PC Skullgirls Matchup Chart Project (2016-2017)

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    DISCLAIMER: This MU chart is not going to be gospel or the end all be all of SG tiers as we know it, i'm just curious to see what the collective of players feel is going on in the current meta of SG as it is now.

    So, the game is very close to being complete, with the whole roster in the game and patches coming to an end. So I felt like reviving a project Negus did (holy crap I can't believe its been this long) two or so ago.

    As you can see from the chart above, I bet you feel the game has changed a lot since then. Not only is this PRE BIG BAND but the MU spreads are pretty interesting.

    So here is how its going to go down...

    When the beta version becomes the main game and we get used to it a little more. I'm going to start doing streams of me discussing with a panel of top players for each character. So a Beowulf panel, a Big Band panel, a Cerebella panel etc etc etc until we have a finished draft of a MU chart. Once we do that, i'll keep note of all the "controversial" MU's and see if we can get to a deciding set.

    I have a discord server ready to go for this and i'll set it up and invite who I please. We'll stream the call and discuss what needs to be discussed.

    I'll do my best to simple be the guy who makes the chart. I'm sure i'll have say in the Parasoul and Double MU's, but after that i'll be sure to just be the moderator of the discussion.


    What: We're going to make a updated SG Matchup Chart!
    When: In about a month or so once we're more used to the Fukua/Big Band/Robo/etc changes.
    Where: twitch.tv/keninblack
    Why: For fun, and to see how we feel about the games MU's currently.

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