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    It's that time of year again, folks! This is the premier fighting game event in this solar system, the culmination of all events throughout the year lead to this event. Although not an official game, Skullgirls Encore Tournament, hosted and run by its wonderful developer, Lab Zero Games, won't be any less massive. Lab Zero Games and Autumn Games have been incredibly generous and have added a combined $5,000 USD to the prize pot (to be distributed across top 16). Oh yeah, and this thing popped up as a tease on twitter. And this too. And another one. No information regarding what these are being produced for. Update: Sony will be providing first and second place winners with a new Playstation 4.

    The competition is looking stacked this year (link to pools), a lot of familiar contenders that you've seen in Top 8s throughout the year and many players from abroad will be in attendance as is your 2 years running EVO Skullgirls Champion IGL Duckator. Will the reigning Champ be dethroned or will he continue his dynasty for a 3rd year straight? Everyone has been practicing and leveling up their game, looking to prove themselves against the best in attendance, it will definitely be a good show so do not miss out if you enjoy high-level Skullgirls and fighting game matches. And to make sure as many eyes of the Skullgirls faithful are able to witness this event, the wonderful people at Madcatz have been kind enough to provide Skullgirls Encore Top 8 a stream home on Saturday.

    Since last year, Skullgirls has received a new name and 3 new characters and several new stages. EVO 2014 is shaping up to be the venue for Skullgirls's largest tournament turnout with 140 pre-registered entrants. If you didn't register early, there is still on-site registration waiting for you.

    EVOLUTION 2014 is the biggest fighting game tournament of the year on the globe and begins July 11th until the 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This year, there are over 2000 people in attendance with 800 international competitors representing 46 different countries. EVO will the host of 8 official games, along with dozens of side tournaments for various games hosted by others. Along with games, EVO will be hosting another year of their Indie Showcase, a spotlight for Indie game titles, along with panels featuring various topics and people (Lab Zero Games/Skullgirls will have a panel this year).
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    Gonna be so good.

    I'm gonna scrub out immediately, but gonna be so good while it happens.
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    All the names in these pools are bringing tears to my eyes. I don't even know who to root for. I love all of you. Very much homo.
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    Why does Duckator have to be in my pool? Im all out of practice and stuff :(
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    These pools made me realize some of my favorite community members are from Maryland
    Lookin' at you, Broseidon and Elky! I'm rooting for you! MARYLAAANNND HOOOOOOO!
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    Rip Pool 1 and lol at POS name.
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    Ms. Fortune
    I'm in.
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    My jimmies are ready
  10. Age

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    Any idea what time it'll be on stream?
  11. Mr. X

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    2PM PST according to Madcatz schedule
  12. Humdinger

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    hope tekken doesn't go over..
  13. Mr. X

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    Ah man, who do I cheer for?...

    There's a guy named ReynTime?!? Oh man, you best be telling your opponents what time it is

    Show Spoiler

    Seriously though, good luck to everyone. Can't wait to see top 8.

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