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    Due to the Skullheart forum's concerning lack of Rayman Legends discussion, I have decided to post this so I can fanboy over the game so those who have purchased, or are interested in the game, can talk about it.

    Rayman Legends is a 1-4 player Ubisoft platformer starring the titular Rayman, along with Globox, the teensies, and newcomer Barbara, who I can best describe as a mix of the Dovakiin and Merida from Brave, with a Skyrim player's general level of insanity.

    The story is about as simple as it gets: after the events of Rayman Origins, the heroes go into a hundred year sleep, allowing the forces of evil to multiply and grow exponentially in power... nice job, heroes. Murphy, who has been watching over them and the bubbles which show how the Glade of Dreams is doing, sees that this evil is rising. After informing the Glade Dreamer (the guy who's dreams created... pretty much everything), he tells Murphy to "awake our legendary heroes". Murphy wakes Rayman, Globox, and the two teensies (Goth Teensie and one of the many King Teensies), and tells what has happened, and with a dramatic high-five, the adventure begins.

    The game has you travelling through various worlds, generally of a more fantasy and Greek Mythology based setting than Origins, while still containing worlds of various other themes, such as a Fiesta De Los Muertos Food Levels World, of which includes levels in which your party is polymorphed into ducks and require Murphy to eat through the environment in order to progress (no, seriously, this is in the game, and it is awesome). Each world has about 6-8 normal levels, each with an optional challenge level attached to it, two levels where you rescue Barbara or one of her sisters in order to unlock her, one boss level, and a music level that plays out to the tune of awesome licensed music.

    Along with the main worlds and levels, Rayman Legends also has: Back to Origins, 40 unlockable levels from Rayman Origins with a fresh coat of Rayman Legends' art style; Kung Foot, a soccer-based multiplayer mini-game in which 2-4 players duke it out in an attempt to score the most points using the characters' attacks to knock a soccer ball into their goal; and an Online Challenge Mode that updates daily and weekly with different challenge levels and allows you to try to score the highest on the leaderboards for them.

    Rayman Legends is quite possibly my favorite video game I have ever played (still internally debating between this and Sonic 3 & Knuckles). The controls are tight, the pace of the gameplay is perfect, the characters are all fun and well designed, the updated art style goes even further than Rayman Origins to show just how incredible UbiArt is for making environments in games, the levels are brilliantly made, the music levels in particular will have you replaying them over and over again, and, of course, the soundtrack is as fun, silly, beautiful, and creative as I would expect from a sequel to Rayman Origins.

    So for anyone who wishes to discuss this game... well... here you go. :p
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    Planning to get it at some point, relatively low on my list due to no Online Multiplayer though.
    That's more because I don't have anyone to play it with Locally though.

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