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    Hello everyone! While I am a Skullgirls player, I am also other things as well. One of those things is I love to podcast, and I host a few shows on a website I co own at

    So today I like to announce, my shameless plug, of my new show I am starting on Saturday mornings on my twitch and youtube channel. Originally it was meant to be every morning, but given I have school, and work to attend to. But to give you a quick overview of what this show is all about, its a video game talk show, covering what happen during the week and talking about it. I have some special guest to talk with about certain topics, and aiming to have a similar format like Mike and Mike Espn Show.

    Clip from Mike and MIke show:

    So join me this Saturday morning as me and other peoeple will discus this past week events including the new Halo game that was released, Assassins Creed, Blizzcon, and other topics around the gaming universe. Show will be at 10 am on my twitch channel

    also it will be live on our youtube channel at

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