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Discussion in 'Ms. Fortune' started by 4Leaf, Jun 30, 2015.

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    I think I did a fairly decent job on these. It includes a character breakdown for Nadia and examples of Complete State and Headless State combos.

    The emphasis is on easily-memorizable combos that have a good button press rhythm.

    I also include a possible afterstory for Miss Fortune after she rescues Minette and her sisters (uses the classic Capcom methodology of reusing existing assets, hehe).

    Hope these are helpful in some way.

    PART 01

    PART 02

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    This guide has some nice stuff but I have some words of advice. Whether you agree or not is all you, it's just some things that bother me.

    - Since the guide is mostly on combos, you reeeeeeally should make sure you have either a 2v2 or a 1v1 so you have more accurate damage numbers. You don't want beginners going in to matches and wondering why their combos are doing less damage than they should be doing because they're looking at your boosted ratios. Starting combos with jump-ins is also bad practice; you want to start with normals that you're going to be getting hits in most often like cr.LK.

    - Again, since this is for beginners, I think you have way too many combos. It's good to give people different routes to play with, but you don't need three variations of one combo just because it uses a different special. Additionally, some of them are just a combo that you did earlier on but with a different super (One combo ending in level 1 super vs same combo ending with level 3 super) at the end. You don't really need that. The way I would personally go about it is: two combo routes that you use for corner carry (which you call pushback), two combo routes for good damage (not necessarily max damage since this IS a beginner guide), a throw combo, and a combo from stray air hits.

    - I said you had too many combos, but you didn't have any combos starting from ground throws or air throws or stray air hits (unless I just happened to skip over them). Those are pretty important to have.

    - Make sure you have your meter set to 3-4 bars instead of at 5. Knowing how much meter a combo builds or gives to the opponent is pretty important to some beginners.

    Sorry if it feels like I'm just forcing my thoughts on you. It's just that, if I were a beginner, I would definitely be turned off by the amount of combos in here and the damage ratios would only make things more confusing for me.
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