How to beat Fiber Uppercut when it whiffs

Discussion in 'Ms. Fortune' started by Stuff, May 18, 2016.

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    So we've all been there, you got Fortune near you but you want to bait whatever the heck she might do. Oh looks like fiber whiffed boo hoo what a stupid move I certainly can't do anything now, Fortune is stupid.

    Will everyone have a punish for it? Maybe I dunno I'm not done with every possible move.

    So lets get one thing straight this thread will assume you're standing near fortune because this is where you can actually do something about it. This thread is also made because I don't believe people ever punish fiber whiffing other than round start distance where most characters can just air throw her.

    Note: Assists exist to cover this so be wary of them!


    She can just neutral jump air throw. She can neutral super jLK to whatever squigly does (I got jLK jMK jHP jLP w/e to work so it should be fine).

    Big Band

    623LP 236PP. Sometimes band can just jab her out of it to giant step or something


    The only easy one I got was 5MP to 236MK


    There are a few and you can pick from jMP jMK jHP you don't even have to super jump


    I'm not sure she has anything reliable that leads to a combo but jLP seems to hit jMP also does


    Hard to do but it's super jump air throw and even harder to do is getting jLP jLK. Air throw feels the most reliable there's also H beur but that one feels more like a read


    5HP, jLP, jLK, super jump airthrow, 2HP


    jLP, 5MP (if you do it right you can stagger her too,) Excellabella, Diamond Dynamo


    I could only get jLP to work :c


    air throw (a little finicky), super jump air throw (more reliable), jLK, 2MP (not sure how useful that is), 2HP


    5MP, 2HP, jLP and super jLP work too but I can't figure out if that's good or not


    jLP, 2HP, 5HP, super jump air throw, 236KK, jLK


    5LP, 5MP, 214KK, 236PP, I can get sjLP and jLP sometimes but I don't trust it.


    jLP, jLK, air throw (why only robo? I think it's because the distance to whiff fiber changes per character as they are different sizes in their idles but if in preblock then fortune should also be able to do this)

    NOTE 2: Also please remember that when fiber whiffs while Fortune can be counter hit from her fiber jump she can still super cancel at any time.

    I hope this helps and if you have one please write it down. I tried my best to only put down the ones where you can react to seeing her jump but you can also use her voice as an audio cue if you want to get faster things.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that this is with H fiber and that with any other fiber you're likely at a height where pretty much anything might hit and not only that it's much easier to stuff during its start up than H fiber is.

    Edit 2: You have to neutral jump for pretty much all of these.
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