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    So, main reason I'm even posting this thread is because I'm a HUGE RTS Nut, who thinks a great new RTS needs more publicity, which at the moment, it does mostly as there are a vocal few turning people away among other things, but anyways, I'll give you my super short summary of it.

    Most important part is, that humans are resources in this game, That's the important part.

    So, It's a real time strategy game about two conflicting apocalypses, which are:

    Other Dimension Tentacle Monster Things: These Guys are gonna be all about overwhelming the enemy and making use of power in numbers and physical damage, along with ancient spells, among other things.

    SKYNET Killer Singularity Robots: From what I can gather this faction is gonna be ALL about deploying and enhancing their fire power, defence, mobility, stuff like that, and iId assume they are ranged, but I still haven't seen too much of them.

    It'll also contain Mostly dynamic building destruction, 'cause what's a apocalypse without skyscrapers falling down, amirite, and to go hand in hand with destroying buildings and all that, some units are skyscraper sized, which would be badass to see a showdown between, but I'm getting off track here, my main point is that the game needs more publicity to actually get the backers it needs, and just a few people telling their friends could be a small help to this game, as even if you or a friend don't wanna donate (Or you are just not a fan Of RTS games) you may know a friend who IS interested RTS games, who might wanna donate or spread the word.

    All In all, it looks like it'll end up as a very solid RTS if it gets funded, that has a very good dev team behind it Who've already made one strategy game (as their current studio), which all in all makes this game a winner if you ask me, and Is also why I've backed a bit.

    Or you could just not read all that and click this link for some actual professional information about it:

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