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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SlugNut, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Less than a day left on the sale on Steam! Grab it! This was one of the first PC games I ever played and my 2nd RPG ever (yeah I never played many at that point). I love the world they created and the only negatives is how it can be kinda grindy. Granted I may have nostalgia goggles on but for the price I feel it's worth it. You can also find it on with some extras and a DRM free .exe but its normally $6 but at least you know its been programmed to run well on modern machines, not so sure about the Steam version (you might want to consult the Steam forums, I don't have a modern machine myself, I'm poor.)
  2. DukeMagus

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    played this one in the old times (2002-2003)

    basically, a final fantasy made by western developers

    flawed, but darn good
  3. Squire Grooktook

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    I wanted to get it, but held off due to not knowing how the Steam version was. I prefer games like this to be DRM free, so I"ll probably pick it up from GOG down the line.
  4. Sanger Zonvolt

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    I'm surprised other people have played this around here, played this back when it was released, and went back for a nostalgia trip about a month ago playing it. The voice work is actually pretty great for its time, combat is so slooooow, so it's hard to fight say zombies, my god they take forever.

    Maya is like Lightning before Lightning but way better haha.

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