - "Don't you dare touch me"! Dalton will shoot out of his sleeve the Claw N' Chain as it grabs his opponent as Dalton will swing his enemy around and will throw the enemy to the wall. ( It can be done in the air but shoots downward towards his opponent and does a different motion to his enemy. )

    QCF + LP - "Pow! Haha"! Dalton will shape his hand to have his index finger and middle finger look a bit like a pistol and will make a movement like it is firing as it will shoot out a bolt of thunder at his opponent.

    QCB + LP- "Sucker Punch". Dalton will stand still when Dalton gets hit it will return into a counter hitting the opponent.

    QCF + MP- "Sharp Sleeve spin". Dalton will bring out the Sharp Sleeve on both of his sleeves then spinning slashing them. ( Doing this two times in a row will make Dalton dizzy, making it punishable. ) ( four hits )

    FQCF+HP- "Giga Fist uppercut". Dalton will do an uppercut with the Giga Fist hitting the opponent. ( can be done in the air too. )

    In Air QCF + HP- "Shock tackle". Dalton will air dash with electricity at his opponent.

    QCB + any kick- "Stab Stab Stab...". Dalton will take out both Sharp Sleeves then stabbing the opponent multiple times. ( LK 2 hits, MK 4 hits, HK 8 hits )

    Block Buster moves

    QCF + any two of the punches- "Giga Fist slam". Dalton will take out the Giga Fist and will charge it to slam into the ground causing a shock wave. ( Uses 1 level. )

    QCB + any two of the punches in air- "Chains of Pain". Dalton will have the Claw n' Chain coming out of his sleeves around him hitting the opponent in a vortex. ( Uses one level. ) ( 20 hits )

    FQCF + any two punches- "The Master of Surprise's beatdown". Dalton slams his opponent into the ground, stabinging them rapidly with both the Sharp Sleeves before lifting them up with his claw n' chain holding his enemy and throwing them away with the claw and chain still on them viciously pulling them back to him and then smashing them with a punch using a combination of the Giga fist with spikes and electricity flowing through it sending them flying. ( Uses 3 levels. )

    Victory pose: Dalton will brush off the dust off of his coat.

    Time up lose pose- Dalton will clutch his heart as he passes out.

    Victory quotes:

    1- "Wow that was rather easy"…
    2- "I bid you adew"...
    3- "Why do I run into the oddball ones"?
    4- "Man I'm gettin' hungry".
    5- "I don't have enough time for this shit"...

    Won against Parasoul- "Sorry, not into redheads"?
    Won against Ms.Fortune- "Time to get paid"!
    Won against Peacock- "Let the real professional handle this small fry".
    Won against Cerebella 1- "Maybe I should bring some flowers next time... Pfft! Hahahahahaha"!
    Won against Cerebella 2- "Don't worry, I won't tell your pops you messed up next time he hires me"...
    Won against Valentine 1- "Now fix me dammit"!
    Won against Valentine 2- "Seems like someone's cherry finally popped".
    Won against Big Band- "No more music"!
    Won against Squigly- "Seems to me that you're now double dead".

    Ms.Fortune Won to Dalton- "You can't catch me".~ "You can't catch me".~
    Peacock Won to Dalton- "I'm today's top notch hunter! You're just yesterdays pal"!
    Valentine Won to Dalton 1- "I guess I'll just have to do a little surgery on you again".~
    Valentine Won to Dalton 2- "Aww, does someone have a fever"?~
    Marie Won to Dalton- "Your time is up"...
  37. PKStoopKid

    PKStoopKid *PKStoopkid soul at rest*

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    Just the taunt and Time out for Rosemary
    Decided to go back to the original design
    Show Spoiler


    And her Lv3

    Rosemary's story ending after defeating the Skullgirl, The duo looks on at the Skullheart. Rosalie tells Maria she'll destroy the Skullheart but being this close has caused something to trigger in Maria. Maria taking the image of Abaddon attaches herself to Rosalie and apologizes before losing all control. As the Trinity symbol feels her eyes, we learn that Maria was in fact never human, but another shadow of Mother used to lead girls to the Skullheart. Maria had simply developed her own personality and lost memory of her true purpose as Rosalie's eyes take form of a Skullgirl's she pleas Maria remembers and the screen fades black and we are left on a cliff hanger.
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    CHAOS_FANTAZY Fledgeling Skull Hunter


    There seem to be a lot of exploits in the Skull Heart/Skullgirl system, and it baffles me that there's no word of them being canonically tried. The general consensus is that the Skull Heart would just screw you over anyway (In your case, committing suicide when you're marked for becoming the Skullgirl would just make you become the Skullgirl instead), but I'm not sure I buy into that.
  39. PKStoopKid

    PKStoopKid *PKStoopkid soul at rest*

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    Rose Mary Model sheet 1.jpg
    The final FINAL Design for Rosalie (Model Sheet 1)

    Show Spoiler

    Rosalie Model Sheet 2

    Show Spoiler
    Maria Model Sheet

    All Playstyles and story may remain not sure but design is final
  40. Funkermonster

    Funkermonster Member

    Big Band
    I am working on 2 fan made characters, though I cannot draw pictures of them (anyone who can after reading it is more than welcome to, and it'd be greatly appreciated) and I haven't come up with good names for either one of them.

    First one:

    Appearance and Traits (open)

    Height: 5'7
    Name: ? (Anyone can do it for me and help out if they'd like)
    Skin: Black (default color scheme mainly)
    Hair: Short, Black Cornrows; though I may think of something else
    Age: 15 years old
    Gender: Male
    Attire: A Blue T-Shirt with a Snake on it, Grey Pants, and Greenish Blue Shoes. He occasionally wears a baseball cap as a reminiscent of his deceased family, who gave it to him as a gift.

    His Ally:
    Species: Unknown (same as Samson's)
    Color: Blue or Red depending on personality in display
    Size: 3m length and weighs about 100 lb
    Gender: Also Male
    Unlike Samson who clings on Filia's Head, this one acts more of a backpack to [insert name] and is detachable, occasionally coming off his host completely.

    History (work in Progress) (open)

    [insert name] was born from an engineering father and a taxi-driving mother. In all of his life, [insert name] was a shy kid who knew no way of approaching others and conversing with them, with the only exception being his family. he was often harassed and beaten by crooks and criminals for his odd personality and being a total pushover, who could almost never stand up for himself and was easy to rob from or attack. To this child, family comes first before anything else, even his own life; loving them dearly and spending time with his parents, uncles & aunts, sisters, and cousins at parties and family reunions. On his 14th birthday, he was given a baseball cap as one of his many birthday presents at another family reunion; only to have his home attacked and destroyed by ShockBrave (the other character I created) from electric shockwaves a few minutes after. She killed every single one of his family members and destroyed the rest of the presents (unopened) he was given as well. Feeling guilty for such actions, ShockBrave apologizing for the murder of his dear family and claimed to have only done it because it was an order from her boss and creator, and she also had the order to kill [insert name] himself as well. Before it could happen, he hid behind a closet door after she electrocuted his home and set it on fire, throwing out a corpse of one of his relatives to fake his death and fool her into thinking her mission was a success, leaving with tears in her eyes. As soon as ShockBrave vanished, [insert name] took remains of objects (such as money, TV, Food, etc.) that he also loved or needed for survival/entertainment and ran away to a forest or open field away from the streets of New Meridian, in fear of the possibility of ShockBrave returning if he stayed.

    As soon as he reached the field he fled to, [insert name] realized that life would not be easy as he has little money and couldn't afford a real house. To avoid the wild animals that would attack him at night, he hastily started to build his own house out of nothing but toy bricks (similar to LEGOs) that took him about half a year to finish building. Life was not luxurious for him still, he had to work menial jobs such as a janitor at restaurants to just to get by . He couldn't help but feel guilt for letting his family die and could hardly forgive himself for it, mourning about it day after day. Despite this, he held no hatred or anger towards ShockBrave for murdering his family, as she claimed it was an order from her so-called boss (though he ponders if she was being truthful), and believed it to be his/her fault instead of ShockBrave. [insert name] could only wish he could find her boss and get even with him or somehow bring his family back to life and have them in his life once more. To make matters worse, while his family had disappeared, the crooks who picked on him and his angst did not disappear with them. One day his life would suddenly change for good...

    While drinking in a coffee shop still feeling lonesome, before his eyes was a girl with a black parasite on her head named Filia, with that parasite beating up a guy who was hitting on his host (referencing the game's story where Samson attacks Riccardo). Intrigued by Samson, he suddenly gained confidence to speak with him and host and asked numerous questions about him and where he came from; wishing to get a parasite (which he thinks is an octopus) of his own as a friend/bodyguard to lessen is lonesomeness. Annoyed with these questions, he simply vomited on [insert name]'s back and propagated another one of his kind; who spawned as a monster with a split personality. One with a generally evil, bloodthirsty, and generally negative or hostile attitude; and the other with a Positive, Kind, Goody Two-Shoes attitude with a jolly personality. Brightened with this newfound ally and being thankful to Filia, he asks her and Samson to challenge him and his new ally in a sparring (which he refers to as a 'test drive'), and they accept and do it. It's the player's choice whether to ask for the test fight or just skip it and say goodbye and nothing more, and for this reason it wouldn't actually count as a true rival battle because of it. After winning or , [insert name] says goodbye and hopes they can meet again, for the first time he can remember feeling comfortable speaking with someone. Feeling good about the fight, [insert ally name] changes to his Negative form and encourages [insert name] to look for more fights just be sure; to which he reluctantly gives in and does 2 random fights with any of the game's real roster.

    After those fights, he surprisingly finds ShockBrave again, suspiciously going into a dark building. Determined to discover the truth of the incident that occurred a year ago, [insert name] secretly decided follow her inside, only to be halted by Parasoul. Initially he and his parasite (in Negative form again) were stunned by her beauty and good-looks, even smiling and drooling. She then claims to recognize him as a descendant of his father, Harold Allen, and immediately demanded he tell her where his father is; without giving a specific reason why. He tells her his father is dead and the only he place he can be found is on the other side, high up in the clouds (get it?); to which she disbelieved and attempted to arrest him until he speaks, as there were rumors about him still alive. [insert name] refuses and battles & defeats her (much to his allies dismay, who still drools at her beauty), resisting arrest. He immediately runs off away from her unconscious body, in fear of bigger punishment than originally for resisting; and then continued to follow ShockBrave.

    Finding her in Vitales Office conversing, it is then revealed that she was hired by the Medici Mafia and she is working for :Vitale (alongside Cerebella), who gave ShockBrave the order to kill [insert name]'s family as his father was engineer, originally going to be sought out by the Kingdom to help build machinery in hopes of destroying the Mafia for good. In order to avoid this, Shockbrave was order to find and kill his father to prevent the Mafai from gaining another Enemy, as well as any witnesses (a.k.a. his family at the party). If she refused, he would kill her with a bullet to the head. To be continued later on...

    Personality (open)

    • His family
    • His Ally (can't think of a name for him either)
    • Watching TV (especially Cop Shows)
    • The company of others
    • Creating or Constructing things (especially with his Toy Bricks)
    • Drinking Soda
    • Candy and other Junk Food (has a somewhat malnourished diet)
    • ShockBrave, nevermind that she murdered his family
    • Any girl who he thinks is beautiful
    • Riding Bicycles
    • Video Games
    • Receiving Mail
    • Pulling Pranks on Others
    • Partying
    • Fish
    • Horror Movies
    • Having to repair bricks of his home when it falls apart
    • Vain People
    • Double (because he found her appearance gross, disgusting, and horrific)
    • Drugs and Drug Addicts
    • Violence
    • People other than mailmen visiting his home
    • The Loss of His Family
    • Feeling Angsty, Lonely, Sad, or Guilty
    • Blood
    • Reading Books with No Pictures in them
    • Pigeons
    • Criminals and Crooks
    • The Color Yellow
    • Being tickled
    • ShockWave's Boss
    In spite of his loneliness and shyness, [insert name] is generally a nice guy who enjoys nothing more than spending time with family and hanging around other people (when he's not too shy to do so). Despite enjoying company of nice people, he does not like it when people visit his home; as it is made of LEGO Bricks and visitors are prone to breaking parts of it, forcing him to rebuild it again. Even then, he usually hides it and acts as if he tolerates their presence anyway.

    As for his parasitic (or rather mutualistic) ally, his personality is mixed and tends to shift back and fourth, often changing color when he changes.

    One personality is generally hot-tempered and aggressive, rude towards everyone who walks his path (even his own host) and loves solving problems with violence. This often annoys or embarrasses [insert name], but at the same time he usually acts as a bodyguard in this form for his host. He is also quite a money grubber and often makes his host work overtime at his job (with death threats to kill his own host, should he refuse) or often makes bets to earn more cash, as money is the only thing that soothes his temper without having to switch into his jolly self. He often enjoys fighting others for fun, enjoying the sight of his squirming opponents. Personality is based on M.Bison/Balrog from Street Fighter, as well as fictional hot-headed characters in general (such as Raphael from TMNT). Generally considered his Negative form, in the color red. I'm not sure what he should resemble physically, I originally thought of him looking like a monstrous octopus or Squid, but I'm pretty iffy about it because that would look too much Samson.

    Positive form, basically the exact opposite: Pure Good and No Evil, kind to almost everyone met with a jolly personality. Whenever the [insert ally name] is in this form, he tends to attract attention from other and it makes his host slightly more popular with people since he hangs out with a good citizen... until he switches back to Negative Form, which criticizes and often yells at those around him and repels them. This was inspired by many things, good and pure fictional characters.

    Inspirations (open)

    • Aegislash (Pokémon)
    • Shiek/Zelda (Super Smash Bros)
    • Balrog (Super Street Fighter 4, but to a very small extent)
    • Banjo and Kazooie
    • Gen (Street Fighter)
    • Ice Climbers (Super Smash Bros)
    • Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers)

    • Bad Cop and Good Cop from The LEGO Movie (Split Personality Idea)
    • Filia and Samson (as well as symbiotic relationships in general)

    Gameplay (open)

    As a result of the split personality, [insert name]'s ally attached to him can switch back and fourth to either Negative or Positive Forms to switch gameplay. You can use Negative Form for Offensive-Minded Gameplay with nasty mixups, overheads, unblockables, combos, etc., all at the cost of having less health and different specials (few of which can be used for defense). If defense is better in situations; you can switch to positive form to gain this: a nice projectile for zoning, good pokes, above average health, the ability to Guard Cancel (similar to Alpha Counters in Street Fighter Alpha 2), and a High Double Jump; with the cost of dealing very low damage, being somewhat slow, and somewhat useless assist moves. Basically, [insert name ] is a stellar character for both offense and defense for many situations. Unfortunately his greatest strength is also his greatest (and perhaps only) weakness: having to choose which form to switch to and (possibly, still working on it) needing Dramatic Tension meter to switch for the appropriate task. He can be a viciously offensive animal if he doesn't care for his self-defense, or an iron wall if he doesn't get impatient and attack.

    Quotes (open)

    Being Selected: [insert name] "Let's Rock!"

    Pre-Match (depends on which of his two forms are chosen first):

    Negative Form:
    • [Ally Name]: "You're dead already."
    • [Ally Name]: "Hey, Come On!"
    • [Ally Name]: "Will you end up high in the clouds or burning in flames? Let's Find out, shall we?"
    • [Ally Name]: "I pre-ordered Popcorn I can eat while watching you squirm, this film will be rated L for Losers when it comes." (Any ideas on how to fix this quote?)
    • [Ally Name:] "Yo babe, ya doing anything after this?" (can say this to any female except Painwheel, Double, or Filia)
    • [Ally Name]: "If you're not dead by the time we're done with ya, you'll wish you were."
    • [Ally Name]: "And they call me revolting!" -To Double
    • [Ally Name]: "Let's see if there's any plumber around to rescue this princess" - To Parasoul (Can anyone catch the reference?)
    • [Ally Name]: "Use your head or we will, I need a new basketball". - To Ms. Fortune.
    • [Ally Name]: "You are a sad, strange little girl and you have my pity... almost." - To Painwheel

    Positive Form:
    • [Ally Name]: "Forgive us for this upcoming beatdown"
    • [Ally Name]: "

    Keep in mind that this is unfinished, I'm exhausted from typing all this and can change later. Overall, I'm rather pleased with how my idea turned out and I really wish it could appear in this game. The only things I'm doubtful about are parts of the story I wrote (I think I made it a bit too weird) and similarities to Filia, since I believe that there are too many characters with allies to help them fight; everything else is just fine to me. I'm still trying to think of a good name for him, his ally, and quotes he would say if he were in the game. Thoughts on how to fix these anybody?
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