Double Fine Adventure: Broken Age

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Agent J, Jan 25, 2014.

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    So you all probably already know about Double Fine Adventure, so i won't go into detail with that.
    The result was Broken Age, a point-and-click adventure game about a girl with a duty with her town, and a boy living in a spaceship with a very protective computer.
    A few days ago they released the 1st act to the backers,a and it will be available to everyone in a few days.
    My opinions about this game are:
    -The aesthetics are very pleasing
    -Almost every character is lovable
    -You can change of characters at any time, but it doesn't affect anything for now (hope they fix that on the next act)
    -The music is great
    -It was kinda short
    -The puzzles are kinda easy and lacking

    So, what are opinions about this game?
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    I saw some footage of the game on Rev3 games, it looks quite interesting actually.

    Kind of like a playable Disney movie.

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