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Tutorials: Teaching the Untechable

This is Mrs. Victoria.



She’s a teacher at Filia’s school, and will be your guide through the tutorials I’m creating for Skullgirls.


Creating new fighting game fans is an important goal for us at Reverge Labs. Not only

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The HUDsucker Proxy

My name is Ben, and I’m an engineer here at Reverge Labs.

Reverge is a small developer, so, like many of my coworkers, I need to wear many different hats in the effort to make Skullgirls the best fighter you’ll…

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A New Perspective on Single Player AI

I want you to take a second to look back on your fondest memories of your favorite fighting games.

Think back to your most dominating victories, your closest comebacks and your most crushing defeats. Whether you’re a tournament veteran,…

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