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    Does Heartbeat Stomp= Earth Stomp? Also, 2 punches together equals a dash; those specials wouldn't be possible in Skullgirls.
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    Yeah, I changed the name to try to fit the theme a bit more. Also, thinks for reminding me about that; I kind of forgot. Lemme just edit that a bit...
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    Just so you guys know, I've been editing my character every now and then, and I wasn't sure if anyone noticed it. Feedback is definitely appreciated, and I would love to keep improving. Just so you know, my character is the sixth post above this one.
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    hmm this sounds fun and the character ideas are really cute and neat. . maybe i will give it a go ?
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    Have to put it somewhere, lol.

    I might as well post the moveset for Mallis:
    Refer to here:
    and here:
    for character info.
    Do note that she has at current 3 modes switch can switch between, more on that later. She also defaults to twin daggers at the start of each match.
    Normals(Twin Daggers) (open)

    :LP:: A quick jab with a dagger
    :MP:: A forward slice with one dagger
    :HP:: A spin of sorts with daggers extended that goes forwards a bit, hits twice

    Normals(Pistol) (open)

    :LP:: A quick, horizontal, short ranged shot
    :MP:: A slower horizontal shot but with more range
    :HK:: An angled shot in to the air

    Normals(Pipe) (open)

    :LP:: A semi quick pipe thrust
    :MP:: An overhead swing
    :HP::A slow pipe swing that looks similar to MvC2 Gambit's s.HP

    General Normals
    Show Spoiler

    :LK:: A quick shin kick
    :MK:: An extended leg kick(Think like Ken from SF3's MK)
    :HK:: A quick roundhouse that moves forward a bit

    Most of her specials change based on what mode she's in but some specials and supers don't change at all
    Specials(General) (open)

    (While dashing forwards) :PP:: She does a leap and if it connects, bounces back off the opponent, putting them in a knocked down state(opponent isn't knocked down if blocked)
    (While dashing forwards) :KK:: She does a leap to the opponent's head, which if it connects, she bounces forwards off of them, putting them in a knocked down state(opponent isn't knocked down if blocked)

    Will add to this later.
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    just because this thread isnt very active does not mean you have permission to make a duplicate thread, so I moved your posts to the proper thread
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    Well, ok then. Noted now.
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    I would like to mention beforehand that the posted artwork and original design (the artwork IS the original design) was created before Squigly (or, at least before that I knew she existed), so the glaring similarity - you'll notice it - was not my fault. ProtagonistHero can vouch for me on that (though I don't see why that'd really lend any more credibility to it, seeing as neither of us have any actual evidence of such, but whatever).

    So, without need for further preemptive explanations, here's Triad.

    Triad Original Character Art (open)
    He is based on a Roman Legionary. The helmet, shield, and worm-lance are all based on traits of myself - the helmet was my glasses, the shield was my watch, and the worm was my appendicitis. Don't worry, he isn't a self-insert character; he isn't very much like me in actuality, I just needed a jumping-off point for the character design, and the aspects aren't that unique to me anyways - tons of people wear glasses, wear watches, and have had appendicitis - and I made his personality and history vastly different from anything in my life, and he doesn't look all that much like me either, he just accessorizes similarly - even though, again, they are very generic accessories - to me (I don't think appendicitis would be considered an accessory, but who cares).

    I think I actually started this character off with the name and designed accordingly (that's probably a bad thing to do, but I do it quite often). The name probably originated from "triad" being a group of three, so it would be similar to the Trinity, though I do not recall if that was the case. After doing a bit of research on the word "triad," I found a specific triad that I thought would make a good basis within the Capitoline Triad of Roman society, consisting of Jupiter (Zeus), Juno (Hera), and Minerva (Athena). I had searched other triads as well, but at this point I had settled on making the character a Roman Legionary and the three specific attributes of his fighting style as well (the helmet, shield, and worm-lance), so I had to do some shuffling around of various other Roman triads to see which one had gods that would best suit the weaponry.

    After a while of switching triads - and the individuals within them - to see which ones work best, I came across the aforementioned Capitoline Triad. I made the helmet Minerva, as she represents wisdom in battle, so I thought the cranium-piece would suit her well, being where the brain is and all - not to mention she was cut out of Jupiter's head. The shield was Juno, as Juno had a much more prevalent duty in the Roman pantheon than her Grecian counterpart (Hera); Juno was seen as the goddess of protection of all of Rome, and shields - well - they protect, it's as simple as that. Lastly, Jupiter was to be the worm-lance, as Jupiter's main symbol was the lightning bolt, and, well, I guess that kind of fit (they're both line-segments that can be in many different shapes, such as a zigzag or an arc) - it was mainly because that was the last one that I needed to fill up. I felt that the role was decent, seeing as how Jupiter was the most powerful of the gods, and the worm-lance is the only offensive-based unit I had given the character.

    Minerva is a Synthetic Parasite, Juno is a Living Weapon, and Jupiter is a Parasite - as I had also wished to incorporate the three distinctly classified types of enhancements introduced at that point ("distinctly classified" did not include things like the Life Gem - as it had no general classification - or whatever the heck it is that lets Valentine do Valentine things - since that is never even divulged - as opposed to the three that I used) since I was working with the concept of a trio of individual parts that make up a single whole.

    I am not entirely satisfied by the visual design right now, but am too lazy to start tinkering with it a bunch right now, even though I had a ton of time to do so. I just never really got around to it since I never saw myself needing to bring up the character, ever. Anyways, I would most likely get rid of the small chunk of pointless armor that lies on the arm and the stupid-looking spike strap-on on his knee. I would also change the shape of the shoes to make them more convergent with the art-style of the game (they look really out of place comparatively) - in fact, I would probably just give him boots - and make the pants a little more flared at the bottom.

    As for the colors, since I have no good coloring software - actually, I have none right now, since this laptop is fairly new - I will just have to list them out here. His skin color is white and his hair color is brown, his shirt is a fairly off off-white and the small cloth that goes over one shoulder is gold, his pants are a light brown, and his boots are brown. Minerva is mostly silver, with bronze accents and a red horse-hair plume. Juno is mostly bronze with silver accents and red hands. Jupiter is a light bronze with silver blades and a silver disc, he also has red eyes and a red segment closest to his head. Jupiter would emit yellow lightning during attacks that use him, this is purely aesthetic, much like Painwheel's attacks with Hatred Guard.

    Edit: Aaah! My picture died! Somebody help! (This always seems to happen to me on forums, I looked in the Help section and saw nothing. Does it have to be through a specific image-sharing website?) Edit: Fixed!

    Now, on to the bread and butter of a character, the moves. The second aspect of design in my characters - I skip the narrative and history elements and do them last, as I don't care much for them and find that they get in the way of character design for myself (I just want to make a character look cool, they don't need a narrative reason to look cool, they just need to look cool because I want them to and I'm the one designing them, so there - that's my philosophy), this will be apparent in the very weak history of the character - the first being the visual design. (I think my tangents may be too long... Nah.)

    This will come with the name, a general description of the animation, the properties of the move (such as number of hits, number of times it can be canceled into itself, wall-bounces, and et cetera), and the quotes that go along with it. The quote is in normal text when spoken by Triad, bold text when spoken by Jupiter, and underlined when spoken by both. Any references will be linked to (if I can remember them all).

    Triad Move-List - Normals (open)

    s.:LP:: Sic 'Em - Triad points forward, gesturing for Jupiter to strike out with a bite. Both Triad's hand and Jupiter's head are hit-boxes, which give it a spacing that is hard to duck under and not very easy to jump in against. It can be canceled into itself once.
    Quotes: Thus, them! ("Sic" is Latin for "thus.")

    s.:MP:: Criss-Cross - Triad holds onto Jupiter about a foot below his head and tail, slicing in an X-shape. This move hits twice and can be canceled into itself to where Triad circles Jupiter's head and tail around again in order to slash in an X-pattern again. This second portion also hits twice. The move covers a decent space, both vertically and horizontally.
    Quotes: Crux! - Duplex! ("Cross" and "Double" in Latin. The hyphen indicates that the first word is only spoken on the first portion and the second word is only spoken if canceled into again.)
    Double! - Cross!
    Crux! - Cross!
    The move references the cross, as it was an important symbol in Roman Catholicism.

    s.:HP:: Dirae Miralis - Triad, still holding onto Jupiter below his head and tail, thrusts forward quickly in a barrage with both. This move hits five times and covers good horizontal space.
    Quotes: Miraculous Fury! (Dirae is the Roman name of the Furies and "Miralis" sounds like a Latin version of "miraculous.")
    The move references the Furies and is a pun on the Dire Miralis.

    s.:LK:: Achilles' Heel - Triad lifts his leg up to take a forward-lunging step that stomps on the opponents foot. This move moves him forward a fair amount and hits along the ground.
    Quotes: No weakness!
    The move name and quote reference the concept of an Achilles' Heel.

    s.:MK:: Patella Bella - Triad steps forward and thrusts his knee upwards.
    Quotes: Beautiful knee?
    War knee!
    "Patella" is Latin for "knee" and "bella" is Latin for "war." The quote "Beautiful knee?" comes from the fact that words similar to "bella" mean "beautiful" is many of the languages that evolved from Latin.

    s.:HK:: Triumphal Arch - Triad swings one leg back, then kicks forward in an exaggerated swinging fashion, ending with his leg completely parallel to the ground. This move has significant start-up but also good range, it is also his Launcher.
    Quotes: To triumph!
    Send them skyward!
    To my domain!
    (As Jupiter was seen as ruler of the skies.)
    Based on the Triumphal Arches of Roman origin.

    :F: s.:HK:: Sole of Caliga - Triad performs Achilles' Heel, then kicks off of the person's shin in order to do a slight backwards hop. This move sends Triad back a significant amount on hit.
    Quotes: Caligula's soul! (Naming the Roman Emperor, Caligula.)
    Tarsal two-step! ("Tarsal" is the Latin word for a collection of the bones in the foot.)
    A Caliga is a Roman soldier's boot.

    c.:LP:: Jupiter's Headache - Triad does a downward arcing headbutt, nearly smashing his head into the ground.
    Quotes: Umph! (Generic grunting.)
    The move's name comes from the myth of Minerva being born from Jupiter's head after he had been complaining of a headache.

    c.:MP:: Plumes of Galea - The horse-hair plume of Minerva becomes rigid and the hair aligns itself into a series of spikes; Triad then headbutts forward with this newly formed weaponized Mohawk hairstyle. This moves Triad forward slightly.
    Quotes: Crista galli! ("Cockscomb" in Latin, as that is what it looks like.)
    The Galea was a Roman helmet.

    c.:HP:: Eye Of Arges (:PUN:) - Minerva fires lasers out of the optical lenses while Triad is looking downward, resulting in the lasers firing down to the ground at about a forty-five degree angle. This move is a projectile, and as such, can be reflected.
    Quotes: Optic swipe! (Cyclops' move "Optic Sweep.")
    Cyclops sight!
    In reference to the Cyclops Arges and his association with light.

    c.:LK:: Vermin Bite - Jupiter bites at the foe's ankles. This move hits Low and has short range.
    Quotes: Biting worm!
    Argh! (Generic biting sound.)
    "Vermin" is Latin for "worm."

    c.:MK:: Unum-Duobus Ouroboros - Jupiter bites upwards from a low starting position on the ground. This move can be canceled into a second part where Jupiter strikes at a slight downward angle from above his head with his tail. The first hit is a Low, and the second part is a Middle hit.
    Quotes: Worm has turned! (From the expression of a similar name.)
    Bite! - And smite!
    "One-Two Ouroboros," Ouroboros being the mythical circle-serpent. And the name sounded cool when put all together.

    c.:HK:: Usurper's Coming - Triad performs a straight-leg slide (the stereotypical baseball slide) while his straight leg rests on top of Jupiter with Jupiter's bladed face sticking out in front. This moves Triad forward significantly and (as is the rule in Skullgirls) is a Sweep.
    Quotes: Undermined! (As that is what usurpers do, undermine the current leader.)
    Fall from grace! (Pretty much the same reason as the previous quote.)
    Rome had many usurpers in its day, and I felt it was appropriate, as usurpers are generally considered lowly people (so it is a Low) and they seek the downfall of the established hierarchy (so it causes a Knock-Down). So there, it's a Sweep. It is also the name of one of the Zinogre Lances in Monster Hunter.

    j.:LP:: Cubito De Populum - Triad, in a sideways position, leans towards the opponent and slightly thrusts with Juno. This move hits High.
    Quotes: Hup! (Generic combat sound.)
    The name translates to "The People's Elbow" from Latin.

    j.:MP:: Centurion - Triad does a full aerial spin with his arms fully extended and Juno held sideways (making the face face upwards, the underside face downwards, and the rim the portion that would do the actual striking). He first slices with the thin dimension of Juno, then performs a partial lariat with his free arm, then finally ends on another slice with Juno. This move his High and hits three times.
    Quotes: Roman cappin'! ("Cappin'" is, here, used as slang for "decapitating.")
    Blunt execution! (Similar to the "attempting decapitation" reason above, also making note of the fact that the decapitation is being attempted with a blunt object.)
    The name came from a dumb joke I had with myself, so here goes the stupid origin story: I wanted to have some reference to Captain America since a shield was being used in the move, I thought "but it has to be Captain Rome instead of Captain America," and then I just used the name of the role equivalent to a captain within the Roman Legion, which is Centurion. The end.

    j.:HP:: Herculean Bludgeoning - Triad (from the position of his back to the ground and the top of his head facing the camera) swings his arm from resting against his stomach to slightly farther than horizontal, striking down with the flat of Juno. This move hits High and causes a Spike.
    Quotes: Burden of Atlas! (Having a strong force pushing down on somebody from the sky - a very general summation of the myth of Atlas.)
    Terra! Firma! ("Hard Earth" and sending them to the ground, via the Spike)
    A strong bludgeoning, like one from Hercules would be. Also, Hercules and Juno were enemies, and Juno is what is used in the move.

    j.:LK:: Hydra Lick - Jupiter lunges out with a bite, then recoils with his mouth around them, pulling them in. This move hits twice and hits High, the second hit has Negative Knock-Back.
    Quotes: Hydraulic! (Sounds similar to Hydra Lick, and the move acts like a piston.)
    Aqueduct! (The Hydra is often depicted as having a relationship to water.)
    Named after the mythical serpent, the Hydra.

    j.:MK:: Ouroboros Ad Infinitum - Jupiter coils underneath Triad's feet and circles up to bite his own tail, forming a wheel. Triad then treads on the inside of the wheel formed by Jupiter, causing Jupiter to circle rapidly. This move hits High and hits five times.
    Quotes: Tread carefully!
    Ow! Ow! Ow!
    "Ouroboros to infinity."

    j.:HK:: Harpe. Securis. Verutum. - Jupiter thrusts his tail down at a slight forward angle. This can be canceled into an aerial axe kick performed by Triad, while he rest the other foot on the still-extended tail of Jupiter. This can be canceled further into a dive where Triad rests both feet on Jupiter's extended tail and descends to the ground. All three hits hit High. The second hit causes a Ground-Bounce. The third hit carries any opponent hit by it down to the ground with Triad.
    Quotes: Spike! - Them! - Down!
    "Sword. Axe. Javelin."

    s.:LP::LK:: Rex Et Regina - Jupiter lunges outwards, bites the foe, and pulls them in towards Triad. Triad then bashed them away with Juno. This move is a Grab and causes a Skid.
    Quotes: Ya! (Generic grunt.)
    "King and queen," as Jupiter and Hera are viewed as the king and queen of the gods.

    j.:LP::LK:: Coils Of Typhon - Jupiter coils around the opponent with his posterior half, allowing Triad to stomp on their head, forcing them out of Jupiter's coils. This move is a Grab and causes a Knock-Down.
    Quotes: Struggle all you want!
    Cast down like lightning! (Jupiter is the god of lightning.)
    Referencing Zeus' capture within the coils of Typhon.

    Traid Move-List - Specials (open)

    :QCF::LP::LK:: Pilum Sanguineus - Triad points forward, gesturing for Jupiter to lash out a great distance, grab the foe in his mouth, and pull them back to Triad where Triad's knee awaits their gut. This move can only be done one the ground and is a far-reaching Command Grab.
    Quotes: Hic! ("Here," in Latin.)
    Come away from there! (The opposite wording for "Get over here!")
    The name is Latin for "bloody spear," as the move is similar to Scorpion's Bloody Spear.

    :QCB::LP::LK:: Gastraphetes - Triad lifts his leg to allow Jupiter to use it as a base for lunging upwards at an angle, grabbing the foe with his mouth, and driving them to the ground in an arc where Triad stomps on them when they arrive. This move can only be done on the ground and is a Command Grab.
    Quotes: Scorpio!
    Be gone from my skies! (Jupiter. Skies. There.)
    Referencing the Roman artillery, the Gastraphetes and similar weaponry, such as the Scorpio and the Ballista.

    :QCF::LP:: Aegis Of Juno - Triad holds Juno in front of himself and, if attacked, will counter with a shield bash. This move can only be done on the ground and is a Counter.
    Quotes: Perfect guard!
    Break it!
    Aegis was the mythological shield used by Jupiter and Minerva. Both quotes reference Urien's line: "My perfect guard! Nobody can break it!"

    :QCF::MP:: Lost Babel - Jupiter straightens and stiffens, allowing Triad to thrust upward at a forty-five degree angle. The :MP: button can be pressed again to do a second thrust, or the :MP: button can be held (only on the first press of the :MP: button) to initiate a counter where Triad brings Juno in front of him and, only if hit, will initiate a more powerful upwards thrust. This move can only be done on the ground, causes a Knock-Down against aerial opponents, and can be a Counter.
    Quotes: Seleucia!
    Tower of Babylon!
    Scutum and electrocute 'em! - This is only done for the Counter variant. ("Scutum," means "shield" in Latin.)
    Named after one of the Uragaan Lances from Monster Hunter, which, in turn, references the Tower of Babel. The quote "Seleucia!" comes from the fact that after Alexander the Great conquered Babylon and died, it became a place of turmoil, so the citizens were moved to Seleucia.

    :QCF::HP:: Nero's Atrocity - Triad thrusts forward with Jupiter, covering a long range. The :HP: button can be pressed again for a second thrust. This move can only be done on the ground.
    Quotes: Tyrannical rex! ("Tyrannical king" in Latin, referring to how many viewed Nero.)
    Quit fiddling around! (The emperor who "fiddled while Rome burned.")
    Burn! (See: Above.)
    Named after a Deviljho Lance from Monster Hunter that is named after the Roman Emperor Nero, who is believed to be behind the Great Fire of Rome - hence his "atrocity."

    :QCB::LK:: Aquilifer Evasion - Triad slides on his knees with his upper half leaned back significantly, making his body a smaller target, and with Jupiter's tail held high and straight up by Triad. This move can only be used be on the ground and moves Triad forward a fair amount.
    Quotes: Draconarius drag! (Another standard-bearer, the Draconarius, had the dragon.)
    Eagle bearer! (The eagle is the symbol on the standard and is Jupiter's animal.)
    Referencing, by name and quotes, the Aquilifer, the bearer of the eagle themed standard in the Roman military.

    :QCB::MK:: Cicero's Demise - Triad circles one leg upwards and stops it at its peak straight in front of him, Jupiter then rests his tail and some of the length of his posterior on the underside of Triad's leg with the blade underneath his foot, and Triad brings his leg straight down. This move can only be done on the ground and is a High.
    Quotes: Labrys! ("Axe." You know what language, if not, pay attention.)
    Hold your tongue! (Cicero was executed for his antagonistic speeches.)
    Sustentatione! ("Forbearance," referencing Parasoul's move of that name.)
    Cicero was killed due to his orations making him an enemy of the state, as declared by Mark Antony.

    :QCB::HK:: Spartacus' Gladius - Triad performs an exaggerated frontal kick with Jupiter's back half resting against the underside of his leg and the blade sticking forward from below his foot. This move can only be done on the ground and causes a Knock-Down if not near the corner and a Wall-Bounce near the corner.
    Quotes: Spartan kick! (The frontal kick was popularized as such.)
    Named after the Latin word for "sword" - "gladius" - and Spartacus, the famous gladiator.

    :QCF::LK:: Scutum Scoot - Triad runs forward quickly with Juno held in front of him. This move can only be used on the ground (I bet you're surprised), does no damage and has three hits of Super Armor.
    Quotes: Miles of the milites! (Milites were Roman foot-soldiers.
    "Scutum" means "shield."

    :QCF::MK:: Exia Lordlancea - Triad runs forward quickly with Jupiter held rigidly in front of him. This move can only be used on the ground and does three consecutive hits of damage.
    Quotes: Velites! (Velites were Roman light infantry.)
    Light feet, heavy hands!
    The Exia Lordlance is a Ceadeus Lance from Monster Hunter, with the "lance" portion turned into its Latin name. It roughly translates into "Exit Lance of Lords."

    :QCF::HK:: Marathon March - Triad runs forward almost incredibly quickly, with both Jupiter and Juno held in front of himself. It has one hit of armor and one damaging hit, and - of course - can only be done on the ground.
    Quotes: CHAAARGE!
    Us to Athens, them to Hades! (The fable of one who ran from Marathon to Athens.)
    Bull charge! (The Cretan Bull became the Marathonian Bull after it was captured by Hercules and released in Marathon.
    Referencing the Battle of Marathon and the myth of the soldier who ran all the way from Marathon to Athens.

    :LK: after a :QCF::K:: Pegasus Rein-Back - Triad quickly hops backwards to halt his run and retreat to a safe distance. This move can only be done on the ground, does not hit, and is Grab-Invincible.
    Quotes: Trippy pterippi ("Pterippi" are winged horses.)
    Named after the famous winged horse, Pegasus, and the horse maneuver involving going backwards, the rein-back.

    :MK: after a :QCF::K:: Xanthus Piaffe - Triad skids to an immediate stop on his heels. The move can only be done on the ground, does not hit, and is Hit-Invincible.
    Quotes: Trojan Horse! (Xanthus was a horse present at the Trojan War.)
    Xanthus was a horse of Achilles. The piaffe is a horse maneuver involving staying in place.

    :HK: after a :QCF::K:: Arion Half-Pass - Triad leaps forward with a low-profile by using his arms and legs in the lunge. This move can only be done on the ground, goes not hit, can pass through foes, and is Projectile-Invincible.
    Quotes: Fastest Adrastus! (Adrastus was the rider of the fastest horse, Arion.)
    Arion was the mythological fastest horse. One horse maneuver involving going forwards is a half-pass.

    :LP: after a :QCF::K:: Cranium of Minerva - Triad headbutts forward while the horse-hair plume is arranged in a series of spikes. This move can only be done on the ground - yeah, yeah.
    Quotes: Helm splitter! (As Jupiter had to have his head split open to birth Minerva.)
    Cause them a headache! (Jupiter had a headache from Minerva being in his skull.)
    Minerva is associated with wisdom, which is associated with the cranium (and Triad uses his head in the move), and she was born from Jupiter's cranium.

    :MP: after a :QCF::K:: Ancile Exile - Triad swats the opponent away with Juno. This move cannot be done in the air and will cause a Wall-Bounce from anywhere.
    Quotes: Dismissed!
    (On whiff only - play on words of "This missed?")
    Referencing the shield of Mars (Ares) that was said to protect Rome, the Ancile.

    :HP: after a :QCF::K:: Albrach Demolisher - Triad quickly thrusts forward with Jupiter. This move can only be done on the ground and causes a Hard Knock-Down (Skid).
    Quotes: Transigo! ("Thrust.")
    Lancea! ("Lance.")
    Full-arm pole-arm! (Pole-arm class weaponry can include javelins, spears, and lances.)
    The Albrach Demolisher is a Brachydios Lance from Monster Hunter, which roughly translates to either "The Arm Demolisher" or "Full Arm Demolisher" in Latin.
    Triad Move-List - Blockbusters (open)

    :QCF::PP:: Aegis Ancile - Triad takes an incredibly fast but incredibly short run forward, then bashes the opponent with the face of Juno in a backhand motion. The move costs one meter of Dramatic Tension, can only be performed on the ground, and will cause a Wall-Bounce from anywhere.
    Quotes: Pelte! Aspis! Hoplon! (All were Greek or Roman shields.)
    A good defense is the best offense!
    The Aegis and Ancile were mythological shields that were mentioned (and linked) above.

    :DP::PP:: Steropes Blast - Triad sends four lasers out of Minerva's optic sections, starting from a forty-five degree angle towards the ground, then parallel with the ground, a forty-five degree angle upwards, and finally a laser perpendicular to the ground. All hits will Wall-Bounce the victim into the range of the next one, except the final hit, which sends them straight upwards. The move is not able to be performed in the air and costs one meter of Dramatic Tension.
    Quotes: Optic skeet! (In reference to Cyclops' Optic Sweep.)
    Deific vision!
    Gorgon glare! (The Gorgons were creatures associated with harm via vision, in a number of different ways.)
    Steropes was a brother to Arges and therefore one of the Cyclopes who forged Jupiter's lightning bolt. His name literally means "lightning."

    :QCB::PP:: Mighty Plegis - Triad runs forward at an amazing speeds with Jupiter brandished as a jousting lance. He runs the foe through, hitting six times. The sixth hit causes them to Crumple (Knee-Fall) as Triad continues running past them, then skids to a halt on his heels a fair distance away.
    Quotes: Pugio grandis! (Latin for "grand dagger.")
    Fulgur! ("Thunderbolt" in Latin.)
    Skysunderer! (The most simplistically sexy Lance in all of Monster Hunter - honestly, I wish I could find a good picture of it to show it off, but I couldn't find one.)
    The Mighty Plegis is yet another Lance from Monster Hunter. The "Plegis" derives from Greek and means "paralysis." I felt this was appropriate, with the Crumple and all.

    Supers and team mechanics will come a tad later, it gets boring doing all of it in one go.
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    What an odd little forum! And yet... it seems so fitting, seeing as how the developers seem really attentive to the fans. If we fans pushed it, we might even get another Indiegogo campaign for some of these guys on the actual game! XD It's so tempting to put my own ideas here, but my character seems a bit drab and uninspired compared to everyone else's. Should I...?
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    Big Band
    Of course, that's what it's for. And with posting it here, you could get some good feedback on your character and some potential new ideas to spruce it up, if you feel that it is "a bit drab and uninspired."
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    Big Band
    Overall (open)

    Name: Lamont Perugia
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 170 lb.
    Measurements: Unknown
    Likes: Competition, games of chance, gambling, justice, ice cream, silence, casinos, inventing, music
    Dislikes: Being beaten, helplessness, loud noises, cats, blood
    Story: Lamont (referred to as Monty by friends) Perugia was once a professional thief, following in the footsteps of all Perugias before him. In New Meridian, he made a living by robbing from the rich, be it the Royal Family or the Mafia themselves. His favorite spot to hit was the River King Casino, where he could slip money from beneath the gamblers' noses. From the time he was a boy, he and his father, Vincent, rampaged across New Meridian, and for a long time, the two were never caught. One night, though, everything changed. In the middle of a museum heist, the two stumbled across a trio of rival thieves. The thieves drew knives on the Perugias. Knowing there was no way out, Vincent rushed at the thieves, giving Lamont time to escape. Sadly, Vincent didn't survive the encounter and was discovered the next morning. Even worse was the "heroes" who claimed to do the deed- three men claimed to be passing by as they saw Vincent in the museum. They claimed he drew a knife on them, and that they had to kill him in self defense. This angered Lamont to the point of vengeance. Using his limited knowledge of mechanics, some looted machines, and his flair for the dramatic, Lamont designed a suit containing vast amounts of weaponry and tools which, with his love for gambling, were themed after various games of chance in order to help him achieve his goal. After four years of training and planning, he finally confronted and killed the men who slayed his father, and attempted to reveal to the police the true story. However, they didn't believe his tale, and considered him a public menace. Lamont was now an outlaw; he couldn't go home, he couldn't show his face in public. He saw no way out but one- redeeming himself by proving that he could give up his criminal ways. For three years, Lamont fought against various criminals while avoiding police capture in order to gain his life back. And now, with a Skullgirl on the rise, he believes that he's found the key to forgiveness...
    Gameplay: Lamont is a rushdown fighter who utilizes his wide arsenal of weaponry. Nearly all of his attacks are close range, except for his quarter-circle forward. He deals low damage but can easily create deadly combos. His most unique feature is Suit Change. Using this technique results in Lamont changing his fighting style and weapons. This results in a change of gameplay depending on the color of suit equipped. Aggressive Mode focuses mainly around a brutal play style revolved around punches that adds slight knockback to Lamont's special moves, while the Passive Mode gives Lamont a graceful fighting style more focus to kicks and adds a bit more stun to Lamont's specials. This makes Lamont a very versatile character on the battlefield.
    Gameplay Inspiration: Amaterasu (MvC3)
    C. Viper (Street Fighter Series)

    General Information (open)

    Appearance: Lamont is a very slender man (no pun intended -_-). He isn't very muscular, but he still "has meat on his bones," so to speak. His brown hair is rather long, resulting in it hanging down from his hat and getting in his face. His facial features are sharp and well defined, but somewhat rounded. As for his outfit, he sports a fancy suit and a fedora that are both very light gray, nearly white. The other colors very based upon whatever mode Lamont utilizes. The items that change are the tie, shoes, cuffs of sleeves, and the band of the fedora. The machinery on the arms and hands is the color of Aggressive Mode, while the machinery on the legs matches the color of Passive Mode. During Aggressive Mode, the gauntlets on Lamont's arms form metal gloves around his fists. During Passive Mode, the machinery on Lamont's legs envelop his feet in metal boots. The sleeves and pant legs open up near the ends, allowing him to access the weapon compartments within. The tie is simple with no designs or patterns. The shoes have large soles, meant for containing Lamont's mahjong grenades. Finally, the brim of the fedora has a shape similar to the traditional "raindrop" shape, with the tip being towards the front.
    Palettes: I probably won't complete this one all at once, but I'll fill it in as more ideas come to me.
    Palette 1: Original colors- Lamont sports his usual white suit, brown hair, and brown eyes. Passive Mode and Aggressive Mode are their usual red and black, respectively.
    Palette 2: This palette sees Lamont with white hair, green-blue eyes, and pale skin. The suit he sports now is black. The color of Passive Mode is green, while the color of Aggressive Mode is orange. Based on Meloetta from Pokémon.
    Palette 3:
    In this palette, Lamont's hair is hot pink and his eyes are a dark red. His main suit color is a light pink. The color of Passive Mode is red, while the color of Aggressive Mode is light brown. Based on Xane from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
    Palette 4:
    Lamont's hair is dark purple and his eyes are yellow. The suit's main color is now purple. Passive mode is now white, while aggressive mode is now gold. Based on Panther Caroso from the Star Fox Series.
    Palette 5:
    Lamont's hair is jet black and his eyes are a bright blue-green. His suit is dark blue. Passive mode is maroon, while aggressive mode is gold. Based on Twisted Fate from League of Legends.
    Palette 6:
    Lamont's hair is brown and his eyes are purple. His suit is light brown. Passive mode is a vivid purple, while aggressive mode is blue. Based on Gambit from Marvel's X-Men.
    Personality: Lamont is very laid back and easy going. He treats every threat, no matter how deadly, with a light hearted attitude, mocking his opponents and even attempting to make conversation. While he resents killing, he won't hesitate to permanently disable dangerous foes. He usually attempts to take the peaceful way out of tense situations. By nature, he is generally courteous to most people, even his enemies. But, when the situation calls for it, Lamont will reveal a serious side, which truly shows how far he's willing to go to redeem himself.
    Intro Pose: (Facing right) Lamont removes his fedora and makes a deep bow to the opponent. He then places the fedora back on his head and takes his stance as his metal boots form.
    Idle Pose: (Passive, facing right) Lamont takes a stance that results in his body and his right leg facing the camera, his left leg out in front of him, angled towards the opponent. His knees are bent slightly. Lamont holds his left hand near his left thigh, and his right hand slightly above his waist. His head is angled downwards, and he keeps a constant, smug smirk aimed at the foe. In this pose, he bounces slightly on the ball of his right foot.
    (Aggressive, facing right) Lamont takes a pose similar to that of a boxer, and draws his arms up in front of his chest, with a bit of space between them and his right hand slightly in front of his left. He draws is feet close together and slightly bounces on the balls of his feet. His head is facing the opponent, still with the smug smirk.
    Walk: (Passive, facing right) Lamont stands up straight and casually walks towards the foe, with his right hand in his pocket and his left hand swinging slightly at his side. When walking backwards, he stand up taller and slowly steps backwards, keeping his eyes locked on the opponent. He holds his hands in front of his chest in a defensive pose.
    (Aggressive, facing right) Lamont cautiously steps towards the opponent, keeping his arms raised in front of him. When walking backwards, Lamont raises his arms a bit higher and slowly steps backwards.
    Run: Lamont makes a furious sprint towards his foe, with a wide grin across his face.
    Block: (Passive, facing right) Lamont crosses his arms in front of his chest and leans back a bit (think Chun-Li from SF2). This applies to the crouching block as well.
    (Aggressive, facing right) Lamont holds his fists in front of his face. This applies to the crouching block as well.
    K.O. Pose: (facing right) Lamont lays on his side, facing the camera. His eyes are clenched shut, and his face is twisted in a grimace. He is clutching at his chest with his hands while he lays curled up.
    Time-Up Pose: Lamont sighs and, with a somewhat disappointed smile, claps for his opponent's victory.
    Victory Poses: Pose 1: Lamont takes off his fedora, holds it to his chest, and bows his head with a solemn expression. Then, a grin spreads across his face and he begins chuckling.
    Pose 2: Lamont tips his hat, then taps his foot, setting off a smoke bomb. Through the smoke, Lamont can be seen running off the stage.

    Stage (open)
    Well, every character seems to have their own stage, so I might as well make one... right?
    Nighttime Carnival
    Description: Located within New Meridian streets, the stage takes place during a carnival. In the background, many booths and rides are set up, including a merry-go-round located in the left side of the stage. As one might expect, these attractions give off light, which illuminates the battle. Also in the background are carnival-goers, most of who spectate the battle. In the distance, many buildings can easily be seen, including the Medici tower. Fireworks can constantly been seen lighting up the background. When a blockbuster is used, the merry-go-round's lights flash and fireworks fill the sky.

    Story Script (open)
    Okay, this seems a bit ridiculous, but I'm doing a story script. It's just an experimental thing. If you have any criticism to this part, feel free to tell me. In fact, I'd be elated to hear, so that way I can fix something before it gets too ridiculous. Also, make sure to see Lamont's stage, otherwise, one instance won't make any sense. Here we go...

    Intro: Setting: Nighttime Carnival
    Lamont: "*sigh* Alright. Time to look for that Skullgirl. It's the only way I can think of to get my life back on track. But... where to look? Without some leads, I'll never find her. Hmm... perhaps the Medici, or some other crooks? They have to know; that Skullheart has to be valuable if it can grant wishes... or perhaps the police...? No, too risky. Or maybe... this person?"

    V.S. Peackock (Nighttime Carnival)

    Dialogue: Lamont: "Well, she gave me nothing. Wasn't even worth getting into a fight over... Maybe I could look around Little Innsmouth? After all, gossip's a common sound on those streets... I suppose it's my best bet!"

    Setting: Little Innsmouth (Night)
    Lamont: "Alright. Now where to look...?"
    Ms. Fortune: "Well, well. Look who it is..."
    Lamont: "Huh...?"
    Ms. Fortune: "The 'vigilante!' What are you doing here?!"
    Lamont: "Ah, it's just you, Nadia. Don't get you're tail in a bunch; I'm not here to bother you."
    Ms. Fortune: "Like I'd trust that line! Last time you said that, you tried to cut me to ribbons with those weapons of yours."
    Lamont: "I'm looking for information on something, so you're off my priority list right now."
    Ms. Fortune: "Oh, are you looking for another one of your former comrades so you can turn them in?!"
    Lamont: "Aw, come on, Nadia. You know why I do these things."
    Ms. Fortune: "Because you think you can redeem yourself by stopping crime? Come on, Monty! They won't forgive you if you help them with their job; you murdered three men, and in the eyes of the city, you're nothing more than a monster."
    Lamont: "That'll change soon. As soon as I show them my intentions by killing that Skullgirl!"
    Ms. Fortune: "The Skullgirl? Sorry, Monty, but I'll have to stop you there! I'm the only one getting that Skullheart."
    Lamont: "Nadia... well, I didn't want to fight you, but I guess I have no choice!"

    V.S. Ms. Fortune (Little Innsmouth)

    Ms. Fortune: "No! I have to get that Skullheart! I have to bring them back!"
    Lamont: "'Them?' Does she mean...? Look Nadia, I know why you want that Skullheart, and I can't blame you but... at the very least, look at the situation I'm in as well. You still have a life, and you still have friends. Me? I can't show my face in public without warranting a city-wide search! I'm not asking you to forgive me for trying to turn you in, or to stop looking for the Skullgirl, but... please, I beg of you, if you know anything about that Skullgirl, please, tell me. At least give me a chance..."
    Ms. Fortune: "... Fine! I'll tell you, but only because I know this will all blow up in your face. She's in the big church. You know the one?"
    Lamont: "Really? Weird place for an evil, destructive being to hide. Anyways, thank you, Nadia. If things go the way I hope... I'll be sure to repay you."
    Ms. Fortune: "Repay me? I'd love to hear how you'd pull that one off."
    Lamont: "So would I..."

    V.S. Parasoul (Glass Canopy)

    V.S. Filia (New Meridian Rooftops)

    Setting: Maplecrest
    Lamont: "Alright! Nearly there! Just a hop, skip, and a jump and hello Skullgirl!"
    Big Band: "I would rethink that if I were you."
    Lamont: "Ah! Mr. Birdland! Nice to see you again!"
    Big Band: "You think I'm letting you get ahold of that Skullheart? Think again."
    Lamont: "But sir, don't you forget that I am a man, and that men can't make wishes upon the Skullheart? What else could I possibly be doing with it?"
    Big Band: "If you're anything like your father, you'd sell it to the highest bidder."
    Lamont: "Firstly, it's rude to speak negatively of the dead, especially in the presence of kin. Secondly, if you haven't noticed by now, I've turned a new leaf. Why else would I be busting up all those crooks?"
    Big Band: "No clue. But knowing the history of the Perugia line, it can't be anything good. And now, I'm making sure that your nasty plot doesn't take root."
    Lamont: "*sigh* They never learn."

    V.S. Big Band (Maplecrest)

    Big Band: "Phew! You're certainly Vincent's son alright."
    Lamont: "Now that's more like it! Well, 'Big Band,' that was fun, but I must be off! There's a Skullgirl to slay, and all!"
    Big Band: "Hold it. If you don't want to sell that Skullheart, and know that you can't use it, then why are you after it?"
    Lamont: "Well, for one thing, I hate to see this city go up in smoke because of some magical brat. Secondly, I look to show the public that I'm no menace so that I can live like a proper human being."
    Big Band: "That's your plan? You know that has little to no chance of working, don't you?"
    Lamont: "Oh, I know it's unlikely. But I have to hope that this will somehow work in my favor. It's the only chance I have now."
    Big Band: "For your sake, I hope you're right."

    Setting: Grand Cathedral (Day)
    Dialogue: Lamont: "Now if I were a Skullgirl, where would I hide...?"
    Valentine: "Well look at this! The infamous outlaw rears his head."
    Lamont: "Whoa, slow down there lady. I'm not here to cause trouble."
    Valentine: "Rather gutsy to come out with such a large bounty on your head. I think that we could put that money to good use with our research. Don't you agree, Double?"
    Double: "Most certainly. Prepare to repent for your sins!"

    V.S. Valentine & Double (Grand Cathedral)

    Setting: Catacombs
    Dialogue: Lamont: "Finally, the Skullgirl! About time I got here!"
    Marie: "A Perugia... not quite as bad as a Medici, but still a scourge."
    Lamont: "Alright Skullgirl! Shut the chatter and let's go!"
    Marie: "Before we fight, I must ask, what to you seek to accomplish with my death?"
    Lamont: "Ugh, this is the third time I've heard this lecture within the past twenty-four hours. Look, I know that you know why I'm after you."
    Marie: "But yet you still doubt that everything will come full circle."
    Lamont: "Nothing is a secret to you, is it? But no, I'm not one-hundred percent sure this'll work, and, to be honest, I'm not sure I want to do this anymore. Risking my life for a slim chance to get my life back? Doesn't sound very promising, I know. But... I still have hope that it'll pull through. After all the nay-saying, I still believe in this crazy pipe dream. And since I came this far, I have to follow it through. So, no hard feelings, but I'm going to have to end what's left of your life now."
    Marie: "Very well. Come and meet your fate."

    V.S. Marie (Final Atrium)

    Dialogue: Lamont: "Finally... she's down. And now, for the Skullheart!"
    Skullheart: "You fool! Do you really think this is the end?!"
    Lamont: "For about seven years, yes. Now get out of here!"

    Setting: Little Innsmouth
    Dialogue: Lamont: "Nadia! Hey, Nadia! Glad I found you here!"
    Ms. Fortune: "Monty?! What are you doing out here in broad daylight?! You'll get caught!"
    Lamont: "Not *pant*... anymore..."
    Ms. Fortune: "Jeez! You sound like you ran halfway across the city! Sit down."
    Lamont: "After killing that Skullgirl, I came forward to the police. Just when they were about to arrest me, I told them what'd I done. Heck, even that Birdland guy who hated my dad so much stood as a witness for me. So, instead of the slammer or execution, I'm pretty much on lifetime parole. I have to serve the police force and can't leave the city unless I'm accompanied by an officer, but other than that, I'm a free man!"
    Ms. Fortune: "Wow... And here I was thinking it would never happen..."
    Lamont: "Alright, now for the real reason I'm here. Who killed your pals again? The Medici, right?"
    Ms. Fortune: "Yeah... How come?"
    Lamont: "Because... it's about time I give you that favor I promised..."
    Ms. Fortune: "You can't be serious. They'll rip you to shreds!"
    Lamont: "Oh, Nadia. They've never tangled with the likes of me before. Their members will drop like flies before they even know who I am. And I know just who to start with..."
    Ms. Fortune: "Hmph... You know, Monty, this could be the new beginning of an old friendship."
    Lamont: "Heh... Thanks Nadia."

    Setting: River King Casino
    Dialogue: Lamont: "Good evening, ma'am."
    Cerebella: "Hey, you're that outlaw!"
    Lamont: "Not anymore, miss. Lamont Perugia, NMPD. You're under arrest for gang affiliation. Come along quietly and quickly. I still have to round up the rest of your clan, so get a move on!"
    Cerebella: "You think I'm letting you arrest my family?! Think again!"
    Lamont: "*sigh* Look, nothing personal, but I'm gonna' have to beat you up. This is a favor for a friend. In fact I'm a big fan! But you need to get out of this Mafia business. One slip up, and you're public enemy number one, and then you'll be desperate to get it all back. I should know; I speak from experience. And besides, it's fun watching you on the high-wire. So please understand when I say that this beating is for your own good!"

    Special Moves (open)

    :D: :D: :HP: OR :D: :D: :HK: Change of Pace: Lamont quickly changes his fighting style, weaponry, and suit colors. Using the move with heavy punch changes to the Aggressive Mode, while using heavy kick changes to the Passive Mode. During this move, Lamont is vulnerable to attack. Lamont will always start a fight in Passive Mode.

    :QCF::P: (In air OK) Discard: Lamont quickly draws a razor card from his gauntlet and hurls it at he enemy. The stronger the punch, the slower the card moves and the more damage it deals.

    :DP: :P: (During Aggressive Mode) Up My Sleeve: Lamont ejects a blade resembling a hold-out from his gauntlet and extends it in front of his while lunging for the enemy. The punch used determines the angle in which Lamont moves- either straight forward, in a diagonal path, or straight up.

    :QCF::K: (During Aggressive Mode) Mahjong Stomp: Lamont stomps in front of him, ejecting a mahjong grenade from a hidden compartment in his shoe and detonating it. The stronger the kick, the slower the action and more knockback caused by the explosion.

    :DP: :P: (During Passive Mode) Bloody Slash: Lamont ejects his hold outs and gracefully slashes at the enemy.
    :>: :K: Bloody Blast: Lamont arms his shoe with a mahjong grenade and kicks the opponent, detonating the grenade and knocking the opponent backwards.
    :>: :P::Arrow::P: Bloody Dance: Lamont finishes Rose Slash with two more graceful, dance-like slashes.

    :QCF::K: (During Passive Mode) Furious Winds: Lamont blasts himself towards the enemy using a wind tile grenade. While the dash doesn't deal damage, any enemy close to Lamont when he uses this move is hurt by the explosion.

    :QCF::P:+:P: (During Aggressive Mode) Bingo Beat-Down (Lv. 1 Blockbuster): Lamont pushes the power of Aggressive Mode to its limits by overriding the gauntlets and commanding them to envelop his hands and arms in a shape similar to that of a bingo stamp. Then, Lamont rushes the opponent, striking with five devastating blows. Then, with a sixth punch, he launches the enemy in the air. Finally, Lamont finishes the enemy off with a crippling seventh blow, knocking the opponent across the stage, before his gauntlets return to their normal form.

    :DP: :P:+:P: (During Aggressive Mode) Sleight of Hand (Lv. 1 Blockbuster): Lamont dashes forward and uses one of his blades to cripple a foe. He then quickly changes to Passive Mode and launches his opponent away using a powerful kick.

    :QCB: :K:+:K: (During Passive Mode) Dragon Frenzy (Lv. 1 Blockbuster): Pushing the limits of the Passive Mode, the soles of Lamont's boots eject further and load itself with many mahjong bombs. Then, Lamont strikes his opponent with four graceful kicks. If the fourth kick connects, the enemy is launched into the air. Lamont then leaps into the air and- with his boots armed with his most powerful Mahjong Grenade, the Dragon tile- delivers a fifth kick to the foe. The grenade explodes, dealing damage and knocking the opponent backwards against the opposite wall.

    :DP: :K:+:K: (During Passive Mode) Royal Flush(Lv. 1 Blockbuster): Using two wind tiles, Lamont creates a vortex surrounding him. He quickly shoots a large amount of cards which get blown around in the vortex, which deal damage on contact. As Lamont slowly moves forward, he switches to Aggressive Mode. He ends the move with a brutal punch towards the enemy, sending them flying backwards if it connects.

    :QCF: :HP:+:HK: Grievous Gamble (Lv. 3 Blockbuster): Overcome with rage, Lamont puts everything on the line and overloads his machinery and combines the most powerful forms of his gauntlets and boots. Then, he unleashes a barrage of punches and grenade-powered kicks upon his foe. He then finishes the opponent by slashing through them with his "hold-out" blades, causing them to slump to the ground.

    :QCB: :LP:+:LK: Canopy Kingdom Roulette (Lv. 5 Blockbuster): After grabbing the opponent, Lamont quickly assembles the strongest weapon of his arsenal- the Killer Roulette Wheel- a giant wheel packed with explosives. He traps his foe within the wheel's center, roughing them up a bit, then rolls a ball. The number it lands on is displayed by a giant screen on the top of the wheel's center. After the ball stops, the explosives are set off, launching the foe out of the wheel. The damage taken by the explosion is determined by the wheel- the larger the number, the more damage dealt. However, if the ball land on zero, the entire wheel explodes, dealing damage to both the enemy and Lamont. If the wheel survives the attack, Lamont will quickly recall it while his foe recovers.

    Quotes (open)

    Selected (open)
    "You have exceptional tastes!"

    Intro (open)
    Intro 1- "Place your bets while you can!"
    Intro 2- "Gotta' good feeling about this one!"
    Intro 3- "Would you like to play a game?!"
    Intro 4- "Let's put on a show!"
    Intro 5- "I'll beat you within seconds!"
    Filia- "Whoa! And I thought my barber was bad!"
    Cerebella- "Man, I love your show! Too bad we have to fight."
    Peacock- "This bird seems a little loony..."
    Parasoul- "Sorry, but you're not standing in my way!"
    Ms. Fortune- "Sorry, Nadia, but you need to turn your life around!"
    Painwheel- "Who did this to you...?"
    Valentine- "Ooh... I hate doctors!"
    Double- "Hello there, beastie..."
    Squigly- "I hate operas. To loud."
    Big Band- "This one's for you, dad!"
    Beowulf- "Brain v.s. brawn!"
    Eliza- "Hey, a witch! Quick, someone get me some water!"
    Robo-Fortune- "Great. Now there are two of them!"
    Lamont (Mirror Match)- "Another imposter trying to take the spotlight!"

    Victory (open)
    Victory 1- "I never intend to lose to the likes of you!"
    Victory 2- "Just another rookie!"
    Victory 3- "Continue? ... I think not!"
    Victory 4- "Sleep tight!"
    Victory 5- "So close, but yet so far!"
    Filia- "Keep that do in control!"
    Cerebella- "Nothin' personal."
    Peacock- "T-t-that's all out of her, folks!"
    Parasoul- "Send those Egrets back to boot camp!"
    Ms. Fortune- "Be thankful that I'm letting you get away again."
    Painwheel- "I will find whoever did this... and kill them."
    Valentine- "Sorry, nurse! I mistook you for a threat!"
    Double- "The Trinity is one messed up group of ladies..."
    Squigly- "Ah, peace and quiet!"
    Big Band- "That's what you get for messing with the Perugia!"
    Beowulf- "Wasn't it obvious?!"
    Eliza- "What a world!"
    Robo-Fortune- "Sorry, but I can only stand one Nadia!"
    Lamont (Mirror Match)- "Wow... This tech's spot on!"

    Defeat (open)
    Defeat 1- "It was too... risky..."
    Defeat 2- "You're... a pro..."
    Defeat 3- "You... win..."
    Defeat 4- "This ends... my perfect run..."
    Defeat 5- "Can't feel... my heart beating..."
    Filia- "You're... too tough..."
    Cerebella- "You worthless puppet..."
    Peacock- "Is there.. a doctor in the house...?"
    Parasoul- "At least the country's... safe..."
    Ms. Fortune- "Nadia... be merciful..."
    Painwheel- "I can't... move...!"
    Valentine- "Don't you dare...!"
    Double- "But... I don't want... to be eaten..."
    Squigly- "I can't hear... myself think..."
    Big Band- "Dad... he got me, too..."
    Beowulf- "But... you're so stupid...!"
    Eliza- "How will I get these stains out...?"
    Robo-Fortune- "I lost to a... knock-off...?"
    Lamont (Mirror Match)- "How'd you master... my technique...?"
    Time Up- "*sigh* You were a wonderful opponent."

    Tag Out (open)
    Tag Out 1- "How 'bout you play a hand?"
    Tag Out 2- "Know when to run!"
    Tag Out 3- "Floatin'!"
    Filia- "Topple 'em!"
    Cerebella: "The Diamond Dame!"
    Peacock: "Peacock season!"
    Parasoul: "Princess!"
    Ms. Fortune: "Here you go, partner!"
    Painwheel: "Slice and dice!"
    Valentine: "Paging Nurse Valentine!"
    Double: "Hey... whatever you are!"
    Squigly: "The Dynamic Duo!"
    Big Band: "Show 'em how to swing!"
    Beowulf: "Rock 'em, sock 'em!"
    Eliza: "Make their blood boil!"
    Robo-Fortune: "Nadia 2.0!"

    Tag In (open)
    Tag In 1- "Let me show you how it's done!"
    Tag In 2- "Watch and learn!"
    Tag In 3- "Get back! I'll handle it!"
    Filia- "Fall back, kiddo!"
    Cerebella- "Share that spotlight!"
    Peacock- "Coming up next!"
    Parasoul- "A thousand pardons!"
    Ms. Fortune- "I got this one, Nadia!"
    Painwheel- "You've suffered enough!"
    Valentine- "Leave a bit for me!"
    Double- "Your services are no longer required!"
    Squigly- "Move it, you two!"
    Big Band- "Just this once..."
    Beowulf- "Tag out, man! Tag out!"
    Eliza- "Pass the mic!"
    Robo-Fortune- "Out of my way, tin-cat!"

    Move Vocalization (open)
    Change of Pace: (Aggressive) "You're making me angry!"
    (Passive) "Time to cool off!"
    Discard: "Any card!"
    Up my Sleeve: "Somethin' there, alright!"
    Mahjong Stomp: "Bada-boom!"
    Bingo-Beat Down: (Before last hit, final syllable on hit) "And Bingo was his name-o!"
    Sleight of Hand: (After final hit) "Never saw it coming!"
    Dragon Frenzy: (during Superflash) "Let's spice things up a bit!"
    Royal Flush: (After final hit) "There's no topping that!"
    Grievous Gamble: (during Superflash) "This is getting old!"
    Canopy Kingdom Roulette: (during Superflash) "Care to test your luck?!"
    (normal attack) "Oh, how sad!"
    (0 attack) "Oh boy... GRAAAH!"

    Other (open)
    Snapback 1- "Don't be greedy!"
    Snapback 2- "Come again!"
    Braking Throw 1- "I'm haphephobic!"
    Braking Throw 2- "No thanks. I'm good."
    Ground Recovery 1- "Still kicking!"
    Ground Recovery 2- "Down, but not out!"
    Ground Recovery 3- "Not that easy!"
    Opponent Recovery 1- "I thought you were done!"
    Opponent Recovery 2- "I'll do better this time!"
    Opponent Recovery 3- "You're frustrating me!"

    Well, I believe that's it. I think I'm done with Lamont! If you have any criticism, fill me in.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2014
  14. Ace Chosen

    Ace Chosen Jack of All Trades. Master of None.

    Big Band
    Funny thing is, I have a second character that is named "Ace" as well (since I use that name in all of my online avatars), but - luckily - I have a primary and secondary name for him because of his biography, so I can just swap those around accordingly.

    And, with the artwork and all, you could always just provide a description of his appearance. And hey, the community is pretty generous and has quite a few talented artists in it, I'm sure you could find somebody who would be happy to draw it for you.
  15. MrExtravagant

    MrExtravagant New Member

    Big Band
    Sounds like a promising prospect! I figured I'd go back and edit a few things in the post, so I might as well do it then.
  16. MrExtravagant

    MrExtravagant New Member

    Big Band
    So... is this thread dead? Seems like the incoming feed has come to a halt.
  17. Ace Chosen

    Ace Chosen Jack of All Trades. Master of None.

    Big Band
    I think it died slightly before when I posted, since I felt the same and went back to check the time-stamps of when the other posts were posted.

    It's sad, now we probably won't get neat new characters from new members since they won't see that there is a place and calling for them. I like to see people's designs.
  18. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    I actually plan to post my Skullgirls Original Characters,I've just been scared that everyone would hate them and just shoot me down for them.
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  19. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    I never notice when this thread suddenly takes off.. It always happens.
  20. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    Knowing how this community is.. I highly doubt they would do something like criticising your characters on a negative way.
  21. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    Okay.I just wanted to make sure before I posted them.
  22. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    This reminds me... I seriously need to update my character's information.
    Specially her name.. I need a Skullgirlsy/puny/significant name for her.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  23. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    And now for my Fan Characters,well,one of them,okay,just Dupli-Kate.I'll post Lycanne a little later,when I'm not lazy.Information is down below in the spoiler.
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Dupli-Kate

    Real Name:Katherine Duprée



    Hair Color: Dark blue

    Eye Color:Red irises with yellow sclera

    Skin Color:Fairly colored skin with orange and black arms,and lightly colored stitches.

    Attire:A grey and red suit with a upside down cross (aka the Trinity's cross)


    Blood Type:Unknown,possibly O




    Abilities:Shapeshifing and impersionations

    Likes:Serving Brain Drain despite having free will,Fukua(as they are both his creations,albeit Brain Drain enhanced Dupli's abilities),free will,her old friend (Leduc)

    Dislikes: Doctors,experiments,Valentine (probably because she's kinda creepy),her mother

    Show Spoiler
    Biography: Born into a science-first family,as soon as Dupli-Kate could read,she was to study science.Strangely,science never interested her.However,the children played at the playground her family lived across did.Noting her "proposal" to an "experiment",she was allowed to "communicate",(play),with the "heathens",(kids).However,Dupli-kate was to observe them.Katherine befriended a young boy during her observations.This boy loved the fact that she was an expert in science.And so,the two would talk for hours on end,until one fateful night,Katherine's friend was never to be seen again.

    Quite upset,she roamed the house,looking for answers as to where her friend had gone.Suddenly,she thought about the basement/her mother's laboratory.Katherine had been told to never go down there.Why?Well,her mother is a mad scientist of course!And Katherine's old friend had become her latest test subject.Alas,the woman was running out of children to test on.So she decided to form a slight partnership with the Medicis and Lab Zero in order to finally finish her testing...on her own daughter.Katherine unknowingly was on the chopping block.During her sleep,her mother and Brain Drain were turning her in an Anti-Skullgirl soldier of sorts,Katherine's mother supplied the way to make her perfect,i.e,giving her shapeshifting abilites,due to Double's generic code,while Brain Drain made Katherine completely obedieant to Lab Zero.And thus,little Katherine Duprée was turned into Dupli-Kate,successor to Painwheel,the pinnacle of science,and an elite soldier when Lab Zero needed to attack an Anti-Skullgirl lab.

    Show Spoiler

    Entrance:"Let's begin testing..."

    Taunt:"Do not get up again!"
    "You are beneath me!"
    "You will serve us in the end."

    Victory:"I believe this testing session is over."

    Time Over:*drops to knees*"I am expected to annihilate her!"

    [Special Moves]

    Imitate-Dupli-Kate copies her opponent's form,such as the SkullGirls roster so far,and yes she can turn into Marie.

    Oh You Copy Copy-(Follow up of sorts to Imitate) Dupli-Kate mimics her opponent's abilites.


    Bad Hair Day-Dupli-Kate shape-shifts in Filia's hairpin concept and launches a massive attack on her opponent,slashing with each hairpin sword and ends with a weaker version of Filia's Salon Treatment attack.


    Upon Being Selected:"Shall we commence the experiment Brain Drain?"

    Entrance #1:"I think it's time you were put to an end!"

    Entrance #2:"Do not get in the way of Lab Zero!"

    Entrance #3:"You will never see me coming..."

    Tagging In:"Allow me."

    Tagging Out:"It is your turn,guinea pig."

    While Taunting:"You're too slow!"

    When Defeated:"I cannot allow this..."

    Victory #1:"Aren't I amazing?"

    Victory #2:"One more step to becoming normal..."

    Victory #3:"That's how I roll!Ahem,I do apologize Brain Drain,sir."

    Against Cerebella:"You've got a big head!"

    Against Parasoul:"I no longer serve you,Your Majesty."

    Against Painwheel:"Carol?"

    Against Ms.Fortune:"I do not wish fight you any more than you want to fight me."

    Against Valentine:"YOU!"

    Against Peacock:"Well,I do know I'm not watching Tom and Jerry anytime soon!"

    Against Squigly:"An undead?How interesting..."

    Against Filia:"That is quite the look,miss.And it talks.."

    Against Double:"You are one creepy...whatever you are..."

    Against Marie:"You can fix all of this."

    Show Spoiler
    2.Mimi(Paper Mario)
    3.Mephiles the Dark (Sonic the Hedgehog series)
    5.Zorua (Pokemon)
    6.Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)

    Show Spoiler
    dupli__kate_by_maxieruffman-d7qkuhm.jpg Dupli-Kate as drawn by my friend Jazz.

    Show Spoiler
    Right now these are just general gameplay ideas.I know it's kinda bad,but,I've been thinking of stuff and I was also being lazy :3
    Dupli-Kate's left or right arm,(depending on which side you're facing),to a replicate of Vice Versa's arm,using her normal arm,she plucks off her head and smacks it towards her opponent,the head can drill in three different ways,depending on which punch button you push.
    If she is blocking,Dupli-Kate's tail turns into a mock version of Leviathan and depending on the light or medium kick,will either breathe fire,or perform a weaker version of Drag'n'Bite.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2014
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  24. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    I'm not sure.I'll help think of a name,if it helps.:PUN:
  25. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    Thank you!
    That would seriously help me find her a fitting name.. for now I named her Kara.
  26. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    Show Spoiler

    I like her overall, she has a very fitting skullgirls name.. as her gameplay is based on making copies of the skullgirls cast, copying the whole moveset would be considered somewhat overpowered but it would be balanced by the fact that she can only copy one member of the cast at once (making her different from Double).

    Her origin story is also solid, she has a reason for being like she is.. I imagine her having some similarities with Annie's personality, she has an adult/mature mind on a young body.

    Her gameplay needs to be worked on, adding more possibilities other than copy the cast moves.. Maybe she could do something like convining moves from the cast, (her arms could grow to cerebella's viceversa hat size, her tail could transform into some attacks from leviathan, her head could come off in some moves like if she were Ms. fortune, the possibilities are endless).

    Also, another color palette could be a reference to shang tsung from MK
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  27. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    Thank you so much!I've been dying to work on her gameplay and the suggestions are marvelous. An extra palette and well,I guess I forgot to add the "copy one character" ability.Whoops.Anyways,you have my thanks once again!
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  28. MrExtravagant

    MrExtravagant New Member

    Big Band
    You have earned honor in Sovngarde for breathing life back into this forum! XD
  29. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    @MirrorByte It's a pleasure throwing ideas to help you develop her more!
    For now I'm just going to say some other names my character could have.
    My favorite option would be "Kara" as is the japanese word for "empty".
    Another options could be: Kat-rina (her other possible names convined into a reference to the mexican character of the catrina.
    and a bunch of other ones: Morana, Kiri, Hel, Hela, Freyja, Iku, Kisin, Kimil, Kalma.
  30. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    I dunno why,but I like Kiri.But,Hel sounds cooler.Cause of her backstory,her parasite unleashed " Hel".I know,lame pun is lame.
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  31. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    Kiri is the name of a flower, Hel/Hela a godess of death.
    I also forgot to mention "Rosa" (Flower).
  32. MrExtravagant

    MrExtravagant New Member

    Big Band
    So hard to come up with pun or word-play names for characters. I can't see how people do it. I just went with a reference name, similar to Eliza and Beowulf, except mine is nowhere as historical or (probably) as well known. XD
  33. Ace Chosen

    Ace Chosen Jack of All Trades. Master of None.

    Big Band
    Woo, it's back, baby!

    Does four people using a thread count as it coming back from the dead? I'm gonna' say that it does and chalk this one up as a success.

    I should get my second character up here. But I haven't even finished my first. (I shouldn't have put so many references on him - it gets annoying having to link everything to the references. But gotta' have those references, that's just a rule in Skullgirls character design.)
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  34. MrExtravagant

    MrExtravagant New Member

    Big Band
    Well, I've had no negativity or positivity towards this character. So... success, I suppose? Any-who, I did have an idea for another, so I'll probably upload it when I work it out.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2014
  35. JinKazama'94

    JinKazama'94 INACTIVE

    Big Band
    So my Skullgirls OC

    He's a goddamn Skeleton named Fee-Mer
  36. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    @MirrorByte Hey!
    I had some free time to kill so I made this quick sketch based on Dupli-kate on the skullgirls style.
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  37. PastelOctoling

    PastelOctoling Baby, I'm the trouble man!

    Robo Fortune
    Ahh!Oh my gosh,thank you!Ironically,I'm drawing Hel and I.N.K.:PUN:
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  38. Peaches

    Peaches Lurker Queen

    Woo! I missed this thread! Maybe now I can actually come up with something decent.
    EDIT: Anyone know any famous serial murderers? I've been looking but haven't found much.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2014
  39. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

    I'm glad that you liked it!
    I would love to see your drawing of Kara (I almost decided on that name) and I.N.K.
  40. Karlaaldana

    Karlaaldana Artist and Semi-profesional (not at all) Squigler.

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