Lynn and the Spirits of Inao

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by videoman190, May 4, 2016.

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    Ms. Fortune

    Kickstarter page
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    Wow, that artwork is nice! I really like seeing this recent uptick of ambitious hand-drawn titles.

    It's obvious there's already been a MASSIVE time/money investment behind this game though, and even the Greenlight page was posted roughly two years ago. They talk briefly about the game's development history towards the bottom, but I wish they had gone into more detail. Their Backers should really have a better grasp on the total time, cost, and sacrifices it's taken to bring the game to its current state, and to that measly $60k funding goal.

    Anyway, I can't knock 'em for playing things safe when it comes to crowdfuding, but it's too bad that their example might once again feed into more players' misunderstandings about game development costs. At least this hopefully means that the team won't have any problems delivering on the game that they're promising.

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