La-Mulana $1.50 on Steam, La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter started

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mr. X, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Mr. X

    Mr. X Groovy Gameplay Mod Lead

    From what I've been told, La-Mulana is a tough as nails Metroidvania. It seems to be a cult classic/favorite, and it's a $1.50 so I grabbed it, yet to install and play it.

    There's also the La-Mulana 2 kickstarter ongoing
  2. KaboomKid

    KaboomKid Sure would be nice. ...TUNA FISH!

    Yep, just read about the La Mulana 2 Kickstarter earlier today. I'm kinda surprised that they went that route, but it's great to see more Japanese indie devs taking advantage of the options available. While their goal is ambitious (or realistic, you could say), I'm pretty sure they'll get enough support to fund it.

    I DEFINITELY recommend that people play La Mulana 1 before jumping on the KS though. I think the gameplay style is a lot more polarizing than Metroid, and I can totally understand when some people find it too frustrating to enjoy. Despite that, I seriously hope the sequel lives up to the same reputation!

    Btw, anyone else noticed how a lot of crowdfunded games are featuring female lead protagonists? It looks like the pool of female game heroines is gonna expand a lot once these titles are released.
  3. Jutsei

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    A Dark Corner of the Earth
    Oh well, shit! I'm glad I didn't get La Mulana during the Steam Winter Sale, because this is so cheap
  4. KaboomKid

    KaboomKid Sure would be nice. ...TUNA FISH!

    Just found out today that Playism posted an early demo for La Mulana 2 on their site HERE.

    It only features one area, but it's pretty substantial. Careful though, I don't think it has a Save feature anywhere except for the temporary Quick Save. I made the mistake of finding the ankh, and then closing the game to take a break. Oops!

    Seeing it up close, it definitely reminds me a lot of the LM1 Remake. Part of me wishes the character sprites were being upscaled a little to help differentiate it, like to a Seiken Densetsu 3 standard or something, but the current graphics are still quite nice. Hopefully I'll have enough free time to tackle the final version when it comes out.

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